We select makeup under almond-shaped eyes

We select makeup under almond-shaped eyes

The eyes with the almond form are considered the best option for various makes. For such a look, you should choose the right cosmetics so that natural beauty is emphasized and not lost. Selecting makeup for almond-shaped eyes, you should consider some rules with which the make-up.




    Each nationality has its own characteristics that are in appearance. Eyes with almond form are often found in girls who have oriental roots. Such a form can give a look at attractive sexuality and mystery. However, under such a cut should be competently picking a make-up, which will emphasize the naturalness of such an appearance. Eyes with the almond form – this is the most attractive view of which girls and women dream of all over the globe.

    Attractive looks such eyes on beautiful sex with Greek profile representatives. However, it is quite rare to meet the girl of the Slavic appearance, which will have eyes in the form of almond.

    Eye similar externally on water droplets or almonds. They are characterized by narrowed and oblong forms along with inner corners with roundness. Exterior of the eye pointed. In most cases, the outer corner will differ raising. In the upper eyelid, there are practically no folds, so there is a large platform for creativity for cosmetics.

    To determine the form more accurately, you will need to look at the distance, which is present between the eyes. Normally planted is the eyes, the distance between which is one eye. If this segment is more, such a look is considered far as planted. At a lesser distance of the eyes are called closely planted.

    Corners of the eye should be placed on the same level. If the outer corner is located below internal, similar toes are called incubating. The reverse situation speaks of oriental and ascending. And also eyes may differ in bulk, deep landing, hanging upper eyelids.

    These nuances should be taken into account during the selection of makeup so that the decorative cosmetics emphasize the advantages of appearance.

    What make-up is suitable?

    When choosing a makeup for the eye, you should consider their color and form. Almond-shaped eyes are the most common form. Eye elongated, across the edges are pointed. Outdoor corner raises upstairs. Makeup artists call such a form of elegant, which are confirmed by girls from the eastern countries. The almond view is considered unpretentious, as it will be suitable for almost any type of makeup.

      However, there are rules that describe how to properly paint eyes to emphasize their natural attractiveness and sexuality.

      • Arrows. The key advantage of the almond form is graceful bending. Therefore, it will be necessary to focus on arrows, the types of which are a variety of. The makeup artists recommend using the option, where the arrogant is drawn along the eye dish contour. Such a solution allows you to emphasize the expressiveness of bending. For such makeup, it will take compliance with clear lines, strict graphics. Working with eyeliner, it is necessary to do a long “tail”, since the short arrow illuminates the eye.

      • Using two shades. If there is no desire to use arrows, you can pay attention to the technique of Smoky Ice. For such makeup, only two colors will be required. The light shade should be located in the middle and the inner corner of the eye, and the dark tone is placed next to the outer edge. Color must “stretch” to the temples so that the eyes become even more expressive.

      • Work only with the upper age. This item is the main rule. Under the almond forms, makeup makeup on the lower eyelid. Makeup artists do not recommend using pencils, liquid liners and apply shadow on the bottom. You do not need to try to emphasize the lower eyelashes, as the outer corners of the eyes should rush upstairs.
      • Landing. Makeup selection depends on the landing of the eye. For close or far planted eyes, you should choose the smoky types of makeup. Shadows of dark color should be located near the central part of the century. For deep or closely planted eyes, it will be necessary to use the twinkling shadow palette along with the arrows equipped with a long “tail”.

      • Work with eyebrows. Bending eyebrows is obliged to repeat the shape of the eyes. The creation of a direct form is not allowed, since for the almond-shaped form there is a rule “on the edge”. Eyebrows should have an elegant break, which corresponds to the eye contour.
      • Eyelashes Also allow to emphasize the expressiveness of the almond-shaped look. For this, hairs are suitable with a kind of laying, in which the eyelashes are tilted in the direction of an external corner. To create the necessary slope of the mascara. Along with eyelashes, you can use curved arrows or make-eye meycap.

