All about Naturella’s daily pads

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All about Naturella's daily pads

Daily Naturella gaskets from the famous manufacturer Procter & Gamble allow the girl to feel free and comfortable every day. In this article, consider in more detail the features, the range of daily gaskets Naturella, and also make an overview of customer reviews.


To maintain freshness and cleanliness in the intimate zone, Naturella gaskets will help throughout the day. They are designed for every day. This hygiene is characterized by a minimum thickness, so it does not create discomfort. Gaskets are rather soft and gentle. All Naturella products are complemented by a chamomile lotion, which ensures protection and pleasant fragrance.

Naturella’s daily gaskets have a fairly universal form, which allows them to be used for various types of linen.

Naturella’s daily gaskets perfectly absorb moisture, giving the feeling of comfort and warning the occurrence of redness, itching and ethimony zone. Thanks to the optimally selected top coating, which has breathable properties, the skin produces normal heat, moisture and air -. Daily Naturella gaskets will give a feeling of freshness for the whole day. Products are approved by the dermatological Institute of Proderm, which indicates a high quality.

Naturella gaskets for daily use are pretty well-known and in demand. On the Internet there are many positive feedback on Naturella products. Many people like not only excellent quality, but also affordable price. The product range allows you to choose that option that will satisfy all the wishes of the customer.

Naturella’s daily gaskets have the following advantages:

  • Available cost+
  • excellent quality+
  • Comfortable sizes+
  • Soft and gentle top coverage+
  • pleasant aroma+
  • Minimal thickness+
  • Presence of wings for reliable fixation+
  • Natural components in the composition.

Naturella products have such disadvantages as:

  • the need for frequent change of pads, although this moment is individual+
  • Fragrance chamomile like not to all girls+
  • Some women may have an allergic reaction to product components.


American company Procter & Gamble offers everyday naturella gaskets with a chamomile to create a feeling of comfort and convenience, protecting intimate zones from high humidity and passing air. Consider more product variety.

  • Camomile Normal – these are female hygienic pads for every day. 20 pieces presented in one pack. Personal hygiene allows you to start a day with a feeling of freshness and extend it until the evening. The thickness of the product is only 0.9 mm, so it is not even felt during use. The soft layer and light flavor of the chamomile are perfectly combined in Naturella pads. These products are characterized by excellent quality, as they are 100 percent protect panties from various kinds of secretions. They are recommended to use with an irregular menstrual cycle. And also they are ideal in the period before menstruation. They will give women reinforced protection for the whole day.

  • Camomile Plus – Good gaskets to ensure the feeling of freshness for the whole day of reinforced action. They are presented in packages in which they can be 20 or 50 pieces. The softness of the outer layer allows you to fully enjoy the comfort, while getting the maximum level of protection for every day. Camomile Plus pads have a thickness of 1.7 mm. They skip the air perfectly, so the skin breathes. This hygienic product is approved by the dermatological institution Proderm. Reinforced protection, excellent quality, convenient size, comfortable fastening – Strong sides of Camomile Plus.

Review reviews

Naturella products are quite popular, so you can find a lot of reviews on the Internet. Among them there are both positive and negative.

A fine sex representatives acquire Daily Naturella gaskets to protect against natural discharges or small proceedings. Some girls celebrate small absorption, they cannot be confident in reliable protection. Women like the compact product dimensions, because it is not visible under clothes and it is practical not felt during use. It should be emphasized and good fastening – the gasket does not roll and is reliably fixed on panties of different shapes.

Many reviews are found in which girls stand out a pleasant aroma of chamomile and hypoallergenicity of Naturella products. But it should be understood that people prone to allergies should be neat. It is necessary to observe a few days to make the final decision. Unfortunately, it is not possible to familiarize yourself with the detailed composition of Naturella pads. The box does not present a full description.

As for the cost, the products are included in the average price segment, so for some buyers it is overestimated, and for others – low.

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