Arrows for the authorized century: what are suitable and how to draw?

Arrows for the authorized century: what are suitable and how to draw?

Wrong eyelid is a common problem among women. Rather, the problem is considered to be the representatives of the finest, and from an anatomical point of view, the hung of the eyelid – just the feature of the structure of the eyes. If a woman still dreams of getting rid of it, in her opinion, flaw, then the right makeup will help to resolve.

Features of the problem

Wrong eyelid is a “heavy” upper eyelid, lowered to mobile, which creates the appearance of a kind of skin “hood”. According to some aesthetes, this feature gives a woman slightly sad, languid and a little mysterious glance, but the carrier themselves do not think so.

Some ladies prefer to take radical measures to eliminate this problem, For example, resort to surgical intervention. However, this is not the most affordable and safe option. In addition, the result may not justify expectations – to recall the famous Rene Zellweger, who after surgery lost its famous corporate nurse, and with it and individual charm.

Other women choose a safer solution to the problem – change lifestyle, make a special charge and gymnastics for the eyes, perform massage, ointment and creams are used, prepare masks and compresses for popular recipes. However, these methods are not suitable for eliminating flaw if it is congenital.

The third group of girls prefers, in general, not to eliminate this feature, they know special tricks and the subtleties of the right makeup that can turn this seemingly a lack of advantage.

Wrong eyelid may arise as a consequence of some factors or to be a congenital feature. Often the reasons are hereditary predisposition, age, sharp distance from excess weight, nationality, allergies, improper lifestyle or swelling.

Despite the aesthetic “highlight”, which is given to the female submitted eyelids, this feature and cons associating the difficulties of making a makeup:

  • Cosmetic shadows weakly hold on the skin and go to the fold of the century+
  • It is difficult to draw neat lines, their ends can “break down”, the eyeliner can be imprinted+
  • In the upper eyelids there may be traces of carcasses.

To avoid all these problems, as well as turn this disadvantage in the advantage, should competently apply makeup. Especially reliably cope with the problem will help the correct design of the shooter.

Types of arrows

Women with heavy upper centuries, makeup artists advise to inflate thick arrows, which fill the entire visible surface of the rolling age.

This is the main recommendation of professionals, but there are other options for various types and shapes of the eyes:

  • Basic short arrow – gives eyelashes visual dense+
  • With two tails – to create the impression of the “cunning” look+
  • Classical – represents a line thickening towards the direction from the inner angle to external, may be the only element of the cosmetic design of the female face+

  • Half arrow – Recommended for eyes, close to each other, running from the center of the rash line+
  • The wide arrow is offered for the formation of a “feline look”+
  • Arab Arrow – Usually Applied for Stage Makeup or Photo Session.

Avoid a “broken” line in the embodiment of makeup on eyes with hanging eyelids, oriented on an individual type of appearance. It is worth considering the reason for which you want to create an image. If this is a daytime casual type, it is recommended to draw thin arrows. When executing an expressive image for a party or strict evening event, the lines are more suitable, visually increasing eyes. And also an evening option may contain Egyptian arrows, known to us by photo Cleopatra. For thin creative natur, it is recommended to draw arrows-wings.

What are suitable for different forms?

When applying makeup, it is necessary to clearly stick with the characteristic features of its appearance. For each type there are concrete varieties of arrows. Application technique and even cosmetic materials may also differ.

For narrow eye

For the narrowed eye shape with hanging eyelids, it is necessary to apply a longer arrow. Up from the line is a decisive, aspiring to the eyelashes. According to experts, the use of liquid liner will provoke a visual narrowing of the already narrowed eye, and therefore it is necessary to choose a pencil or shadow to work.

The folds of the eyes are covered with dark shadows, brightening the cosmetic agent of pale coloring the movable eyelid and a plot of eyebrows.

The lower eyelid is isolated with dark colors, draw a pencil line and spend decisive. For rounding the eye, it is recommended to decide in the center.

For small eyes

In this situation, the decisions of dark shadows above the moving age are applied to increase. Then the arrow of the same shape on the moving age is drawn, in the outer corner both features are connected.