      Choosing Gamma

      The choice of color solution is based on the type of makeup, which will turn on the face of the girl. There is a day and evening makeup. In the first case, a matte bright color scheme is often used, and for evening makeup you can use bright and saturated shades. The dark shadow looks better. The choice is related to the fact that the dark shadows will not look properly. But at a party under the action of artificial lighting, you can get the maximum effect.

      The color of the shadows is brewed on the basis of natural color. Warm and cold color bottle Reception Warm and Cold Color Gamut. Some girls helps in this issue a special color circle, with which you can choose the combined shades.

      When choosing a tone, you need to emphasize the color of the eyes, give it the brightness. For these purposes, the combination of contrast tones is suitable.

      For brown eyes

      Brown eyes with almond-like outlines look like a cat look. If you use correct cosmetics, you can get a predatory expression that will conquer each male representative. For brown eyes, the following shades are suitable:

      • copper+
      • Gray+
      • bronze+
      • beige+
      • Golden+
      • turquoise+
      • Purple+
      • silver+
      • amber.

      For soles with walnut color, you will need to purchase shades of plums, lavender, olives, emerald, as well as yellow and beige tones.

      For green eyes

      Green eyes are always popular with the opposite sex due to their mystery and depth. In antiquity, it was believed that such a color belonged only witches. To date, green-eyed beauties are called the embodiment of sexuality and divinity. To emphasize the power of such a look, you should choose the right cosmetics. Almond-shaped green eyes will suit all shades of neutral palette. Makeup creates shadows of the following colors:

      • Gray+
      • copper+
      • Persikov+
      • coal+
      • plum+
      • coffee+
      • Purple.

      During the use of cosmetics, you need to use a specific technique.

      • Need to create a neat brow line. It is necessary to ensure that the lines are slightly curved and thin. For tapping, it is allowed to use black shadows or cold gray palette pencils.
      • Should take care of the upper eyelids. Needed using a white or light gray pencil to draw an outline. Podper area must have an identical tint. For internal corners, it will be necessary to use a saturated dark color palette that will be combined with clothing. The central part must have medium shades. The plot next to the eyebrows will be the brightest. Each transition must be carefully cut.

      • When creating day mekpa, only one layer of carcasses from the extension series is used. For evening makes you can use two layers. At the outer part of the eyes will look good for bunches of false cilias, decorated with strasns or sparkles.
      • To the green eyes do not look visually, like small, two types of eyeliner will be required. The first must be black and applied above the eyelashes, and the inner line will have a silver or bright color scheme. A similar solution gives an opinion expressiveness and visually increases it.

      • Lipstick has a great value. Cosmetics should harmoniously look on the background of eye makeup. If a bright palette is used, lipstick should have blond flowers. Most of the makeup artists recommends choosing transparent glitters.

      For gray eyes

      Gray is the most common color in front of the almond form. Despite its popularity, he does not cease to be attractive. If you make a competent selection of shadows, create attractive arrows, add cilia delicious, seruly-eyed beauties will be in the spotlight. To properly arrange the almond eyes of gray, you will need to correctly choose a color solution for cosmetics. When choosing, some rules that are enclosed in skin color.

      • Warm Tone Leather Looks good with Caramel’s Color Shadows, Gold, Bronze. Similar makeup is able to emphasize the depth of gray eyes.
      • To focus the attention of those surrounding on the face, you can create maker of cold colors. Makeup artists recommend purchasing for this purpose blue, purple, blue, pink or green cosmetics.
      • For the skin of a cold shade, choose green or purple shadows. Such a decision to allow attracting attention to the eyes. For emphasis on the face it is necessary to choose shadows with light shades of purple, brown, as well as creamy caramel, pinkish-beige shades.

      Almost every person knows that gray eyes are among chameleons, as they tend to change their color depending on weather conditions, seasonality, outfit and mood. Makeup also affects the color of the eyes.

      Such quality can be used in the embodiment of the original image.

