Principles of makeup for diagonal eyes

Principles of makeup for diagonal eyes

To make makeup to look good, it is important to take into account many features of appearance. In particular, this applies to the eye shape – it is precisely to pay attention to the eyes, therefore, it is important for them to do any makeup very carefully: both a bright evening version, and almost imperceptible daylight. Dividers are considered particularly beautiful, and with the right Makeup you will achieve an incomparable effect.

What it is?

Dusty eyes are a form of a cut of the eye, in which the outer corner of the eye is located slightly higher than the internal. This feature of the appearance of Asian type: Eastern women have very diagonal eyes. Nevertheless, a slightly raised external corners can be observed in women of European appearance. This specific feature of the face does not depend on nationality: many well-known Russian and American actresses and models have diagonal eyes. For example, among them Angelina Jolie and Natalia Vodyanova.

Slightly diagonal eyes make a look more expressive and slightly soldered – This means that the oblique line needs to emphasize with the help of makeup even more. The main problem is that the eyes on the face of the girl may seem slightly less than in fact: you will have special makeup principles that allow you to look visually more open. And it will also be necessary to take into account other features of appearance. Dusty eyes are also in blondes, and in brunettes, the skin shade can also vary from very light to olive. As for the color of the eyes, a very rare divided cut happens to seruly or blue-eyed girls – more often green eyes or brown.

How to determine?

Determine the shape of the eye is absolutely not difficult: it is often easy to do visually, looking into the mirror. Turn your head straight and look at the outside corners of your eyes – if they are a bit raised, then you should be guided by the creation of makeup makeup for diagonal eyes. If you can’t understand whether your eyes look like a diagonal, it’s worth taking your photo and attach a ruler to the eye – if you see that direct is diagonally up, you have diagonal eyes.

In a child, such a feature can be less pronounced than an adult, but in general the shape of the eyes with age can change except that quite slightly.

What make meikap?

Makeup for diagonal eyes must emphasize the beautiful cut line.

Before deciding on the option of makeup, take a note of several important tips.

  • All sorts of arrows will look good. They highlight a line along the eye and may emphasize the diagonal: such makeup often looks very playfully and flirtally, and the look is the mysterious. To emphasize the bending, makeup artists recommend making long arrows and lead them up. Brighter arrows can be drawn for evening makeup, and thinner – for daytime. If you want a look to be more open, it is worth starting to lead the arrow not from the inner corner, but from the middle of the century – it is important to draw carefully starting with a completely thin line and gradually expanding it.

  • To the eyes were more, it is worth using mascara: the rules for its application will depend not only on the shape of the eye, but also on the features of your eyelashes. For rare eyelashes, you need a thick mascara with a sealing effect in any natural color, and if the eyelashes are dense, but short, it is important to carefully cry around to the most tips. All the owners of diagonal eyes are also encouraged to choose a brush with a screwing effect: your eyelashes should form an elastic arc that will emphasize the form. Be sure to carefully cry on mascara and lower eyelashes: so your eyes will be especially large.

  • The choice of the color palette of the shadows should depend primarily from the color of your eyes – you do not need to pick up shades that match it: because of this, the eyes may seem dull. On the contrary, you should select options contrasting with your natural color – so you can additionally emphasize. As for the application of shadows, there are a lot of possible options for diagonal eyes, which give different effects: Makeup can be changed every day and look new. Avoid worth it is too dark tones from the inside, and it is also not necessary to focus on the lower eyelid.

In makeup usually focus on either eye, or on lips. Women who are owners of diagonal eyes, often decide to paint them. The greatest difficulty is often presents day makeup: it should be easy, discreet and almost inconspicuous, but at the same time emphasizes the dignity of the face.

    Consider step-by-step day makeup instructions for diagonal eyes.