It is important that light colors are used for the rolling age. Makeup made according to such principles, give a more spectacular and interesting look.

For asian eyes

Ladies with an Asian type of appearance are often more carriers of this feature. In their case, it will make it easier to make a heavy eye will allow the adjustment of eyebrows. As for the arrows, the following options are offered: it is possible to make a light tone of mobile eyelid, and a dark color to cover the outer corner and the lower eyelid + can also draw a fold in the upper eyelid, it will create an impression of expressive big eyes.

By the way, for the casual image of the Asian face, the eyelashes growing from the inner corner of the eye, it is not necessary to cry.

For round eye

Big eyes are always the advantage of appearance, but with the wrong make-up they may seem not just too round, but also convex. High-eyed at the same time exacerbate the situation. To apply arrows, a wide line in retrosetile and emphasize the lower eyelid and mucous membrane. This trick is visually limited and slightly stretch the eye shape.

For deeply planted eyes

In this situation, it is required to abandon the expression of the lower eyelid by an arrow, concentrating on the top. A good option, often used among the famous women with this type of appearance – lift the tip made in a vintage style, from an outer corner, along with this the lower eyelid can be highlighted with a pale shine of light tones, to apply mascara to the elongation effect.

As you can see, the authorities may be in conjunction with other appearance features. This must be taken into account when make up, otherwise, a light interesting feature of the face will turn into a great drawback.

In each case, the angle of inclination of the arrow and the bending place is selected. In recent years, a mini zigzag option is popular among top models, that is, broken lines. Such makeup involves brightly expressed attracting arrows and light shadows, softening accent. This is a good solution for girls with hanging centuries.

Application techniques

Step-by-step technology of applying competent arrows on the eyes with the authorities is not so simple. It is better to start prepare for creating an image in advance so that in case of an error assumptions, a correction time remains. Hands need to wash, sit down or stand in a comfortable posture so that the hands are not shaking.

Technique consists of several stages.

  • We impose on the basis of the basis. The crumbly powder is suitable as this composition.
  • We celebrate the future shooter. She is designed to extend the lower century line. The angle of the eye then rises, the eye becomes more alive and open.
  • Makeup should be done with open eyes. It is so really to make the desired trait specifically in the zone that will be visible in an open look.
  • We connect the tip of the line with the middle area of ​​the eye and gently teach the line to the pupil.
  • Taking advantage of a pencil, score the lumen between the designated lines.
  • We extend the line to the inner corner. We draw attention to the fact that the arrow struggle from the outside to the indoor corner.
  • Gently drawing a line in the lower eyelid to the beginning of the iris.
  • To complete the image from above, overlook the shadows of light tones, eyelashes tinkering and slightly tune.

    High eyelids may be accompanied by a close eye.

    Then the appliance technique will be as follows:

    • retreating a small distance from the inner corner, draw a line+
    • On 1/3 of the length along the line of the rash growth, we carry out a barcode+
    • Drawing a similar feature and in the lower eyelid – such a technology can expand the eyes+
    • We carry a thin arrow from the center of the upper eyelid and gradually thickening it, while the expansion should be almost invisible.

    There are technicians and for other features of the eyes in combination with the hound century.

    Below is a daily makeup option for Asian-type persons:

    • Covered light tint moving eyelid+
    • cover the outer angle with dark tones+
    • draw the arrow along the top century, expand the line from the middle to the outer corner, but do not protrude beyond the boundaries+
    • If the makeup is everyday, then just one layer of carcasses for eyelashes.

    In general, women with hanging centuries, make makeup harder. Without a few workouts and experiments, it is not necessary to do, but over time, a representative of a beautiful sex with such an interesting feature will definitely master this art, and makeup will not take away a lot of time and nerves.

    If those who have hungs – age feature, the technique changes slightly. When creating makeup, Smoky Ice should abandon rich black color, preferred brown tones for warm color plants, gray – for cold. If the site is evilting, under the eyebrow should look at less pale colors. Thin line under eyebrow is better not to draw. Nizhny century mucous membrane is recommended to emphasize with a white pencil. Good reception – Apply the non-traditional eyeliner color and attract attention to such unusual shooters.