      Correction of shortcomings

      With the help of competent makeup selection, you can cope with the shortcomings that eyes can have eyes with the almond form. Some women are trying to fight the authorities. However, this is not considered a problem, but a feature. Just look at celebrities, which with cosmetics demonstrate the beauty of their eyes. When applying makeup on eyes with hanging centuries, you need not to hide the hide, but lift the exterior corners. In most cases, matte shadows of light palette are used.

      It is necessary to choose natural tones, having them all over the century.

      Then you need to draw cold brown shadows. The procedure should be carried out in front of the mirror. Decisible shadows are made upwards in the direction of external corners. As a result of these events, you can get “swollen” open eyes. You can then proceed to standard actions that are to create a flare under eyebright, applying the brightest shade to the inner corner, and the most dark – on the outer part of the movable age.

      Most of the makeup artists believe that the arrows do not need to use, but their use is allowed so that the hanging is not emphasized, but hid it.

      To look with a deep fit, you should carefully choose cosmetics, because deeply planted eyes do not look with dark shadows. It is better to take advantage of a light palette or flickering products. Eyes with a almond-shaped form will acquire expressiveness if one layer of carcasses from the extension series is applied on the eyelashes. To choose a lodiculture should be approached. Dark shades are able to visually reduce the eyes, which is undesirable for deeply planted.

      If the almond eyes have a too small size, you can use a correction that will help create a visual effect, thanks to which your eyes look like large. It will be necessary to make eyebrows correctly, create a symmetrical shape and optimal line thickness. With the help of a soft dark pencil should be summarized. Large eyes can safely bring a thick black pencil. Small eyes can only be summed up on 1/3 by external age, resorting to a soft rustic.

      With smooth lines, twisted eyelashes can be visually enlarged and make it more open.

      Every girl who possesses eyes with such a form should realize that it has from nature a beautiful look. Therefore, you should not try to emphasize it. East view always attracted attention to his mystery, so vulgarity will make it unpleasant and rude. In order not to spoil the almond-shaped eyes, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules.

      • You can not apply too much paint. Mascara should be used in minimal quantity. If the cilia themselves are long, it is better to abandon the use of carcasses from the extension series.
      • Eyebrows should have a thin, feminine shape with bends. Thick eyebrows should be thrown out, otherwise they will contribute to the increase of extra years and will give the face a harsh expression.
      • For eyebrows you need to choose a dark color. In some cases, you can resort to the isolation with a gray or chocolate pencil.

      Beautiful examples

      As a beautiful example, you can consider Makeup Sophie Loren, which has eyes in the form of almonds. Create similar makeup can even girls with eyes of another form. This will require you to purchase gray, black, plum and chocolate shadows. Makeup, like Sophie Loren, is created in the following sequence:

      • With the help of the brush, the upper eyelids are painted + for this purpose you need to use the shadows of amethyst+
      • Under the eyelashes in the lower eyelid, you need to draw a line of similar color, it should go from the inner edge of the eye to the outer+
      • Near the external corners should be used by brown shadows that are silent to the central part of the lower eyelids+
      • With the help of gray shadows, eyelids stand out due to several strokes next to the external and inner edge, while the lower boundary should be dark+
      • Arrows are applied from the central part to the outer edge in the upper eyelid + along the entire eye line, the line can not be done, as it will lead to a visual reduction of the eyes+
      • The end of the arrows should be sent slightly to the top to give similarity to the eastern beauties.

      Smokey Ice is considered a worthy option for almond-shaped eyes. For him, you should pick up a brown or black color gamut. Bright make-up with use of exotic colors will also look attractively. To create the use of two shades: light and dark. However, it should be used to work a special decisive technique, according to which the light shade must be applied to the inner corner to the center of the movable upper age. Dark color scheme will be located at external corners and in the fold of the upper eyelids.

      All transitions must be carefully growing, creating smooth transitions. External corners of the eyes should be drawn up, as well as arrows. They stretch upstairs towards the temples, forming pointed forms. Creating such makeup, it will take a small piece of dark shadows to apply to the center of the lower eyelid. It is allowed to use classic black eyeliner.



      Read more about how to choose makeup under the almond eyes, you will learn from the following video.

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