Ballow on black hair: what it is and how to do it?

Ballow on black hair: what it is and how to do it?

Ballozh, made on dark hair, looks very spectacious and stylish. This is a completely new technique, but with each season it becomes more and more perfect, and the result of such staining looks great. The way is good for those brunettes who dream to change their appearance, but do not decide to do it.


Balaxian equipment was presented in the capital of Fashion Paris, the term means “to dream” – and this fully corresponds to the color of coloring: in this case The master puts paint on the hair, and after a few minutes he swears it all over the length of hair. For a long time, the baleyage was used only for light hair, but more recently, the technique has become popular and among the owners of dark curls, while better if the hair is natural – painted earlier do not give the right effect.

    Increased interest To the technique of staining Ballwear on black and dark blond hair Explained quite simple:

    • Staining gives the chapelur additional puff and volume, visually makes them thick+
    • helps to quickly change the hair kel, without resorting to the radical change in the main tone+
    • does not need frequent adjustment, as it turns out it looks aesthetic for a long time+
    • does not affect no more than 50% of the hair, and it does not affect the roots and does not come into contact with the skin of the head, because the technique is considered more sparing than one-photon staining+
    • Allows the most different beauty experiments with shades that can be as similar to the native tone and contrasting, with this if the result does not like it, it will always be possible to repaint+
    • Ballow on black hair does not have almost no restrictions on age – he looks harmoniously on young girls, and on the ladies of mature age, moreover, he can effectively disguise her gray, so the ladies surrendered to the 40-year-old.

    Bally Apply for strands of any length, density and structure, He equally spectacularly lying on straight lines, and on curly hair, with bangs and without it, on thin and dense. Coloring with success masks some defects of appearance and allows you to pay dignity – it is no coincidence that the toning rated many stars of cinema and famous models.

    However, such staining has its own limitations:

    • technique is complex for masters with low qualifications, and if you do it yourself at home, then staining looks like usual highlighting+
    • Ballozh on black strands requires good laying, otherwise the hair can have an unpleasant and unclean species+
    • When toning dark hair always remains the risk of getting not the color that was expected, and as a result, the hair may look dirty and dull.

    Despite the fact that the technique is quite gentle, yet it involves the chemical effect, therefore harms the rod of the hair and causes the cross section of the tips.




    Ballow on the owners of dark curls are performed in several main techniques – gradients Between the tones used can be soft, blurred or rather sharp and laconic. The coloring mixtures can be applied both throughout the shock and in its individual sites.

    • Full bally – This is painting, which involves the processing of paint most of the hair. This option allows you to give strands to the maximum density and volume. This procedure is performed in several main steps: first paint only strands on the top of the top, then in the center, on the final stage, the hair is treated in the face of the face, as well as on the tips.
    • Average – in this case, out of the entire draper of the hair, several small strands are chosen, covered with their clarifying compositions, and then apply the sample composition. The result of such coloring looks rather gently, the most natural as possible. Strands are chosen chaotic, so the hair looks like a little burned on a hot sun.
    • At the tips – In this embodiment, only the ends of the copper are missing, this type of toning largely depends on the wishes of the woman itself: they are issued both perfectly clear and asymmetric zones. The first option is suitable for strong and elegant young ladies, while the second is more suitable for young and cheeky girls.
    • Photobalazh – This is an interesting and non-trivial method of staining, when stretching the palette is made up very soft and smooth, so that the tips visually differ from the base tone of everything for a couple of shades. Despite the blurring, the effect of photobalage contrast is obvious and expressed.
    • Bailroom near the face – As a result of this coloring, only those strands that framed oval faces are toned. This solution allows to emphasize the contours, pull the oval, refresh the complexion and emphasize attention on expressiveness.
    • Gradient – There are several similar shades among themselves, which smoothly move one into another, while shades can be both traditional and saturated, contrasting.
    • Bright – This is a spectacular and stylish method of changing the color of siblings, in this case, turn to red, green, blue, as well as purple or orange shades – the choice is limited exclusively by its own fantasy and lifestyle of a woman.

    How to choose a suitable shade?

    In action From the color of the woman and the shade of the native chapels Brunettes recommended various selection options for colors.

    On black hair

    It looks very impressive Gray and pearl strands, Especially stylish, they look on ladies with white leather and very blond eyes. This option changes the woman in almost unrecognizable, however, for the ladies who fastened their 30th anniversary should be careful with ash tones, because they can emphasize even the smallest wrinkles and add an extra age.

    Lovers of bold bows should look at to flame red shades or red – They create a stylish contrast, and such coloring can be performed both throughout the length and on only the tips. But in order to achieve the most natural effect, it is better to give preference to tones Tea, chocolate and coffee colors, It is also not bad for wine, bronze and crimson. For supporters of bold experiments, it is worth choosing Lilac, pink or purple shades.

    On brown hair

    Shevochny shabby will be best signed Caramel and light honey notes, they emphasize natural brown color, thanks to which hairstyle will look as natural as possible. Get the effect similar to broncery, if you take to color Beige, Golden and Wheat Shades – As a result, the painted hair will be flicished and blown into the light, especially if you take a few tones of one light color.

    If you want to make a bright color bailing, then it is worth choosing yellow, red and orange shades.

    For blond hair

    Here will be appropriate Turtle coloring, When caramel, chocolate and brown colors are used for balabya ​​in combination With a red tree. Painted strands are obtained slightly darker than the original color, but the effect is truly impressive.

    Execution technique for different hair lengths

    Depending on the length of the strands, the staining technique may vary.


    When staining very short hair in style Ballroom First perfect so much so that they stick out almost vertically if the curls are originally recalculated and do not hold the form, you can slightly sprinkle them with varnish.

    Foil is cut into small squares, smear paint and wrapping hair tips. After the allotted time, the pigment is washed off with water and wash with shampoo. Sure, Not all hairstyles go for balaby – Usually it is done only on Bob or Kare.


    For balaby on the curls to the shoulder-length, a shop is divided into several identical sites and tie a rubber band. Places near the gum wrap foil, and sticking tips first brighten up and then toned With brushes.


    Long brunette strands painted as follows: Of the total shield of hair Choose several thin curls in chaotic order, put under them sliced ​​foil, after which the paint is smeared and thoroughly wrap.

    When coloring for long and middle curls, the paint is withstanding half the time, after which the comb slide down, after which they leave for another few minutes and only then wash off.

    Recommendations for care

    Good care requires any hair, but for painted dark hair it is especially true, because in order to achieve the desired shade, Black and brown hair first straighten, but only then tint.

    During such manipulations, keratin scales are raised under the action of reagents, which covered the upper layers of each hairs are lined, that is why the key factor of the head of the foresters after Bailing is the restoration of natural protection of strands.

    In order to solve such a problem, Take advantage of the following recommendations:

    • If you color painted hair, then you can spend all the necessary manipulations not earlier than 3-4 weeks after the main toning+
    • The procedure is recommended not more often than once a quarter+
    • For high-quality care for painted tever, it is necessary to give preference to specialized sulfate tools+
    • Every two weeks need to do nutritious and moisturizing hair masks+
    • After washing the hair, it is better to dry your head in a natural way, and if you are forced to use a hairdryer – then serve cold air+
    • Try not to create thermal layers too often, and if necessary – be sure to use the protective compositions.

    Well, of course, do not forget about special Vitamins – Painted strands require feeding not only outside, but also from the inside. Nowadays in any pharmacy can always be purchased Multivitamin complexes, which are designed to improve the state of the chapels. They need to be cutting 2-3 courses per year.

    More about staining Ballwear on black hair You will learn from the following video.

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