Triangular face form: We select hairstyles and makeup

Triangular face form: We select hairstyles and makeup

For each type of face you need to be able to choose the right hairstyle, laying and makeup. Competently selected image helps a woman transformed, screaming natural flaws. This article will focus on the features of the triangular face form.

Description type

Triangular and heart-shaped form have many similarities. Their owners have a wide forehead, pronounced cheekbones and little sophisticated chin. Often these forms of the face are confused or do not share at all, however, more sophisticated and gentle features correspond to the heart structure. Many beauty experts believe that the face “heart” combines all beauty and elegance.

At the owner of a triangular face, the widest part is the forehead, the eye line is a bit already, and the jaw / chin are the most narrow elements. If you mentally hold the silhouette of such a person, it will be similar to an inverted triangle.

For such a structure, characteristic:

  • narrow and raised chin+
  • Embossing cheekbones+
  • softer forehead traits.

Also to the types of triangle refers direct triangle. Here the chin will be wider, but with a decrease in the line to the top of the face.

The face in the form of “heart” has a different characteristic: Lines with gentle, unshentable outlines, more smooth shapes, are clearly expressed cheeks, and the chin is smoothed (such a face is a little less than the length).

In the case of a triangle type of hair growth zone creates a semicircle. If the hair is more like small semi-windows, such as the heart, then this is the type of face “heart”.

Specialists of physiognomy believe that the owners of this form of the person are sincere, good people. They are cheerful, friendly, often smile and are the soul of the company. Also these people are able to radiate fantastic sexuality, charm and captivity. They are very active, ambitious, they are very difficult to stop in place. Very often they turn out to be creative and famous people. They love attention to their address, always happy to appear in public. Probably, that is why among stars a lot of owners of the heart-shaped face.

How to Stream?

Picking up a haircut to its image, it is necessary to balance the dramatic upper part of the face with an unbroken and sophisticated chin. So, it is possible to most like the shape of the triangle Oval.

Choosing from a variety of haircut options suitable for its type of face, you must follow the following rules:

  • do not use sharp asymmetry+
  • No volume in the area of ​​the dark part of the head+
  • not to make strongly spurned tails.

For women with a face shape, a triangle will be good short haircuts with bangs:

  • “bean”+

  • “Garson”

With such ears haircuts, it is best to leave open, but a symmetrical short bang to remove on the side. Thus, the flaws will be hidden, and the advantages are underlined.

“Long Bob” – well helps to make a softer chin area. Great such a haircut will look like a side probor.

An excellent option for women’s hairstyle performs a car-based laying based on. With her you can safely afford bangs. Also good hair will look like shoulders. The main thing is to straight the face, surrounding the space around the chin. And if you still add a strand at the bottom, then the image will be just great.

One side sample is an excellent version for the heart-shaped face. The hair on one side can be simply removed behind the ears, you can use the hairpin, or to braid beautifully in the braid, on the other hand leaving.

For hair medium lengths, a cascade-based haircut will serve as a win-win. Here women can safely experiment with the length and stylistics of laying. However, you should not resort to a short bang – she will give the person heaviness and visually reduce.

Superb triangular suitable charming curls. Best do this hairstyle without using bangs. The main thing is not to create volume on the top. In addition, Lestenka is perfect. This popular haircut seems usual, but in fact it can add grace and highlight to the image. However, in this case, it does not interfere with taking care of an unusual bang: asymmetric, straight, torn.

Girls with long hair should pay attention to the sideline cascade. He perfectly helps to smooth small in the width of the chin, not having lost forehead and cheekbones. Also great fits “Multilayer Lestenka”. The volume must be created only from the middle of the length.

As for bangs, it will suit almost any image and in any form. Beveled, elongated, divided by half – any option will look great, it all depends on the flight of fantasy. The main thing, in no case does not use the straight, thick and short bang.

Recommendations for laying

Girls with a triangular face form are always winbled by curls, curls and waves, which are rounded cheekbones. The main thing is not to curl hair from the roots. Best do it from the middle of the length.

When creating a beautiful hairstyle or laying necessarily a small area of ​​the cheeks and ears to cover with hair, and on the big forehead to lower the bangs (but not straight). Superb will look bangs, cleaned on the side. Which categorically do not need to do with a triangular face, so it is smooth to collect the hair back, form a lush volume on the top of the head, as well as create high tails and free.

On long hair from the cheek area, a volume and a small waviness is created. Also a harmonious image can be created by removing the hair for the ears, and the ends to transform into lush curls.

For holders of medium hair perfectly suitable for kara with curly outwards. This hairstyle will give the image of romanticity and tenderness.

