Ballow on blond hair: how to do it correctly and what shades choose?

Ballow on blond hair: how to do it correctly and what shades choose?

Ballwood staining technique allows you to simply and quickly make an image bright, spectacular and sometimes unexpected. It is no coincidence that this technique prefers most of the blonde.


Equipment Ballozh appeared in the 70s of the last century in Paris. This coloring is a special color of two tones with a smooth border between shades. Translated from the French title of technology means “revenge” – and in fact, the paint applied is simply sweeping to the tips of the hair, as a result, the transition between natural and painted curls becomes almost inconspicuous and the feeling is created that the hairstyle simply burned out on the hot summertime sun. Usually, the hair brighten no more than 3 tones, because the effect gets the most natural and natural.

One of the main advantages of the technique is that the hair, reflected, do not lose its aesthetic species for quite a long time – as the border grows between the relatives and painted strands is not a long time, it means that it means that it should be resorted to the adjustment of color, no more than once every three months. It makes staining gentle and safe for curls.

Better Ballozh looks on blondes. Here it is possible a wide selection of shades – from caramel to strawberry. Due to this, on the hair of any tones, you can create an additional visual volume and soft overflows.

Ballwear are often confused with ombre. Visually they are a bit like, but from a technical point of view, there are quite a few differences between them. Ombre is a phased coloring when the effect of gradual dissolution of a dark shade is created in limestly, while the color of the roots differs significantly from the color of the tips. In the baapest, only a few strands are affected, and the difference between the darkest and the brightest shades is minimal.

Also distinguished and funds used by Colorists. Ombre is most often done with the help of discoloration powder, which allows you to evil the strands as much as possible as possible, while the Ballow on Light Hair does not require pre-etching, so that the hair is applied with minimal harm when painting. In addition, the foil is not used when performing the bar, therefore, there is no risk of crack damage due to the effects of temperatures – and this is another advantage of Bailing before Ombre.

To other advantages of technology can be attributed:

  • A pronounced rejuvenating effect – soft overflows of shades allow you to visually throw from 3 to 5 years+
  • Staining does not affect the roots, which keeps the hair onion is safe+
  • The technique makes it possible to quickly and effectively change your image without making any radical changes+
  • Staining universally – it looks good on long and short strands, on straight and curly, thick or thin, on relatives or pre-painted+
  • Ballozh has no age limit – it looks equally impressive on young girls, and on the lanes of more mature age+
  • Coloring allows you to hide a minor seeding, visually adjusts the oval of the face, refreshes the skin color and emphasizes the depth of the eyes.

Choice of shades

In order for the Ballow on the light hair to see the most effectively and natural as possible, it is necessary to take care in advance that the selected paints create a soft transition to the curls, which is not striking, but at the same time makes the appearance of more sophisticated and exquisite.

Usually, for coloring, pick up the paint, which is 2-3 tones differ from the natural shade of hair, as well as one or two toning means for making transitions.

Usually, Ballwear uses the same kits that are suitable for Ombre, but it is necessary to work with them more accurately, be sure to follow the instructions so that the transition is softer – harsh gradients are not allowed.

When choosing a shade for staining, your own taste preferences should be guided. But we should not forget about such factors as the complexion of the face and eye. Natural tint and general condition of hair in many ways affect how your hairstyle will look after painting.

The following color combinations are considered the most successful:

  • For women “summer” type worth paying attention to pearl and ash tones, beautifully look tips painted in the color of the forest walnut+
  • For owner of the “winter” color, platinum or silver tones are suitable, and tinting in chocolate or wine tints often make tints+
  • “Autumn” dictates its own rules, it is appropriate to natural and solar armor, but brown tones look at the tips+
  • For the ladies with the “Spring” type of appearance, a beige or natural blonde will fit.

The color of the eye plays a big role. For example, for representatives of a beautiful floor with light blue, as well as gray-eyed caramel, light-blond, wheat and white-pearly shades are most suitable, but the carbonisms should be preferred wheat, honey and copper.

Technique painting hair of different lengths

Coloring in the technique Ballozh is best obtained in the salons, where a professional master can correctly choose the optimal shade and at the same time put the coloring formulations correctly so that overflows turned out as natural as possible.

However, if you wish, you can make coloring and independently at home. To do this, prepare everything you need to work:

  • rare teeth comb+
  • brush+
  • Mix for mixing coloring paste+
  • Polyethylene gloves+
  • Hair Varnish Low Fixation+
  • Clips.

Well, of course, you will need paint, shampoo and balm air conditioning.

Depending on the length of the hair, the coloring technique varies slightly.


