All about women’s hygienic pads

All about women's hygienic pads

Hygienic gaskets For more than three decades, both became guests of women’s bathrooms, and it is difficult to imagine intimate hygiene of a woman without this subject. Many people know the customers about the subject that accompanies them a few days a month? It’s time to figure it out.

General description and appointment

Women’s hygienic pads – a universal means, the main purpose of which is to prevent the entry of natural secretions on the underwear. They do not treat, do not affect the body as a cosmetic product, but only help to observe hygiene. Of course, they are not monopolists in this market: there are tampons, there is a menstrual bowl, which also serve the same purpose. But still this alternative is much less popular.

The first commercial hygienic pads were called “Listering Towels”, and for that primary time, when they were created (the end of the XIX century), it was avant-garde. Women continued to use homemade lines, in particular cotton material. In the 20s of the twentieth century, Kotex goods appeared in stores – the first similar to modern disposable gaskets. True, they cost a little expensive. The breakthrough can be considered 1931, when Earl Haas registered a tampon patent, but the gaskets with adhesive tape will appear only in 30 years.

Now the production of gaskets serves women’s requests in a variety of variations: produces goods for every day, gaskets for sensitive skin, flavored products and much more. They became available, comfortable, and most importantly, they helped women get rid of a variety of delicate problems.

Review of species

Them are more than 3, but large categories will be smoothly so much.

For critical days

This is the most demanded product in the world, because it solves the problem of protection against unwanted traces on clothes from menstrual discharge. Gaskets used in the days of menstruation, made a big way – from uncomfortable, completely non-adapting under the anatomy of the linings to the barely noticeable hygienic tools with which you can play sports, dance, ride a bike and do a lot more.

What are the gaskets for menstruation:

  • With the presence of wings and without them – The first, of course, more convenient, but the production of the second has not yet stopped, and therefore the demand is+
  • Day – As a rule, they are thin and not very long, inside the gel filler, and from above – absorbing layer+
  • Night – They are made of softer material, they are thicker of day, longer to do not get up every 2-3 hours to replace the product.

All these gaskets are disposable, they cannot be used again – it can be dangerous.


This product is mainly intended For postpartum use. Selection, which up to 6 (on average) weeks accompany the woman after childbirth, are called Lochi. They are physiological, the first time is abundant and also require the use of hygiene. Conventional gaskets may not cope with abundant discharge, then a gynecological segment of products is required.

They are the biggest, able to absorb up to 900 ml of liquid. The material is sterile, and therefore the risk of infection is excluded, which is especially important for the body worrying postpartum recovery. Some varieties of such gaskets can be impregnated with antiseptics. They are used after other serious medical interventions accompanied by vaginal discharge.

These gaskets if not completely natural, then as close as possible to them. So eliminates the risk of greenhouse effect, harmful to female sexual sphere. By the way, the doctors themselves insist that after childbirth women used such gaskets, because ordinary can cause unwanted reactions.


The name itself explains a lot, but this explanation is mistaken. What women are called daiiies don’t need to wear every day. It is unreasonable and just dangerous. Soft and thin daisies should be used on certain days of the cycle when the selection is thick and more abundant, and the underwear should be protected from them. At another time, a healthy woman is quite regular arms and timely shift of linen.

And also the finest daiii can help out in the last days of menstruation, when the selection is rare and the usual gasket is not beneficial. Sometimes they are forced to wear dai women that suffer from weak urinary incontinence. If the problem is expressed more strongly, the gaskets do not do here, you need medical intervention.


First of all, you need to navigate the number of droplets on the package. And the choice of size will depend on the type / size of the linen and the abundance of the selection. As already noted, the gaskets used during sleep should be thicker and have a longer back (protecting from night leaks).

Here’s how to deal with drops on the package.

  • 1-2 drops – These are gaskets for weak discharge. They can approach teenage girls who have monthly periods can be very scarce. Often such gaskets are used in the last days of menstruation, which, in contrast, are often distinguished by weak secretions.
  • 3-4 drops – Gaskets for menstruation with mediterranean discharge. This is considered the most sought-after option, although many women tend to reinsure.
  • 5 drops – Products for abundant monthly, usually buy them in the first days of menstruation. As well as such gaskets use if they assume that the nearest change of funds is possible not as fast as it should be done ideally.
  • Night 5 drops – gaskets of the elongated form, having a filler with a big absorb, so that the flows could not disturb the night.

