All about daily gaskets

All about daily gaskets

Preferences of girls and women around the world for personal hygiene such as strips are one of the most ambiguous. Often choose suitable, ideal products in all respects is an almost impossible.

This is especially true for daily, after all, by them, the representatives of the beautiful sex are most often used. What is the modern market for daily gaskets, as well as how to choose suitable products, will be discussed in this article.

Features and destination

There is an universal misconception in the fact that the allocation of female genital organs is a mandatory sign of dysbacteriosis, as well as other diseases or violations. However, there are also healthy women allocations, sometimes it is even an indicator that ovulation occurs (which is one of the signs of a healthy, capable of having a woman). The average volume of the healthy secret can be from 1 to 5 ml per day depending on the individual characteristics of each woman.

Unhealthy are only some discharge with characteristic features, as well as their large number. Nevertheless, some, even healthy, allocations can bring discomfort. It was for its elimination that daily women’s hygiene gaskets were created. They differ from the usual appointment, appearance, absorbity, manufacturing materials. Their level of absorption less than the usual. Therefore, they look thinner the usual models.

Despite its destination, laying with a note “for every day” not always should always be worn daily. There are several special periods when they really need the most.

  • As already mentioned, this period of ovulation. It occurs even in those women who have some gynecological problems.
  • In the period before the start of menstruation. They help prevent flowing without excess efforts (ordinary layers for menstruation can not be worn). This is especially true in the hot season.
  • As a subject for menstrual bowls and tampons.
  • As well as daiiy In the first or last days of menstruation (especially in the last when the risk of leakage is already significantly less).

It can be concluded that daily gaskets protect against the flows, and also retain the purity of linen. The last very convenient during travel, business trips and big employment women.


In fact, the whole huge range of the nearest store’s daily stores can be sorted over several groups (in particular, in size and forms, as well as on the materials of the manufacture).

In shape and size

Different shape of the gaskets are dictated in most cases of various form of panties. Thus, you can choose different options for conventional models, panties Tanga, String. There are gaskets of universal form – they can be worn with any linen options. Their feature – subtlety and flexibility. They adapt to any shape, at the same time keeping their ability to absorb.

There are standard gaskets – ultra-thin or thin (usually marked with such letters as s and m) and have 1-2 drops of absorption levels. You can also meet long and wide gaskets, they are usually denoted by the letter L. They are not only more elongated, but also thicker, and they have more absorbability. The first are used during ovulation or during small discharge, the second is used in the last days of menstruation.

And you can also see daily pads with wings. They are needed for a more dense fastening to the linen. However, models without wings are invisible on shorts.

By material manufacturing

Usually, Absorbent layer of almost all gaskets is made from cellulose or cellulose compounds and superabsorbents. The main differences come to the surface layer – Products can be both natural (cotton or viscose) and made of synthetic compounds (polyethylene or propylene). Some manufacturers produce gaskets with silver ions (often this is Japanese manufacturers). Most of the manufacturers adds fragrances or make extracts of various plants. Pictures on gaskets are made using ink.

As well as similar products can be produced in various colors. With white models, you can visually see the volume and nature of the selection. Color used, as a rule, complete with a decorate liner.

Best brands

Consider well-known brands whose products can most often be seen in stores, as well as those producers who received the best consumer reviews.


Pretty famous manufacturer. It is part of the Swiss concern Essity (includes a Zewa brand). Head office is in Stockholm (Sweden). Concern sells its products in 150 countries. Brand is known for its specialization in daily gaskets. Releases 7 types of daily. All packaging have pink shades, there are color drawings on the products themselves.

  • Librese “Normal” in individual packaging. Breathable, without flavors, each gasket has a flexible central part, supports the optimal PH-Balance. Sold by 32 and 64 pieces.
  • Librese “Normal Deo”. Similar to the above described, but thinner (have the name “ultra-thin”). Have light floral fragrance.
  • Librese Dailies STYLE MICRO. Have an unusual shape and small size. Universal – suitable for any type of linen, without flavors.
  • Librese “Normal Plus”. Have a little big absorption than “normal”, otherwise like them. They are also sold at 32 and 64 pieces.
  • Librese “Multi Style Plus”. Have standard dimensions, but are suitable for any type of linen.
  • Librese “Extra Long Plus”. Have extended sizes, without flavors.
  • Librese “Normal Plus”. Green pads, produced with aloe vera and chamomile extracts, have a soft cotton surface. Are the most popular product of this brand.


Gaskets are the product of the American brand Johnson & Johnson. 3 main subspecies of daily gaskets are available.

  • Carefree Plus. The line includes the Carefree Plus Large Fresh model (have large sizes, a superabsorbing layer, without flavors), Carefree Plus Large (similar to previous ones, have a light fragrance) and Carefree Plus Long (classic elongated daius without flavors).
  • Carefree Cotton. This series consists of Carefree Cotton Flexiform (have cotton extract, even for thongs), Carefree Cotton Fresh (help keep lengthy freshness, also have cotton extract) and CareFree Cotton Aloe (have cotton and aloe extract).
  • Carefree “Super Thick”. Include such models like Carefree “Super Thin” with Fresh Scent (flexible, thin, have a light flavor), Carefree “Super Thick” with Cotton Feel (have individual packaging, with light aroma, breathable) and Carefree “Super thin” with aloe extract (flexible, thin, coating has aloe particles, each product has an individual packaging).


