Ballow on blond hair medium length

Ballow on blond hair medium length

To create its own unique image, modern women are quite often resorting to such a procedure as hair coloring. The beauty industry does not stand still – in parallel with the development of new shades of dyes into the world of fashion come and new technologies for performing their use for dyeing. One of these methods is the Ballozh, which implies the creation of a certain intensity of the contrast of color shades on her hair due to the lightening of some strands. The monophonic color of the curls almost attracts – I want to create bright glare, the game of paints, but it should look appropriate and natural. It is the staining method Ballizer and will help you fulfill this task.

One of the features of the coloring procedure is that Only the lower parts of the hair strands, without affecting the entire length of the curls and the roasting area. Such a sparing approach provides not only careful attitude towards hair, but also creates an additional effect of hairstyles. In addition, the clarified strands look most realistic, creating the impression that your hair just burned out the sun naturally.

Ballow can be done on the hair of dark blond, light and dark shades. Well, this method looks at long curls and hair medium.

Let’s focus in more detail on how to choose the color shades of staining using the Ballwear for medium hair blond.


Quite a large number of women having blond hair color believe that this color looks neuro, inexpressively and even boring. For this reason, blond hair most often ladies seek to improve in one way or another. Staining by technology Bailroom perfectly copes with tasks assigned to it. The fact is that With this method, the color is used 2-3 shades combined with the main tone of the hair. At the same time, the coloring itself may touch on everything straight or focus on the hair site of the viscov and on the back of the head.

In order to get the most natural visual image, the stylist should take into account not only the basic tone of your hair, but also pay attention to the shades of the skin and the color of your eyes. So, performing Ballozh on blond hair of medium length holder of dark skin and dark eyes, the stylist can offer to use the Amber or caramel palette. And if you have gray eyes and white skin – you will be offered ash or platinum tones. Thus, the main and crucial role in the selection of color shades for balabyage will play your natural color:

  • If your colorotype is focused on the so-called cold shades – for dyeing you need to choose silver, ash, platinum, purple, blue and other shades of the “cold” spectrum+
  • If the color of your appearance is to “warm tones” – you will be suitable solar, amber, nuts, brown, wheat and other tones of “warm” spectrum.

On the hair of the middle length, staining in the style of Ballozh is equally good and looks on direct, and on curly strands, and curly hair after such coloring look most attractive. No one is no longer a secret that curly hair has a more porous structure than straight strands. Therefore, when staining, they are more actively and in a larger volume absorb the coloring composition, and after staining, a longer time is preserved in the paging structure of the hair.

However, it must be remembered that Wavy strands are more trauma – they are easy to cut paint, so you need to choose to color only high-quality proven compositions and extremely accurately comply with the time of their hair excerpts. After the staining procedure, curly hair needs special care – they need to provide good nutrition and moisturizing.

When staining in the technique of baleage direct hair Specialists advise to update the tips of strands and make fresh milling mills for them. Thus, your hairstyle will look at volume, and the hair is well-groomed. And one more point – for beautiful staining, you need to have healthy hair, without split tips. Before staining, they are coated or grinding.

Chonda selection

When coloring light hair, more contrasting variants of staining Ballwear are obtained on dark blond curls. However, light-blond hair can be colorful on this technique, achieving good and interesting results. Qualitatively made painting implies the use of consonant with each other and clarifying the main color of the hair shades. The more such shades of the same color will be used, the most expressive will look like a ready-made result.

    Usually, the following color solutions are used for blonde and blond hair:

    • Using the entire row of shades Blond+
    • shades of platinum, copper or bronze, and not only the brightest, but also deep+
    • All shades caramel+
    • Full palette of wheat shades from light to dark+
    • Any light golden tones+
    • Almost the whole line of ash color+
    • Any depth of tone of silvery colors+
    • The brightest tones of chestnut and walnut+
    • Light tones of chocolate shade.

    Often, professionals – stylists brighten the strands to the most light tones, and then they are toned into the desired shades. Thus, they reach softer transitions from one tone of color to another, as a result of which staining looks very bright and at the same time natural.

    There is another small trick – to create a high contrast from the roar zone and the middle part of the strands darken with chocolate or dark walnut tones, against which the clarified strands of various shades look especially bright and expressive. However, this method will subsequently require regular adjustment of the abnormal hair in the Bordean region.

