Selection of jeans for the type of women’s figure

Selection of jeans for the type of women's figure

Jeans are necessarily present in the wardrobe of every girl, and more often it is a few pairs of different models and colors. So that they please and adorn their mistress, jeans must be perfectly sitting, therefore it is more correct to make a choice of jeans for the type of women’s figure.

Determine the type

Those who are lucky with perfect forms, are suitable for absolutely any models, but not even a perfect figure looks very good if the pants are chosen correctly, because they will hide the shortcomings and emphasize the advantages. To pick up jeans for a woman in a figure, you need to determine its type. And this is very important, because the same jeans will decorate one girl, and the attractiveness of the other will not emphasize.

  • The most common types of figures – “Apple” and “Pear”. In a woman relating to Type “Apple”, There is a tummy and not such a pronounced waist. In this case, there may be normal legs and a small breast. Some unwanted nuances of the model will hide, slightly expanding books. In order not to focus on the abdomen zone, it will be more correct to choose the middle fit, you can with a small slimming effect. But this is not the only option.

You can stop your choice on jeans free in hips, but tapering down. Pants 7/8 and 3/4 are also suitable, but better they will look with shoes or sandals on a heel.

  • Flaws Figures “Pear” It is expressed in the fact that the owner of such forms can be narrow shoulders, a small chest, a long waist, but with the wide thighs and short legs. A model with a high landing profitable will emphasize the waist, because jeans are better to choose a narrow cut, with a small glue from the knee. There should be no additional pockets on the hips, cumbersome decorations, volumetric embroidery – all this visually will make hips even wider. Jeans with a regular landing, but directly cut also advantageously emphasize such a figure, lengthening the legs. Side pants, touched by below, sitting on the figure. A good complement will be a spacious tunic and heel sandals. In all situations, the dark shades of trousers will be preferable.

  • So-called Type “Rectangle” says that the girl’s shoulders and hips have the same width (in any case, visually it looks like this), and at the same time the waist is not too noticeable. For this type, tight jeans will be suitable. In this case, either embroidery, nor other additional decorative elements on the rear pockets. A relevant landing will be relevant, and models of free cut can be approached, and renovated at the bottom of the pants.

  • “Triangle” Differs in wide hips, full legs, but at the same time a very narrow top of the body. Such a violation of proportions can be compensated if you successfully choose women’s trousers from Denim. The High Waist of Free Croes will hide these flaws. The most important thing in this case is to avoid those options that can increase the volume of hips visually.

Options with challenges and minor expansion of the book can also be viewed, but in no case should not choose Jeggings and other tight styles.

  • “Inverted triangle” It is a reference situation – here are just a narrow thigh and a thin waist, but at the same time wide shoulders are distinguished. Free cut and low waist will help hide these shortcomings and create a harmonious image.

  • “Hourglass” – The most feminine figure. A pronounced waist is even more standing out at the expense of the hips and bust. Here the choice of models is quite wide. You can choose different landing. Clash pants are suitable both from the thighs and the knee. Relevant will be the option “skinnie”.

Choosing any model, with different types of figures, you need to remember how important it is to choose the right thing and other details of the wardrobe, which will complement the image and harmoniously look at the selected jeans.

How to emphasize Talia?

With any type of figure, you need to pay attention to what landing at the selected trousers. Her wrong choice is immediately striking, and all the other advantages of the model will already be invisible. Distinguish three types – high, medium and low. With a high landing, the pants are on the waist, low on the hips, and more familiar – below the waist and above the thigh line.

High landing can create a harmonious image if the owner of jeans is an ideal waist. If extra kilograms are present in this area, then the high landing will only aggravate the situation. With unnecessary completeness, such a style also does not have to choose.

Average landing is a more common option that women most often choose. This option will be appropriate at any age as the straight cut trousers. And full, and slender can choose such styles and at the same time feel comfortable and confident.

Low landing refers to the most inconvenient. Even with the presence of an ideal figure, it is not always and not everywhere you can get into such an outfit. Too low location of the belt often opens the edge of the underwear. In such jeans, we need to nail and eat with caution, if, of course, there is no desire to set a deposit of certain parts of the body. If you consider all these nuances, you can choose such a landing to girls with perfect press.

Discovering or flabby belly will not give elegance and attractiveness to the girl in such pants. Choosing such a model, you need to be very careful to buy it.