This famous manufacturer of gasket produces the following daily models – Large (Designed for large selections), Normal Fresh (have a light fragrance), Normal (Ordinary daily), Normal deo (have a light fragrance, produced within the framework of the special collection), String / Tanga (specially produced under Tanga and Thong pants).


The company is famous for the release of daiodes, the external layer of which is made of cotton or consists mostly from cotton. The most popular are the gaskets “Normal” and “Ultra-thin”. And also produced a special line for girls actively engaged in sports – Kotex Active.


Just like Always, part of Procter & Gamble. Conditionally budget brand. You can purchase packaging with 60 gaskets at an affordable price. Characteristic feature – green packaging, as well as the use of chamomile extract. All models are thin, breathable. Not suitable for abundance.

And also become popular and brands like Bella, Seni, Abena, Discreet, Peligrin.

Tips for choosing

Sometimes you choose suitable and high-quality strips is not easy – the range in the stores is just a huge. The following criteria will help make the right and appropriate choice.

  • Package. It is best to choose gaskets in polyethylene, not paper packaging. Despite all other arguments, it is in such a package that the gasket retains its properties, is not affected by humidity, third-party odors. Even better if each gasket is in an individual packaging. Wearing such gaskets with you in my handbag easier and more convenient – they do not get dirty and do not absorb extra smells or even liquids.
  • Excius. It is best to give preference without smelling. They neutralize the smell due to a special average layer converting fluid to the gel, and not due to a large number of faddles. However, some prefer gaskets with flavors. In this case, it is better to choose products with natural fragrances.
  • Air permeability. “Breathable” pads do not allow the “greenhouse effect” to be created, which prevents the occurrence of unpleasant sensations, itching, diaperosis. This aspect is especially important when choosing daily gaskets.
  • bottom layer. The lower layer of some gaskets is made from polyethylene, which creates a “greenhouse effect”. If the large absorption of the gasket is not entirely important, it is better to abandon such a purchase. Some manufacturers produce products where the polyethylene layer is located at the edges. Such models are considered a good acquisition.
  • Adhesive base. Best so that it is not on the whole surface of the gaskets, but along the edges. Glue has the ability to block air access, even in a small amount.
  • For women in the postpartum period, it is recommended to refer to the selection of gaskets responsibly. The skin and the mucosa during this period is still too sensitive, even if all postpartum discharges stopped. It is best to use gaskets with supporting normal ph coatings. And you can also stop your choice on gaskets with silver ions. In this situation, you need to remember that flavored gaskets are more suitable for open and healthy women.

How many years can be worn?

Most of the women of the older generation believes that the use of gasket girls before the beginning of menstruation. And this delusion concerns all pads – both ordinary and daily. It actively inspires girls. It is believed that gynecological problems can only be in having sex girls, but it is not. Problems on the female part can begin long before the first month (the average age of their occurrence is 12-14 years old), as well as highlights from the vagina. One of the reasons may be dysbacteriosis when receiving various drugs.

In addition, the risk of infection with various pathogens is above all when bathing in water bodies and even public baths. Simply put, Nobody is insured against gynecological disorders. Therefore, it is possible to use gaskets only in the presence of diseases, deviations and preferably after the prescription of the doctor. In general, the use of daily gaskets from 9 years. Using pads at such a young age without visible causes are not recommended. Gaskets can not replace daily arms and observance of hygiene.

Middle age when girls are already starting to use daily on their own – 11 years.

How to use it?

Put on the gasket is quite simple. First you need to wash your hands with soap and well dry them. Next, you need to take the gasket and open the paper from the adhesive tape. Then the laying is located on the lasty and sticks. In the presence of wings, they also need to be glued on the back of the panties. You often have no need to change the daily – you can do it once every 4 to 6 hours. Their round-the-clock use, even if you are accustomed to them, is not considered normal. Although, of course, all gasket manufacturers will say the opposite. Nevertheless, you do not need to wear them at night – the skin should relax. In addition, when changing the gasket more than once every 6 hours on its surface, active breeding of malicious bacteria begins.

Allergy’s owners need to use products with accuracy, in case of rash or unpleasant sensations, it is immediately replaced or to stop using. The holders of sensitive skin are best acquired by products that have passed dermatological and hygienic studies, as well as with the minimum amount of fragrances. Products made from natural or environmentally friendly materials, as well as without a polyethylene layer can improve the situation. It is not recommended to store gaskets in the open form and in the bathroom. They can be blocked or absorbed a lot of unnecessary moisture.

Remember that the pledge of pleasant wearing the daily is constant compliance with hygiene (in particular, you need to take shower at least once a day).

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