Ballow on Dark Blonde Hair

Ballow on Dark Blonde Hair

Modern coloring techniques allow you to achieve stunning results. One of them is Bauble. This article will tell about such staining performed on dark blond hair.

Features method

For many months, the Balluezh has been one of the most sought-after techniques in hair coloring. Moreover, girls in different parts of the world are resorted to such a way to change the color of curls. With this staining, you can create a unique and very stylish image.

The advantage of this method of staining is that it can be carried out on hair of different lengths. This technique allows you to create interesting images for both short haircut owners and long straight hair. In order to make dark blonde hair even more beautiful, various shades are selected for balaby.

Stylists note that Such staining is suitable for girls of different color plants. But to achieve a stunning result, they recommend contacting only experienced masters. Together with a specialist, you can choose the necessary shades of paints, which will be used for staining. The correct color selection will help achieve a stunning result.

Even many Hollywood celebrities are resorted to changing the color of the curls by means of this technique of staining. And staining on dark blond hair in this technique looks very impressive. Hair with such a technique is painted vertically, without skipping strands. In this case, paint is applied only to the tips. This helps to achieve the desired result of combining multiple colors on curls.

Such painting can be done at home. This technique is quite easy to use. The advantage of this method of staining is also due to the fact that when the color correction can be experimenting with the color of painted tips. For example, if the color of the tips was ash, in the future it can be changed by making it more “warm”.

Another feature of this method of staining is that Roots of hair and tips differ significantly in color. This contributes to the fact that the hair looks very stylish. Such painting can be performed as young girls and older ladies. Many women choose this particular eye color option, as the roots look quite effectively during rope.

This staining is also suitable for girls who love to experiment with their own appearance, but at the same time avoid cardinal changes. Staining only curl tips while maintaining the main hair color will allow creating an interesting attractive image without losing individuality.

The technique of such staining is quite gentle. Since only hair tips are painted, this means that this procedure does not bring strong harm. That is why women who want to grow long hair are quite often resorted to it. Staining only the tips contributes to the fact that the roots of the hair are not damaged, and therefore the hair onions remain healthy. This contributes to the fact that hair growth does not slow down.

The structure of the hair for this staining is also no significant value. Ballow can be performed both on thin and dense curls. To such a way can resort both owners of straight and wavy hair.

Short hair

Staining made in this technique allows you to make a more voluminous mace. Light tips on the background of dark blond roots look at this very effectively. Since there is no clear border of the color between the main web hair and the ends, but only a smooth transition, then this method of staining is not better suitable for girls who really want to grow hair.

In order to create unique images, you can use various styling. One of them is the volumetric laying with paved tips. Curled curled bright hair tips look very stylish. Such an image is great for meetings with friends or a romantic date. The advantage of this method of staining to short dark blond hair is and the fact that there is no dye to hold it.

On average, in order to change the color of the tips, only 30-40 ml of the coloring agent is required. Such a small paint consumption causes a relatively low cost of staining short hair in beauty salons.

Medium length

Girls having dark blond curls to shoulders, such staining will allow creating a colorful and very spectacular image. At the same time, the BALAZH with a smooth transition of a color gradient at such a length is quite often reminiscent of highlighting. It is no coincidence that some beauties confuse these techniques of staining.

The advantage of this staining is also the fact that it can be used for different haircuts. For example, a unique image can be created when coloring the curls by such a technique, tonsured under the elongated bob, cascade, kara and other options. As a rule, lighter masters make strands from the bottom of the ear of the ear. In order for curls to watch more naturally and stylish, it is recommended to make coloring multiple strands in the field of temples, retreating several centimeters from the roots when staining.

Long hair

To curls such a length look beautiful, very important when painting create a smooth color transition. Such a color gradient looks great not only on straight hair, but also on curly. In order to achieve a smooth transition of colors, a specialist during the staining of the curls with strokes in the vertical direction causes paint to the tips, as if it looks like it.

In this case, the lightening of curls spend about the ear of the ear, or retreating about 12-15 cm from the roots. These recommendations are only approximate. In each case, the master together with the client determines the zone with which the clarification will be made. It is such a personal approach that helps to achieve a terrific result on creating a unique image.

You can paint the curls in this technique if you wish and at home. To do this, only choose the paint needed to dye the tips. To date, there are several methods of staining in this technique of long hair at home.

Experts recommend painting curls without pre-washing. However, if the curls were processed before painting, the products for laying and styling are processed, then in this case, it is recommended to wash your head.

Long straight curls painted in this way look very stylish. Light tips refresh, making an image more romantic and feminine. On the basis of such staining, you can create many beautiful hairstyles and styling. So, the hair can be twisted with the help of a curling or curlers. If you screw your strands from about the middle, you can achieve beautiful waves. Such laying can be easily done at home, as it does not take much time.

Ballozh is staining technique that is used for different haircuts. So, it can be done on her hair with both bangs and without. In order for hairstyle in the end, it looks beautiful, due attention is recommended to pay all the head zones. To bangs did not look inappropriate, it should also be painted. You can do it differently. For example, we beautifully look a few bright strands on the bangs that have the same shade as the tips of the hair.

Color selection

To create a unique image, you should carefully choose a color for staining hair tips. And so that the curls look stylish, the color of the main part of the hair and tips should vary on 2-3 tones. Stylists recommend not only to navigate the hair, but also take into account the color of the eyes and even skin. Holders of green, blue, gray eyes and dark blond hair for staining tips in the technique of Ballwear can turn to ash and silver shades. This will make their eyes brighter, and the image is more stylish. Such recommendations are suitable for girls with short and long hair.

Beautiful women with brown eyes for staining of the ends of the curls are suitable more “warm” shades – for example wheat, golden or honey. It looks beautiful such staining usually on the hair of medium length and rather long. Girls having hair lower shoulders for creating a unique image to separate strands. It is recommended to apply golden glare. It will give a greater charm and naturalness.

To create a unique image, you can use various shades for staining curl tips. So, through a platinum shade, you can achieve a very beautiful and memorable image. Stylists note that Staining of dark blond hair using this shade is very popular and one of the most popular today. Hair having a dark blonde color from the root zone and platinum tips look quite “expensive” and incredibly organically.

To create a natural image, you can use the layer-by-layer method of this staining. At the same time, the hair that will be painted is first divided into three parts – upper, middle and lower. Dye strands only on top and bottom, and the middle does not affect. Such a specific technique allows you to achieve a good amount of hair, and make curls more natural.

To create a gentle romantic image, you can use the technique of “solar glare”. This method of staining looks great on long hair. It implies such an option Bailing Staining hair tips in the blond, as well as the evilution of individual strands. After such staining, the effect of the hair, which “burnt” under the hot sun. Such an option is great for girls with dark skin.

Beauty, preferring more natural and feminine images, it is recommended to pay attention to staining with wheat shades. Hair painted in this way looks very natural and harmoniously. At the same time, growing roots will not make a hairstyle.

Such an option is great for girls having a “warm” color.

In the next video you will find a demonstration of staining techniques Ballwear.

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