    Effective procedure capable of saving a woman from the boning skin “Hood” – a tattoo of the eyelids. Usually for this type of face applied tattoo with mild decisive. First of all, the master draws the eye contour, and then makes a smooth transition to light tones. This visually lifts the eyelid, makes the borders softer and natural.

    Often hanging eyelids – the problem of ladies aged. The tattoo allows you to save a woman not only from the “tired” look, but also from other age problems, for example, masks small wrinkles. The procedure creates the appearance of makeup made by shadows and a rustic pencil. Saves time, since independent morning makeup will no longer need, but has contraindications, characterized by pain. With the problem of the authorized century, it is recommended to combine the tattoo of the eyelids and eyebrows.

    Visitors of makeup artists

    To create perfect makeup from a client with lowered upper eyelids, Makeup artists resort to various techniques and tricks.

    • Pink and red shades – forbidden colors when making an eye! These tones are not suitable, as they give the visibility of inflamed swollen eyes, and without that apparent heavy due to the lowered century.
    • Speakingly make your eyes wider help drawing a false fold with brown shadows in combination with light tones applied under the eyebrow.
    • To draw arrows, it should be used shadows and a pencil, as the liner line is quickly smeared by the lowered century. If it is not necessary to do without a liner, then you need to choose a waterproof effect.
    • During makeup, your eyes should be unlikely open, otherwise the future result is impossible to predict.
    • To exactly draw a tail, designed to extend the lower eyelids, you can resort to the help of a plastic card. It should be applied to the lower eyelashes and hold the line of the desired length towards. Plastic card will help create perfectly smooth trait.

    • When drawing the tail you do not need to do it very long on my face with the authorities, but nevertheless there should be a small tail.
    • It is necessary to avoid combining the lines of the bottom of the eye with the arrow, it creates an appearance even more lowered.
    • It is important to not allow the drawing of the arrows of disproportionate thickness. If the line in the central part turns out to be thicker and will narrow to the edge, then the eyes will seem distorted.
    • Range line conducted by a pencil, better than a special applicator. To apply the arrows with shadows, you should purchase a small tight brushes with a bevelled edge.
    • When choosing shadows, it is better to give preference to liquid structures, but not water based.
    • When creating an image, it is better, in general, to refuse to apply carcasses to the lower eyelashes, and use it only when staining the upper.

    Beautiful examples for inspiration

    Among the famous Hollywood stars, many actresses are possessing eyes with the authorities. Thanks to the skillful makeup, these famous women are a dream of millions of men.

    For example, Blake Lively never uses pearl shadow in the upper eyelids in makeup and does not apply heavy eyeliner. Basically, the actress in the photo can be seen with a three-dimensional make-up, which is based on the illumination of the lower section of the inner angle with a slight unseeable shading of external angles along the upper age. This technique visually increases eye. In addition, the actress abandoned a light smoky makeup with matte shadows.

    Emma Stone also not to see with a dense bright eyeliner around the eyes, it prefers neat restrained arrows in combination with neutral tone shadows.

    Eva Mendez – one more eye owner with hanging eyelids. In her case, makeup looks neat, as it is focused on the liner at the bottom edge. Particular attention stylists pay actresses with eyebrows, and also use the shadows of neutral painting.

    Camilla Bell never leaves the eyelids colorless, since in her case the lack of hanging age is especially noticeable. It prefers to use smoky makeup and lengthen eyelashes – this techniques of actress avoid visiting the eyelids.

    Special art makeup should have women with appearance like Rachel Bilson. In her case, hanging eyelids are combined with lowered corners. In its image, we will not see thin eyebrows and arrows who protruding abroad. The most preferred option – the design of the eye with a matte liner and the coating of the age of modest shadows without the effect of visual weighting.

    Thus, the hanging eyelid is not a serious disadvantage, this is the same feature of the structure of a person, like a hollow on the cheek or a high forehead, it introduces tomorrow, mysteriousness and even sexuality. But if a woman still does not feel confident, being endowed with this “highlight”, then the problem will solve the problem competently selected and made makeup.

    How to make the right arrows and makeup for the authorized century, look in the following video.

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