Ballow on a short shop to do is very simple. Step-by-step painting scheme looks like this:

  • Hair needs to be divided into strands and putting the row so that they stick up up+
  • Bracian copper should be divided into several zones of about the same size+
  • if the curls do not listen and fall, then they need to be additionally sprinkled with varnish+
  • In a bowl, paint is bred and the hair is pretty, without affecting the root zone+
  • After 20-30 minutes, the head was washed with shampoo and applied air conditioning.

Ballozh is ready – you can only succinitive and make a spectacular laying.

This variant of staining is suitable for short hair, the length of which is not lower than the middle of the neck. If the haircut is ultravotor, then the Ballozh is not suitable here.


Staining strands of medium length allows you to make a haircut more voluminous and original, in addition, staining visually adjusts the face form, makes it more tightened. Technology here is a bit different.

To begin with, it should be pretty combing strands. A spoke or sharp tip of brushes with a separator curls divide on 4-5 identical zones. Each of them should be tied with a rubber band and form a lugu, otherwise they will interfere with staining.

After the preparatory part is completed, it is necessary to dissolve paint and prepare brushes.

The hair site near the neck is dissolved and separated from it one strand of hair, scrub the paint strictly on one side. Coloring produce weary movements, starting from below and gradually moving in the middle. Here you do not need to be too neat – the smears must be quite careless, like the movements of the painter, otherwise you will not achieve a natural effect. Well, do not forget that between the roots of the hair and the painted part should remain about 3-4 cm.

After that, the paint is applied from the opposite side, so that the letter “V” appears, the vertices of which end at various levels. The procedure is repeated, separating all the new strands of the curls until all parts of the hair turn out to be processed.

After 10-15 minutes, the paint is combed down with rare teeth, withstand the composition for another 20-25 minutes and wash off with flowing water with shampoo.

Keep in mind that with this staining does not use foil and insulating cap – such funds emphasize the border of the hair, and this is not at all what is needed for stylish taplya.

If you have a haircut assumes bangs, do not forget to paint and her – such a decision will allow to emphasize the cheekbones and make a glance more expressive.


Ballogery looks very effectively on long strands, it gives them volume and ease, makes curls more air, shining and textured.

By itself, coloring is made in the same way as on the curls of the average length, however, in this case, the lady is unlikely to be able to do without any help.

By the way, the owners of long curls sometimes allow themselves some retreat from existing technician – for example, they use a color kel, using not only light shades on the tips, but also salmon, pink, as well as blue or even purple.

Holders of blond curls who have decided to make their own Ballozh houses, should take note of several recommendations.

  • Before staining, the hair does not need to wash or moisturize – the head should be dry and dirty, because in this case the skin fat creates a protective film on the surface of hairs, which significantly reduces harm from the use of aggressive chemical compositions.
  • If you often use styling agents, then it is better to wash your head a couple of days before coloring and no longer use no foam, no mousses. If you leave them on your head, then the paint is simply not treated.
  • If you have a little paint left, then you will spread it with water and 2-3 minutes before the end of the procedure distribute over the entire length of the curls – this will make it possible to make the result of coloring more natural.
  • Do not try to systematize and organize the choice of strands – staining is performed exclusively “on the eye”.
  • If your hair has previously suffered from former staining or unsuccessful curvage – it is better to first treat them, make all the damaged strands and only then resort to the balancing, otherwise the hair quality will only worsen.
  • When working, do not use metal tools – they react with oxidizers, as a result, the most unpredictable shades are possible. It is especially noticeable on blonde and blond hair that can get dirty green.
  • You do not need to use too strong oxidants – 30% solutions are quite enough for a bright head, otherwise the effect can be dirty, and the hair after all manipulations will be like a straw.

But in order to toning as long as possible with your shades as long as possible, after the procedure, you need to carefully care.

  1. Pay attention to the restoration of damaged hair. It should be regularly used masks, balms, oils and serums for painted hairstyles. Optimally, collagen, as well as vitamins, silicone and proteins in their structure. It is very useful tools based on castor, almond or refill oils – they warn the hair section and eliminate their fragility.
  2. Use only those tools that are designed to care for light hair. They contain special pigments that quickly eliminate the yellowness, which makes staining “cheap” and low-rotatory. To neutralize the yellowness, you can also use tonic violet or silver shade, and you can apply them both on the coldest and for pretty warm shades of white.
  3. After staining, minimize any thermal impact on strands. Dry your head is better than cold air, and from using iron and bad it is necessary to refuse. If you can’t do without such devices, then every time you pre-hand the strands with thermal protection compositions.

Beautiful examples

Ballozh became a choice of number one for many movie stars and show business worldwide, well-known models and secular personalities prefer. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the photofroduction of the most spectacular and stylish staining in this technique.

Hair dyeing equipment Ballwear on medium-brown hair See next video.

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