    • First of all, you need to put a pretty light tone on the top eyelid. For these purposes, pastel shades are chosen – light beige, milk, pinkish or yellowish. Pay attention to your natural skin color: shadows should be only a couple of tones lighter, you do not need to contrast themselves or absolutely merged. Apply the tone should be exclusively on the protruding part of the upper eyelid, covering the eye.
    • Then you should take the shadow on a couple of tones darker than your own skin shade. They are applied around the protruding part of the century since the middle. Color should depend on the shade of your eyes, although most often choose options in a brownish or olive palette: Serulyzim are warm shades, and girls with green and brown eyes are worth choosing cold options. Especially thick it is worth apply dark shadows from the outside of the eye, and the movements in this direction can be wider. Make sure that you have rudely growing the shadows from all sides.
    • Next, the area under the eyebrow should be made in white shadows to allocate them. For these purposes within the framework of the daily makeup, the matte shades take more often. After applying the tone should also carefully grow.

    • The same white shadows need to make an inner corner. So the look visually will be more open and open.
    • Now it is worth taking a liner, a pencil or a liner of dark brown or black. Almost any arrows are suitable for diagonal eyes, but in everyday make-up they should not be too bright and causing. Start spending a thin arrow slightly away from the inner corner and gradually thicken it towards the external. You can slightly extend the arrow and draw it on the arc.
    • The final stage of the daily makeup – carcase. It is better to take a conventional black mascara, as well as a brush with the effect of twisting and eyelash separation. Evenly apply mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes, especially carefully painting their tips. When applied to the upper eyelashes, slightly press the brush from the middle to fix the eyelashes in the raised position.

    If you thought about evening makeup for diagonal eyes, it can perfectly look a make-up mekap with smoky ice effect. Its feature is the bright selection of the eyes with dark shadows and a strong decisive of contours. As part of a daily image, such a bright option will be superfluous, but if you choose a make-up for some solemn event, a party or celebration, this is a great option.

      Consider how similar makeup is done for the evening.

      • Overhead or extensive eyelashes look very good – with them the view will be even more expressive and attractive. If you want to increase your natural eyelashes, all these procedures must be done before making makeup.
      • Start with a light tone, which should be covered by the protruding part of the upper eyelid. Usually Smokey Ice make in the cold color scheme, so bellic, light gray or bluish shades are better suited. At the same time, if you have gray eyes, it is worth looking for a similar palette in warm colors.
      • Take the dark shades of gray and circle a protruding part of the upper eyelid along the contours, making a line wider to an external corner of the eye. We grow dry dark shadows in such a way that they cover the external half of the century, and they gradually went to the middle and merged with a light tone.
      • Make a decisive from the outer corner of the eye to the external tip of your eyebrows: dark shadows must gently outlined this line.
      • Slip light accents: White shadows you need to do right below the eyebrow from the middle and to the outer tip. This will create a contrast with dark shadows, and will also allow you to especially allocate your eyebrows, give them clearer contours and visually slightly lift them. And also apply white shadows near the inner corner of the eye. If you want to especially shine at the evening event, choose shadows with light glitter.

      • Now you should do arrows. For this type of makeup, they are most often carried out by a soft pencil – he is well amenable to decisive in the future. Start a thin arrow almost from the inner corner of the eye at the top century, but make a line fine. Thicken it as you approaching the middle of the century – it is in this place that it is worth emphasizing that the eye seemed to be more opened, and the view is expressive and open. It is necessary to extend the arrow for an outer corner of the eye and slightly round it so that it enhancing the protruding part of the century and merged with dark shadows on the contours.
      • Slightly growing shadows on the junction with an arrow with a sponge – so you get a soft transition.
      • Now you need to proceed to makeup in the lower eyelid. Swipe the arrow with a black pencil from an outer corner of the eye to the middle, gradually making a thin line. Focusing the lower eyelid from the side of the nose.
      • Then add some dark shadows from the bottom from the outer corner so that the arrow is not too clear.
      • Apply mascara on the eyelashes, spinning them and slightly pressing the brush to fix curls. For a larger effect, you can apply mascara several times in a row, and your evening makeup is ready.

      Other, more traditional makeup options for the evening are suitable for diagonal eyes, not implied strong decisive. For example, you can use a stitching for clear arrows and bright color shadows. This makeup is easier to make, because he, in fact, repeats the day according to the technique of execution – except striking shades are used, and shadows are applied and the mascara is more dense layer.



      Read more about how to make makeup for diagonal eyes, you will learn from the following video.

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