Choosing the right size

Know your type of shape and pick up a successful model to it – it’s not all. Of great importance and correctly selected. If jeans are more, they will not sit beautifully on the figure and will not bring comfort in the sock. If less – all the slightest flaws will become obvious, and, again, such clothes will cause discomfort.

Many today buy things online. To make a thing disappointed, you need to clearly decide on the size. First you need to know your parameters. Usually in the description of the goods, in particular, jeans, there are evidence as the length of the pants and the belt width. These are the most important parameters for which you need to navigate when buying.

On labels, the size of the belt in inches is usually indicated, from here and sizes – 27,28, 29, 30. Knowing that in one inches 2.54 cm, it is easy to translate a number in centimeters and understand, these jeans are suitable for size or not. Most often, companies use the designation of the size of two types: 36, 38, 40, 42, 44 or M, L, XL. If the purchase is made on a specialized site, there is always a table of sizes in which you can navigate.

Each company may have their own nuances in the dimensional grid. Therefore, for loyalty you need to look into this mesh and verify that the size is selected correctly.

In the store everything is much easier. Runing a bunch of trousers, you can find your perfect size. It would be nice to remember it to make it easier to facilitate the choice procedure.

The length of the trousers should also be optimal, although sometimes it happens that bought pants have to be heat. Mostly with such a problem face girls are faced. There are manufacturers who celebrate on labels, on which growth is designed model – high, medium, low.

When choosing a length you need to consider with which shoes will wear jeans. Some girls wear shoes exclusively with high heels, others prefer only ballet shoes and sneakers. Lover of model shoes must remember that according to the rules of the pantna, the heel must cover up to the middle, if, of course, these are not shortened models. You do not always need to rush to crop jeans if they did not fit the length. Potted wells are very well combined with dies, moccasins.

Girls low growth should be remembered that if they want to look higher, shortened models are not recommended – visually they will further reduce growth. If still there is a desire to choose exactly such a model, you need to combine it with high-heeled shoes.

Several useful tips

Fashion changes every year, making their own adjustments to images and forcing the wardrobe. Sometimes fashionista, despite the recommendations and not considering the features of its physique, they buy exclusively fashionable new items. But here you can find a compromise. Fashion trends do not get closed on the only option, and there is always a space for selection.

Knowing everything about her figure, having understood in her type and determining what is the advantages and disadvantages, you can choose any trousers liked, But it is worth considering some nuances.

  • Happy owners of proportional hips and chest can choose any fashionable novelty. But to look even more elegant, it is recommended to stop your choice on models with an overwhelmed waist, while the width can be any. Stylists tips in this case are prescribed to avoid overalls and too wide. Beautiful waist is lost in such a choice, and the model described will attract attention to the thighs.

  • “Thumbeline” You can also choose fashionable models, but one basic rule should be remembered: you need to visually pull out the figure, which means there should be no horizontal lines in the Call. Direct models and “Slim” will be the perfect choice. Denim darker tones, and also with the effect of scuffs will be very. To visually increase the narrow thighs, you can choose pants with scuffs on the hips.

  • But hide Unnecessary volumes in the hips will help free Men’s Croes. Supplemented with an elongated shirt or blouse, they will look wonderful.

  • Long-legged girls High growth can be safely climbed into the clash, but the owners of small growth will have to refrain from such models.

  • Girls with magnificent forms Stylists recommend to refrain from bright shades, complex jewelry and additional details. Dark denim will make a shape slimmer. And, of course, the effect of light weight lifting it even more, removing a couple of extra kilograms.

  • Too thin, Lained seductive female bends Girls will help to round the three-quarter jeans figures with a low or middle fit. Narrow jeans will help to round up the ass, but it is better to combine them with a high heel – so legs will seem longer.

    Another significant moment: any pants will be worn for a long time, the dignity of the figure will emphasize and hide disadvantages if they are qualitative. Good fabric is not subject to strain or fading, such a thing can be calmly washed, not afraid that it polins or lose its original color. When buying, you should carefully examine all the locks, buttons, rivets, embroidery, stickers – how well it is done.

    In compliance with all the simple rules, it is absolutely easy to choose his dream jeans who will be a favorite thing in the wardrobe for a long time.

    How to choose perfect jeans on the figure, look next.

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