Choose a haircut for diamond-shaped faces

Choose a haircut for & quot + diamond-shaped & quot + faces

“Rhomboid” face (such form is also called diamond) – this is a sign of purposefulness and stubbornness of its owner. This form looks very interesting, it can even be called beautiful from the point of view of harmony, but it is still not right. To bring your image to ideal to bring your ideal, you need to choose the right haircut for the “diamond” person. This article discusses the varieties of the most successful haircuts for women with such appearance, hair styling recommendations.


To determine or is a “diamond” face, it follows to consider it, assess the proportions. You should collect curls in the tail or just remove them back and look in the mirror. You can use the photo if it is clearly visible face. “Almaz” can be described as follows:

  • Small chin, slightly compressed in the corners+
  • Pretty wide cheekbones+
  • Narrow forehead.

In women with such a face, hair line is most often blurred, as well as they have a wpads in temples. Choose a suitable haircut such girls is usually quite difficult. Hairstyle should bring the form of the face to oval, hide the imperfections of “diamond”. Selecting the appropriate female haircut for the face of such a form, you need to take into account a number of important nuances. Among the most significant of them, the following can be distinguished:

  • If the haircut is multi-layered, the volume on the top should not be, otherwise the upper part of the face will extend even stronger+
  • It is not recommended to make her hair very smooth or remove them back, opening the cheekbones + curls must cover them, which will make it easier to bring the face form to the ideal+
  • Very good laying option for medium and long strands – this is a braid sample + to make it central, not recommended direct+
  • It is better to combat bangs to the side, make it oblique, which will allow visually covering the wide parts and forehead, which is too narrow + bangs should not hide eyebrows if strands are straight and thick, this option is suitable if the hair is quite thin, which are susceptible to modeling+
  • On the forehead should not be smooth, absolutely straight lines, otherwise the face will expand from above.


For the owner of the face “Almaz” short hair will not be the perfect option, but if you wish, you can stop the choice on Pixie. Such a stylish hairstyle will allow you to balance the narrow forehead, add volume in this area. Her feature is torn strands. Sufficient volume on the Makushka Master is achieved by multi-layered, branch. It is recommended slightly combed strands from the roots, apply special mousses for daily hair styling.

Bangs are recommended to do not very long and oblique, put it better with a little negligence, however, the forehead should not be fully open. Bang will help disguise such a deficiency as an uneven growth of the chasis.

Middle length

Medium is considered the length of the shoulders below the chin. Masters say this is the most acceptable option for “diamond”. With such hair you can create various images, experiment. You can become a fatal beauty or inexperienced seductive – it all depends on the selected haircut. Middle-length hair is presented by several optimal options.

  • For curly curls – this is Bob. Making such a haircut, you can hide disadvantages and emphasize the most winning places. However, in the region of cheekbone volume should not be.
  • For direct strands – This is an elongated bob. Strands at the cheekbone will be allowed to hide their width. If the “lift” the head, the neck will be visually will become longer.
  • Kare (necessarily with an angle). Strands can be made asymmetrical, smooth. If you want to cover a narrow forehead, it is recommended to make a turn round top. Care can be made graded. Hair must be smooth at cheekbones, slightly curly in tips and volumetric in the top.


Women with a face in the form of a rhombus need to take into account the important rule: to give him the right proportions and beauty will always help the curls. You can create lush waves or small curls, which will mitigate the features of the face and visually make chin wider. If the hair is straight, you should make the volume of roots and sample oblique. Locks must cover cheekbones. Ideal options for straight hair – these are multi-layered, stepped haircuts.

Bangs better to make laid wave, pretty long and oblique. In cases where the bang is not – the hair of the cheekbone and the sample side. It must be remembered that the lap from the roots should be volumetric. Hair should be made slightly made.

The rigor and smoothness of the owners of a diamond person to choose not recommended.

How to stack?

For a “diamond-shaped” face, complex, original hairstyles that attract the attention of others, which makes it possible to show their imagine to the maximum. When creating an unusual image it is worth considering several tips.

  • It is not recommended to tie the tail too high. It is worth making a chapel from the roots slightly volumetric, at the cheekbone to lay thin curls. At the ends of the hair can be made slightly wavy or leave straight.
  • Braids should differ wide and asymmetric weaving, it should be done with a penaltious. It is recommended to release hair on the sides of the face. Strands at the cheekbone can be made wavy or leave straight.

A woman with the “Almaz” face can stop the choice of both high and low beam. However, he should not be on the Makushka itself.

Strands at the cheekbone, with this hairstyle will also look very good.

Tips for specialists

If you want to bring the “diamond” to ideal form, you should take into account several recommendations of professionals. The masters of the hairdressing art give the following tips:

  • To visually expand the narrow chin, it is possible using a multi-layer, graded haircuts to create an additional volume in this area, which can be done with rather large curls+
  • In any hairstyles, quite long strands are welcome, located on the sides of the face, because with their help you can bail the narrow chin and the upper part, wide cheekbones + the form of “diamond” will be as close as possible to oval+
  • Located on the side and pretty magnificent bangs visually make a narrow forehead wider+
  • The volume should be created on the sides, and not only in the forehead area, in this way, harmony and equilibrium can be achieved+
  • Visually adjust high cheekbones and make a person more elongated by creating a high hairstyle that is quite bulky in the roots of strands.

Considering all of the above, it can be concluded that the ideal option for women with a “diamond” person is a medium length lap, curls from below, braid sample. Bangs should be done combed to one side, quite lush. You can select hairstyles expanding down. The haircut must be negligent, because smoothness and rigor is an option that is absolutely not suitable.

Read more about how to choose a haircut for a “diamond” person, you will learn from the following video.

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