When creating hairstyles with selected hair, you must adhere to several rules:

  • In this case, the side probors are perfect+
  • Zalisanity is better replaced by ease, hair outlook (it should seem to have a hairstyle for any moment)+
  • An excellent option will be all kinds of pigtails, however, the braids should be placed not from the top, but at the bottom of the head.

The ideal hairstyle will be the one that will create the appearance of narrow forehead and a wider chin – it will be able to adjust the flaws of the face “Triangle”, giving a woman more attractiveness.

What make up to choose?

Complete the image, as well as adjust the form of a person, will help competently selected makeup. Accurate accents will be able to hide disadvantages, allocation of dignity.

To create the right makeup, you need to adhere to several rules:

  • Dark shades are applied on the forehead zone, the end of the chin and wurgted+
  • The sides of the chin must be lit, thereby make it visually wider+
  • Lovers of Rumba need to be applied not to cheeks, but on cheekbones+
  • The owners of the shoulder cheeks are recommended to use the light shade powder on them+
  • Strongly distinguished cheekbones can darken powder+
  • Here you can safely distinguish your eyes using the shadows of a bright shade and ink; you can also resort to false eyelashes+
  • Lipstick bright and catchy colors – not the best option (more correctly, the lips remain light and natural)+
  • For the face “heart”, the ideal option will be round eyebrows (you do not need to be brightly painted, there will be a light accent.

When applying makeup, it is necessary to create smooth transitions between the heterogeneous tones of powders, tones and a roast, thoroughly cutting edges. No need to resort to brightly distinguished colors. It is perfectly suitable here, as well as harmoniously, calm shades of peach, pink and pastel. It is best to use calm tones capable of giving face softness, tenderness and elegance.


When cold is coming, not all women are wishing to wear a cap on their gorgeous hair, believing that she is only able to electrify them, stretching hairstyle. However, a competently chosen headdress is able to create a unique, unique image, as well as give the person an ideal form.

An ideal headdress for a triangular face of the face is a hat-tip with hanging along the cheekbones ears. Here they will play the role of hair, which, with the right hairstyle, framing the area of ​​the cheeks and chin, adjusting the shape of the face.

Holders hairstyles from medium hair, laid around the face with soft waves, can afford to wear more massive and round caps. Here they will not look at cumbersome, weighting without that wide forehead.

The main thing is not to use in your wardrobe strongly tight hats from thin knitwear, as well as volume models from a large mating. Such seats will not give an appearance of attractiveness – they will vividly allocate all drawbacks of the heart-shaped and triangular.

Useful advice

Read perfectly, add the image using accessories. For example, the use of jewelry and glasses can even better adjust the shape and hide disadvantages. Harmoniously watch earrings-rings, earrings in the form of triangles or pyramids, as well as earrings-droplets. The win-win version will perform the earrings of large sizes of bright shades.

Unique / Bright ornaments will help disguise the flaws in the chin area. You should not resort to small unsightly earrings. They emphasize all the shortcomings of the triangular face.

As for the decorations for the neckline zone, then rounded shapes are best fit here without pendant and oblong suspension. To spoil the image can any necklace with a V-shaped form, as they are able to visually make the neck and the face is even longer (in a compartment with a triangular face of the face, this effect will be superfluous). This type of decoration is better not to use.

Many girls love to wear glasses. This is a really great accessory that not only protects the eyes from sunlight, but also gives a unique, interesting view. The main thing is to be able to correctly pick up.

When choosing glasses it is worth paying attention to the rim. No need to get involved in bright colors and unusual elements. It is best for the rim of calm tones, emphasizing simplicity and minimalism. All sorts of drawings, as well as catchy accents will attract attention to temples and forehead.

On women with a triangular face great, glasses round and oval form will look. They will help soften sharp features, giving the image more tenderness and softness.

The owner of more smooth lines can use glasses with sharp and sharp lines in their image. Valid models with non-circular glasses, for example, in the form of a rectangle or square. The main thing is not to be carried away so that the glasses do not give the features an angularity.

For sure you should not pick up glasses:

  • with a large or “cat” rim+
  • in the form of droplets+
  • with bright accents.

These tips will help to really choose both glasses and all kinds of decorations. The main task is to emphasize the advantages, and also brought bright notes into the image, and did not spoil it.

Beautiful examples

Often the owner of the triangular or heart-shaped facial types consider it a big deficiency.

        However, many celebrities have this form. Such a person is not their disadvantage, but emphasizes uniqueness and femininity.

        In this video, a master class on visual correction of a triangular face form.

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