All about hair washout Estel Color Off

All about hair washout Estel Color Off

When a new shade of strands was bored and wants to return to a natural natural tone, professional funds come to the rescue. Washing for hair ESTEL COLOR OFF is just such a composition. Among her obvious advantages is a special formula, deprived of harmful and dangerous chemical reagents. Observing the instructions for the use of acidic flushing, at home can be easily and quickly regaining the natural tone of the curls.


Washing ESTEL COLOR OFF is made by the Russian brand specializing in products for the care and painting of hair. Designed specifically for hairdressing professionals, the composition has the ability to quickly, effectively and safely delete pigment of any level of saturation. Its main difference from ordinary clarifiers is a more careful phased impact on the structure of the hair.

Whatever paint intensive paints were used, with the help of the cleaning, their impact can be largely neutralized by restoring the natural shade of strands along the entire length. Acid base, more careful than ammonia, avoids intensive damage to the tips and hair rod. Even black hair for several sessions can be made much lighter.

Professional formula is favorably different from standard lightweight lighting. After the procedure does not feel increased incidence, dryness, as it happens after the use of blonde.

The principle of the washing of esthel is quite simple. It destroys the pigments of an artificial dye, not touching the natural pigments of their own hair. Using the means, the influence effect is not achieved, the strands are simply returned to its original color parameters. With unsuccessful staining, you can immediately apply the tool, without waiting for a while.

It is worth considering that it is possible to achieve depigmentation to the means of this line, only on the hair, the color of which was changed using semi-performent or resistant dyes, non-ammatic, containing hydrogen peroxide.

It will not be possible to achieve the desired effect on strands treated with sample shampoos and direct-action pigments. In this case, the color change may be unpredictable.

What does effectiveness depends on?

You should not expect miracles from the use of cleaning: bleached strands will not acquire the original tone, although the maximum to it is approached. At the same time, the use on dark hair almost always gives the gradual manifestation of the reddish. The effectiveness of the use of the means directly depends on several factors:

  • Dye variety: semi-performentmen are lighter than permanent+
  • Hue to which hair painted: radical black and all shades of red are cleaned more difficult+
  • The multiplicity of color changes made: the more often the staining was repeated, the more likely the reuse of washing+
  • strands length: on short gain successful depigmentation easier due to the fact that the tips did not score too much color+
  • Structure of hair+
  • Compliance with manufacturer’s recommendations.

Everything is very individual, but the correct definition of all these factors in the amount gives the necessary result.


Washing ESTEL COLOR OFF, which is often positioned as a home decapination composition, is sold in branded packages containing 3 components. Components include phosphoric acid, giving a rather persistent unpleasant smell. But it is it that allows you to provide indeed intensive impact.

Chemical preparation effective. With it, you can do both acidic washes and deeper professional decapping. This is achieved through the inclusion of 3 ingredients at once:

  • Restorator+
  • catalyst+
  • Neutralizer color.

Each of them is contained in the numbered bottle, has a recognizable appearance. Depending on which result is planned to be obtained, you may need to connect different ingredients. With a standard home acid wash, only the vials 1 and 2 go. To achieve the desired result, 3-5 procedures may be required. The neutralizer is then applied.

Pros and cons

Actual advantages and minuses of means are of great importance, because we are talking about radical impact on the structure of the hair. Among the advantages of ESTEL COLOR OFF can be noted:

  • High efficiency when dealing with unsuccessful color change+
  • Ease of return of the original tone: The tool allows you to save your own reversing roots, without exposing their depigmentation+
  • Lack of chemically aggressive components in the composition+
  • Excellent reaction rate: the result is visible in just 20 minutes+
  • No restrictions on the use of staining: you can proceed to it after the neutralizer is used+
  • Easy of use+
  • Available cost+
  • relatively tolerant smell compared to other compositions.

Does not do without flaws.

  • For example, the emulsion is not able to cope with the removal of pigment, obtained with natural dyes: henna and bass.
  • One more important moment: There are no gloves required for working with chemicals.
  • Purchase goods freely not seem to be possible: It applies to dealers working on the professional market of hairdressers.
  • If coloring is not made immediately, With any wetting, the hair spreads a strong chemical smell. It can be a problem when visiting the pool, saunas, or simply when contact with rain or snow.

Instructions for use

Use the product is easy. Detailed instructions for using cleaning at home allows you to avoid the most common mistakes. To make decapping yourself, It is worth examining the manufacturer’s recommendations and strictly follow them.

  • The contents of the first and second bottles are mixed in non-metallic tank, communicates to a homogeneous state without a pronounced separation on the fraction.
  • Starting from roots, Unwashed dry hair is carefully processed by the resulting thick mass. The applied tool is withstanding about 20 minutes.
  • Dry paper or ordinary towel The mixture is neatly removed from each strand.
  • Repeat the entire procedure again. Continue to do it until the shade approaches the desired. For the black base will be needed at least 5 procedures so that the changes have become obvious.
  • As soon as the result is achieved, You need to take a bottle with a neutralizer and control the quality of pigment removal. For this purpose, a test application is carried out on one strand. If the dark color returns again, you need to remove the neutralizer, flushing it with water. Then the process of washing repeats.
  • Applying a fixer (neutralizer) is carried out on all hair, if the color of the control strand has not changed for 5-7 minutes.
  • Washing hair. Conducted shampoo for deep purification. It completely flits the remaining pigments, completing the process. It is recommended to use a balm to align the hair structure.

The final wash is produced by water, during the procedure you can additionally apply heat, foil strands. Having completed the process, you can reprove the curls in the desired hue. To do this, it is recommended to use dyes permanent properties.

Staining after acidic flushing implies the choice of pigment to the tone lighter or the use of a more concentrated oxygen.


        Reviews of professionals and lovers in the case of ESTEL COLOR OFF emulsion are a positive character. Almost in all cases we are talking about a complex and serious process of transition from painted black hair to more natural and natural tones. In addition, in the fight against resistant red pigments, this tool also turns out to be effective.

        True, consumers note the duration of the procedure: to achieve the result goes about 3 hours. And also indicate its complexity. Therefore, it is better to invite an assistant who will apply the composition and remove it from the hair.

        Almost everything converge in the opinion that the holding of a home procedure is not the best idea. A strong chemical smell quickly spreads and is prepedential for a long time in a limited bathroom space. In addition, the composition must be carefully dosed. One packaging is usually divided by 4-5 stages and spend them one by one. According to buyers, it is pretty tiring, but the result is accurate.

        Consumers are satisfied that it is possible to eliminate the consequences of unsuccessful staining or highlighting, remove the factory color. In all these cases, the wash truck really works better than blonde and much more carefully treats hair than ammonia products with hydrogen peroxide.

        More details about washing with hair paint with ESTEL Color Off at home you can learn from the video.

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