Ballow on a kara: features of staining and color selection

Ballow on a kara: features of staining and color selection

The main components in the image of a modern girl are not only beautiful makeup and manicure, but also a fashionable haircut with painted strands. Recently, many high-length holders of the middle-length hair choose Ballozh on Kara, because unlike other coloring techniques, it looks unusual and interesting. In addition, Ballozh is easy to perform at home.


Ballozh is a popular type of timing that provides harmonious staining and best looks on a haircut. Hair coloring in this way is performed by special technology, given the type of appearance and face form. Most often, Ballwear apply on an extended square with bangs. Short square in this version can afford the ladies who have the features of the face are pointed because Ballwear is capable of visually rounding shapes. Fully beauties need to paint the hair from the roots, so their face will stretch, and the appearance will be replenished with femininity.

The main feature of this technique is that paint should be applied to direct curls in the form of the letter V and the intensity of the shade increases smoothly, reaching the maximum brightness at the tips of the hair. To make a bouquet of home, optionally have certain skills. To do this, first perform a haircut with a small elongation (to the shoulders), then the hair is separated into many strands, the last of which fixes from above. The paint is applied to each strand V-shaped (it takes up up), the dye is withstanding 45 minutes, then the hair will remain wash and put it beautifully.

The benefits of balaby include the following points:

  • The possibility of using on thin hair, as Painting is the safest and gentle+
  • Technique allows you to visually attach mass curls and volume+
  • Natural view, properly painted hair look like natural with the effect of burnt strands+
  • Suitable for representatives of the beautiful floor of all ages in red, bright, brown and dark blond hair, with mature ladies of painting allows you to hide gray seeds.

As for the shortcomings, their little. Like any other type of hair color, Ballozh negatively affects the health of the curls, damaging and overpowing their tips. In addition, this procedure is considered expensive and takes a lot of time – up to 4 hours.

How to choose a tint?

Ballozh can be performed on any hair color, but to obtain the perfect shadowing effect it is necessary to properly pick up the paint tone. Blonde need to acquire a dye depending on the color of the skin, eye and color. So, girls with a type of summer are perfectly suitable ashes and color “Forest Walnut”, for the color of the winter it is recommended to make a long and asymmetric square, painted in shades of dark chocolate. Blondes colorage autumn and spring should choose caramel color.

It is also important to pay attention to the eye color: the owners of gray and blue eyes give expressiveness to help wheat, pearl and blond shades will help, for gallowed beauties, golden and coffee is considered a win-win option.

Ladies that have dark curls, to achieve the maximum effect must pre-clarify the strands to be painted. Since such girls are mostly attributed to the autumn and winter color, then in the first version it is necessary to take warm tones: caramel, golden and honey, and in the second – cold shades: silver, platinum and ash.

In addition, when performing balaby on dark hair, it is important to take into account the following points:

  • Brunettes with gray eyes and light skin should be given preference to the transition to ash+

  • You can get a bright effect with fiery-red and red strands+

  • Lovers of natural colors need to use bronze, coffee and chocolate tone+

  • Girls who are accustomed to stand out from the crowd, a lilac and raspberry shade will fit for painting.

  • Bashestaval Locks are beneficial to emphasize the image will help honey and caramel tones. The beautiful effect of flicker can be achieved with the help of beige, golden and blond colors. Ideally harmonize chestnut shade with orange and yellow.

As for blond hair, they are the most common and well suited for painting equipment Ballwear using purple paints. No less bright and attractive to look at the blond curls of the strand of gold, red and bronze, their saturation should smoothly move from one shade to another.

In the event that the lady is a graduated or oblique square, then blond hair can be painted in such a way: some strands brighten up only on the tips, and the rest – along the entire length. Unusually also looks like a smooth transition of a brown in a snow blonde. Thanks to painting a different height of strands with several colors, you can get interesting shades resembling solar glare. In addition, blond hair can be distinguished by large curls of adjacent shades, such a bouquet is made from the roots themselves, it is complex, but it looks incredibly beautiful.

Red hair is considered the most universal in painting, as they always look spectacular, regardless of the selected shades. Stylists recommend the winners of fiery curls to perform a bouquency of them as follows.

  • Classic option. On an extended car with bangs, smooth stretching from light tips to dark roasting zones. As a result, it turns out scattered light glare. You can add expressiveness using toning to copper.
  • Unusual contrast. Stylish fashion suites, the Ballwear is suitable, in which the red strands will be supplemented with black tips. In addition, the red color can be replaced with dark brown.

Some ladies face the problem of the appearance of seeds, which is difficult to paint. In this case, experts recommend applying equipment Ballozh, at which gray strands are mixed with painted and become invisible. For this, lilac, platinum, silver and purple shades will fit.

Types of technology

    To date, there are many types of balaby, the ideal is selected by experts depending on the structure and length of hair. In addition, the personal preferences of the girl and the features of her image are also taken into account. Most often, the following types of technician applies to painting with a bang (extended and medium):

    • Disclaimed, chaotic bail+
    • smooth or asymmetrical painting on tips+
    • Full bally+
    • Arbitrary staining with several shades.

      Also, Ballozh, which is applied with the help of “separate strands” using. It can be performed independently at home, adhering to simple instructions:

      1. first should be washed and combing hair+
      2. Then their tips are covered with 4 tones, for this they are wrapped in foil and withstand the composition of 15 minutes+
      3. Foil is removed, and the paint is distributed to the rest of the sections, it is left for another 25 minutes+
      4. The painting of the head wash and the application of Balzam is completed.

      In the event that you have an extended car with bangs, it is possible to arbitrarily paint hair only at the bottom, as for bangs, it is usually left in natural color. It is not recommended to paint and short bangs on dark hair, it can only be done if it is asymmetric or long. To do this, painting is performed thin brush separately for each hairs. Color bangs and then when there is gray, while the lower strands are made dark, and Chelka – light.

      For novice craftsmen, it is possible to original in the original way: in such a simple way:

      1. Initially, the hair should be divided into four parts, each of which is consolidated+
      2. then apply paint to the tips for lightening for 1 tone+
      3. tips should be wrapped in foil and withstand the dye according to the instructions+
      4. then the hair must be flushed, dry and start coloring the next color+
      5. paint is applied from roots to the tips and withstand 10 minutes+
      6. After that, the composition of smooth movements stretch along the entire length of strands, waiting 25-30 minutes and wash off.

      Ballwear coloring technique See next video.

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