The volume of discharge can be small, medium and abundant. This is the first criterion for choosing the gasket size. It is also worth estimating the size of the linen: if small / short for s are suitable, then M and L will no longer be able to serve such gaskets.

Best brands

There are a lot of them, often this is a matter of taste, habits, convenience. Almost in any rating, these names sound.

  • Always – inexpensive segment, but demand and popularity is always in the top. It can be found in the line as ultra-thin gaskets that will be invisible under the tight clothing and products for comfortable sleep, for abundant monthly and other. Provide fast absorption, protection up to 12 hours, no smells.
  • Naturella – The product also refers to the budget segment. Distinguishes these gaskets soft upper layer, which eliminates skin irritation. Many species have natural flavors, pleasant floral flavors. The manufacturer declares one of the advantages of organic hypoallergenic fibers in the composition of the product.
  • Bella – also cheap gaskets that are divided into different types, sold even in variations without wings. This is a classic that accompanies many women from youth, and they are in no hurry to go to more expensive options.
  • Libesse – Most of the products produced by this brand are very thin, created specifically for comfortable wearing. Gaskets hold odors, sold with a soft or mesh surface, provide a gentle and comfortable adhering.
  • Carefree – Their form is designed to repeat the lines of the bikini zone. They are gentle, made with all delicate nuances. Emphasis on the woman to wear a woman forget that with her gasket.

In the category of gynecological funds, the “Peligrin” and Helen Harper brands can be noted, and Discreet and Ola are constantly falling into the group of the best daily gaskets.

What gaskets choose?

The choice is made of a whole list of categories. The age of a woman is taken into account, time of day (for the night or day, gaskets are selected), the method of fastening, material, composition, abundance of discharge. Councils of experts.

  • Top pads– Cotton, and it should be 100% cotton. The less chemical inclusions in the composition, the better for women’s health, regardless of the age of the customer.
  • Strips without fragrances better, Even at least in connection with the minimization of allergic risks. Aromatization is always fraught with skin irritation, and the development of the present allergies. Especially since natural smells is weakly masks.
  • Products in individual packaging should be in priority. And it concerns and daily. So you can guarantee sterility such an intimate product.
  • A girl who has only started menstruation, gaskets usually buys mom. And it is divided with their. But it is better to go to the doctor, discuss the offensive of a responsible momentwith a specialist,which listens to the girl will appreciate the development of events, the regularity of the cycle, the abundance of discharge, and will advise the optimal option. Of course, it should be cotton pads. And from the first months of menstruation you need to teach not shy to buy gaskets yourself, to be able to read information on the package.
  • For the night and day should be used different pads. Even if you leave a well absorbing daylight overnight, the risk of leaks remains anyway. Yes, and there is nothing good that so many hours in the dressing of the discharge will be focused on a small amount of matter. Night gaskets and volumetric, and longer, they are safer.

Do not buy gaskets in places of dubious trading. It is not known where the product appeared there, how he was stored.

Features of use

It turns out that women can violate the rules for use of intimate means, not suspecting.

Consider a short instruction.

  • Before changing the gasket, you need to wash your hands with soap. The genitals should be sealed towards the pubic to the anus, and not the opposite. Wipe the intimate hygiene towel. If it is not (for example, it happens in a public toilet), you can use napkins, paper handkerchiefs.
  • Get a gasket from individual packaging, deploy, access all protective papers. Sticky part of the product is glued to shorts. Wings wrap the edges of the panties so that the laying is tightly adjacent to the linen.
  • It is necessary to utilize the used gasket like this: Wrap it in packaging from a new either to toilet paper and throw in urn. In no case in the toilet.

The shelf life of the gaskets is usually indicated on the package, on average the norm of this indicator is 2 years.

Storage nuances

By the way, the fact that these products are stored in the bathroom, logistics, maybe convenient, but wrong. The microclimate itself of this zone is not suitable for storage: the gasket can quickly refrank, which will negatively affect its absorbent properties. A couple of pieces can always be worn in the internal pocket of a female handbag in case of force majeure. But it must be gaskets in individual packaging.

Everything else is convenient to store in the box with the lower linen. The place should be dry, dark, cool. It is good to have a stock of gaskets at home, again, to not run in case of acute need to store for the first.

Gaskets are very different, and the woman should be understood which suitable for her: Conveniently sitting, do not rub the skin, do not cause irritation. This should not be a random product, yet we are talking about intimate hygiene. What is suitable is completely not applicable for another. Therefore, the method of samples and errors, and sometimes conducting a self-surveillance diary, you can make an ideal choice.

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