Ashbrea ash: Features, types and selection of shade

Ashbrea ash: Features, types and selection of shade

Hair coloring technique Ombre has now gained incredible popularity. And in the ash-gray color – even greater. Despite its external simplicity, ash-ombrie has a thousand different variations suitable for any type of face, skin color and even a length. Read everything about this staining below, in this article.


Ashbrie is a look of coloring, in which the gradual transition to gray, ash color goes from the roots to the hair tips.

This unusual painting is quite controversial – it goes almost to everyone, but at the same time underlines the shortcomings of the face and skin.

The whole process of clarification and painting can take 6-7 hours. During this interval, in addition to standard procedures (such as head wash), leveling haircut, lightening of curls and cutting paints on her hair in foil. Such an unusual painting goes to girls belonging to the cold color of the face and skin. An ideal ash-ombre length is considered to be hair slightly lower shoulders.

It is believed that classic gray ombre can be a woman as associated with gray. But it is not true. In each case, everything is individually, and in general, any “cosmetic obstacles” when painting, there is no ombre. Such painting “loves” bright, clear makeup with an abundance of accurate lines, such as shooters.

However, it may not fit girls with warm skin color. Ash-ombre is not combined with anywheel shades. Therefore, when choosing an additional color, you must stop your choice on cold shades. This type of coloring does not always harmonize with ornaments. Here it is better to repel from simple things, an excellent solution will also be hats.

The price of ash mesh begins from 2 thousand. rubles. The final amount is calculated depending on the length and thickness of the hair, as well as from how many clarifying material and paint can go in the process. On average, the total amount is 10 thousand. rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

All the advantages of this ombross relate to aesthetic side. Simply put, with painting in the “ash”, any girl can become more beautiful. So, advantages include the following items.

  • Gray ombre visually adds volume thin, rare hair.
  • Can adjust some facial forms. For example, too chubby / round or too elongated.
  • Improves complexion. The ash tone goes to almost everyone and slightly illuminates the face, it is important only to choose a shade right.
  • Suitable for hair of any length.
  • Will be a good solution for curly and curly hair.
  • Does not damage the hair from the roots, and that is very important – after the procedure, the curls remain healthy and continue to grow.
  • In some cases can help hide gray hairs. Especially good does staining in the technique of “Logging”.
  • Does not require regular and mandatory correction.

The main disadvantages include excessive dryness after the procedure and the fact that ash-ashbross focuses on the face and its oval. If there are problems with skin in the form of acne, large noticeable scars, and the faces have no clear contours or has a strongly pronounced asymmetry, then you should not do this. It only emphasizes such flaws.

IMPORTANT: Cannot do Ombre on hair painted henna and bass.

The process of application of ombré includes a lightening that can lead to an unpredictable result for strands painted in a red shade. During discoloration of the hair, it may not be completely completely and maintaining a portion of the red pigment, which will look like a pink.

In most such cases, it is impossible to clarify the hair to completely get rid of the pigment, as they will get huge harm – they will be very burned. Collect these pink curls can only be in dark shades. At the same time, paint flushing risk is great. Such hair without correction over time will be more acquainted with the same pink color.


Consider several Ombre options that are currently offered by experts.


With such painting, the roots, as in any ombre, remain natural color, then there is a smooth transition to light, white ends. Locks in the middle paint in gray tone. Such painting looks best on long hair – the transition effect becomes brighter and noticeable. But there is a disadvantage of such an Ombre – If you did not make an illumination before, it will be difficult to achieve white tips. This is especially true for brunettes and brown.


This staining is more gentle, since it does not require strong tips. The main thing in this painting is a smooth transition to brown, and later – and to the ash and brown. Despite the clearly blond shade, goes and girls with a cold face color.


This ombrie is different from only a gray more smooth transition and a little different tint. Easy transition to silver color, and then to gray or lilac, purple. Best suits black or other dark hair. Creates a feeling of “big silverness”. Similar coloring techniques are “log”, which his name received from the confluence of the words “Ombre” and “Armion”. This painting is a mixture of gray, white and ash shades. It is done much longer, but the result is very beautiful. Created mixed and contradictory feeling of fabulousness and naturalness.


Despite his “muffledness”, is quite an eccentric painting. Hair first brightened, and after the little concentrated blue paint is painted. As a result, a muffled blue color is obtained without transition to gray. Suitable almost to all, but badly combined with a way in the style of Casual. Maybe quickly bored.


It is also called beige-ash-ash-ash. With such staining, the hair gives muffled brown. Is an excellent option for brown hair and looks much more natural than other staining.

When using paints close to natural hair color, it becomes almost inconspicuous, significantly improves the complexion and makes it more fresh.