    When choosing the shades of color for staining in the style of Ballozh, it is necessary to remember that light tones will visually rejuvenate your appearance, and dark shades, on the contrary, can add you age. After trying on this or that shade, it is also necessary to consider the following:

    • Chocolate and coffee shades are best used by those who have a dark blond hair color+
    • Copsets are considered universal, as they are suitable for any blond curls+
    • Gray and ash tones are only suitable for those who have gray or blue eyes, otherwise these tones will add you age+
    • Shades of an unbelievable spectrum – blue, pink, purple – can only be used to create an extravagant image, and not for any age such a shock will be appropriate.

    Choosing a coloring in the technique of execution Ballozh need to remember that on long curls the color transitions will look smoothly, since the length of the hair allows you to stretch the color and make it most realistic. But on the hair of the middle length, Ballizh will make a hairstyle very throwing and highlighted, here all transitions will be smooth, but more concentrated.

    Be prepared that in this case, Ballozh may simply drastically change your appearance even if you left your usual haircut or hairstyle.

    How to make at home?

    It has long been noticed that as soon as some kind of service appears in hairdressing salons, so after a short period of time this service is trying to repeat independently at home. Fortunately, the staining technique Balluzh refers to those that can be reproduced with certain skills themselves.

    In order for the result, indeed, there was an interesting and impressive, Such color is best done on bob haircuts, square or cascade – hair can be straight or curly. It is easiest way to independently perform staining Ballozh to light-blond hair, because in this case there is no danger of what you make too sharp color transitions due to the fact that you choose too intense clarification or abathelate the dye.

    After you have freshen your haircut, and also decided on the color shades that you will be used, you need to prepare tools for staining:

    • Glass or plastic container – dishes for cooking / mixing oxidant and paint+
    • Plastic comb and paint brushes+
    • Foil strips (strip size depends on the length of your painted straight)+
    • Porous sponge+
    • Clips for hair.

    On clean and good dried hair you need to choose thin strands that you will be painted, and the rest of the hair is clogged with clips so that they do not interfere with you. Before this procedure, make your hair well. Remember that the thinner will the strand be selected, the sureer will look like. At the very beginning, the coloring composition is applied to the occipital region, and after that they are transferred to the temporal areas and the rest of the hair volume.

    Remember that when staining in the technique of Ballozh, it means using not different colors of paints, and several subtatile shades of one paint.

    Prepare a few shades of coloring compounds according to the instructions. Put on rubber gloves to protect the skin of the hands and start painting. Put paint on the ends of strands, while not rising higher than before their middle. For the convenience and protection of the rest of the strands that do not participate in the process of clarification, under the work strand you need to put the foil strip. The coloring composition can be brought with a brush or with the help of a sponge, and it is necessary to do it by “swept” movements, stretching the paint from the bottom towards the back strands.

    The greatest paint volume should be at the end of strands, and in the process of stretching the amount of dye decreases. Alternate as much as possible shades on strands among themselves.

    Each painted strand must be wrapped in a strip of foil. Dye exposure time should not exceed 15 minutes. Now the foil should be removed and fusing the hair, as if the paint was cast out from the middle of the strands to her end, that is, down. After you read each strand, after 3-5 minutes, your hair needs to be thoroughly rinsed and dried.

    In order to facilitate the applying of the dye, experts advise to braid very thin pigtails and already apply paint on them – so you will get more smooth transitions and interesting color combinations.

    Having completed staining, support your hair with nutritional balms or mask. On this all the procedure for staining is completed. You can lay your curls in the hairstyle.

    Beautiful examples

    And now let’s look at the beautiful examples of how staining can look like a Ballwear technique on blond hair of various shades with an average hair length.

    • Chocolate tint tiny and cold ash straps.

    • Dark blonde originally combined with bright and expressive caramel glare.

    • For comparison, two options for using shades: the shades of the “warm spectrum” are applied to the left, and on the right – the “cold spectrum”.

    • See how honey shades on dark blond hair look harmoniously.

    • If you decide to use bright shades of copper, you make a contrast of all look on dark blond hair or with a tinted painter.

    • And this looks like a shade, called “Strawberry Blond”. Its fulfillment requires special skill to achieve pastel and clean shades of pink.

    • The most natural and thumb looks like a bouquet for light hair using light natural wheat shades.

    Contemporary and fashionable technique of painting separate strands of hair in style Ballwear – this is a universal way to update your familiar hairstyle and make bright and catchy all your appearance. In any case, unnoticed after such staining you will not. Try this sparing way to color – and make sure that yourself.

    Technology of hair coloring technology Ballwear on blond hair with toning is given in the video below.

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