Like ash and blue ombre, this option is an unusual painting. The transition goes from a natural color in a muffled pink, like a haze. Most of all goes natural light or russes. The effect especially becomes noticeable in daylight.

How to choose a tint?

Deciding to try to try such a coloring technique as an ash-ombre, the first priority becomes the choice of the necessary shade. It should be based on external data: hair type and face.

By type and color of hair

It may seem unusual, but one of the most significant criteria when choosing a shade of silver ombré is the length of hair. It must be taken into account. Best of all, such a painting will look at the long and nature of straight hair. Although the last and optional, But straight hair is preferable due to the fact that they can be laid in this way so that Ombrov has shown all its wealth of colors.

On such curls, you can make a gradual transition with additional use of several colors.

Hair medium length, for example, elongated “Kare”, are perfectly combined with a sharp color transition. White tips of the elongated “Kare” will look at straight hair sophisticated, and even visually add hair even greater lengths. On medium length, you can also make Ombre, starting almost with the roots.

As for short hair, everything is more difficult. On short hair is hard to create ombrie, and the result can leave much to be desired. But for very short hairstyles of the type “Boxing” and “half-fox” perfectly suitable “spraying” of silver. Short hair, like any other, are bright unusual colors.

The most ash color is suitable for black, dark hair in combination with light, almost white leather, gray or light blue eyes. But such a type is quite rarely found. Most often brunettes for the most part belong to the Asian type of face or dark-skinned. They are better to choose not contrasting gray and white, but shades a little more than more: beige or blue. For girls with dark skin color can be added to ombre purple. Dark-skinned women are all bright, and even acid colors.

Blond color hair holders can be selected, in addition to the ashes ashes, light shades, such as pink, orange, yellow, blue. If you have a red hair color, it is recommended to stay on the ash-brown ombre.

By type of face

Light shades of Ombre add completeness to the face, so they are better not to make girls with a chubby or round face. And dark shades, on the contrary, make a face a little more thin, so do not choose such painting to girls with too narrow and high cheekbones.

How to care after staining?

The most important and first advice, which is given to everyone who has just made ash messenger, is to wash at home hair with confused shampoo. Sulphate-containing shampoos wash out paint from hair.

Consider other, equally important recommendations.

  • The second rule – home care in the form of regular masks and the use of Balzam.
  • Minimize the use of iron, thermobigudes, fluff, hairdryer or other traumatic laying tools.
  • Favoris from the winter head guard should not be underestimated – the hat protects not only the head and ears, but also hair from supercooling. And in the summer of the hat will save his head from overheating, and hair – from burning.
  • To save the color, it is sometimes necessary to paint with a gray tonic. This is especially true for natural brunettes and brown.
  • Hair need to wash not warm water, but cool, as far as possible.
  • The use of shampoos or other hair care products with UV protection is also required.
  • For the owners of natural black or other dark shades of hair from time to time you need to tint. To do this, it will be enough to paint the hair as an ash-gray paint at home. Another recommended to toning means is a purple toner.
  • And of course, no one canceled the campaign to the master. It is he who will help maintain a shade and will give not only additional care tips, but also the result of monitoring hair.

Ombre is recommended to do every six months. Therefore, if you want to give the hair of an updated ashtone, you can repeat the procedure after a few months.

Going a little from the topic, I want to note that Caring for curls to the coloring procedure is no less important. Before making Ombre, you need to drink well and moisturize your hair, because after the clarification they will be in poor condition. This will suit not only professional products, but also various masks made of oils like olive, castor, refinery, butter from pumpkin seeds.

Beautiful examples

Bright image is a ombre from ash hair in the middle of hair length and iscin-gray on the tips. Especially good it looks on dense and long hair.

It is best before going into the light to wind your hair on large curlers so that the resulting volume waves.

The classic for ash messenger was the elongated “Kare” with “ashes”, beginning with the chin area.

Excellent with Ombre combined haircut “Cascade”. It enhances the image of “pouring waves” and the transition of color.

An ash-ombrid couple with “Kare” in the style of Victoria Beckham with a shaved back will become an excellent option for women for 40. Such a haircut with Ombre will “challenge” your owner and create an image of a successful modern business woman.

Will give the skin of the face of freshness strands around the face that were more subject to Ombre. The level of transition to ash color in such strands should be much higher – practically in temples. It works out only when the transition line in gray on the rest is much closer to the tips.

Non-standard, but especially popular in recently, an ash-ombre with a pearl tint was. “Pearlmut” is achieved by the complex staining technique and mixing several colors.

In conclusion, I would like to note that Nothing will make an ash-ombre look better than healthy hair that will have a healthy shine and lie great even after such hard clarification procedures.

About how to make ash mesh on blond hair, you will see in the following video.

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