Ballow on Dark Hair Kare

Ballow on Dark Hair Kare

Staining technique allows you to refresh the image, give the hair of some chic. Ballwear is popular worldwide, especially on short and dark hair. Perform a procedure better from professionals, home painting can disappoint you. Before going to the salon, think about what color you want to use. Classic options involve the use of bright colors, but you can create a youth bright image.


Coloring technique involves paint paint. An additional color is distinguished by tips and part of the curls, usually starting from the middle of the length. Staining starts with side hair, turning to the tips. Ballow on dark hair thin structure often make for visual increase in volume.

For coloring, the kare is selected 2-3 shades to create smooth or sharp transitions. Paint itself can be both smooth and torn. Masters sometimes combine both types of application in one hairstyle. Ballow can have a different appearance depending on the degree of coloring.

  • Full. Hair remains with an initial tint, natural. Hairstyle looks like that a girl sunbat a long time, and they just brightened the strands under the influence of the Sun. This method of execution involves applying a dye from above, with a crown. All hair is gradually stained with one tone, but in several shades.
  • Average. In advance, allocate several zones for processing with additional color, for example, heads, bangs, tips and region of temples. Each strand is scorched by smooth transitions.
  • Ends. Staining looks very naturally, almost no different burnout. Most worked with the tips zone, only slightly affecting the length.

Girls with dark hair can make a contrast bailing using a set of shades. The roots remain natural. Smooth transition between colors that harmonize, helps create an interesting and attractive image.

The advantages of such staining:

  • Suitable women of any age+
  • allows you to reduce the number of mandatory trips to the salon+
  • Thin and rare hair becomes visually more dense and volumetric+
  • Corrects oval faces, especially well suited for round shape+
  • hair spoil less than with full coloring+
  • Ballozh perfectly suitable for those who previously did clarification+
  • the right choice of shades will help disguise gray strands+
  • Simple technique, takes a little time, and with minimal skills you can staining yourself.

The only problem when creating balaby on a square, which may occur, this is unsuccessful staining.

In this case, there are two options. You can expect while the hair will grow, or shorten the haircut even more. That is why experts do not recommend experimenting with the creation of balaby on their own without the participation of the Master. Professional hairdresser can accurately reproduce the technique correctly and beautiful.

Interesting options

Ballow on dark hair looks attractive and unobtrusive. Hairstyle is suitable for both young mischievous girls and women aged.

Of great importance is the exact length of the haircut kare, the presence or absence of bangs.

Consider popular coloring options.

  • Technique is performed on the hair that reach the chin. Usually use light or ash tints to give volume and leaf. If the square is shorter, then the length is not enough, in order to make the maximum extended angle. In this case, the hairstyle loses the whole charm and features. Excellent if the hair is on the length of the color of the chocolate, the shade can be any.

  • On the square of medium length usually make a full bail. Only this type makes it possible to display all the beauty of the pattern.

  • Long Care It is considered the most versatile for such staining. You can experiment with all variations of technology.

  • Interesting basis for work will be Bob Care. Ballozh decorates and modifies haircut. Special paint application contributes to an increase in the upper volume and visual elongation of the lower strands. Coloring allows you to correct a wide chin, pear-shaped face.

  • Care with elongation In combination with Ballizhem more profitable and interesting looks. Staining emphasizes long strands, emphasizes more attention to them. Haircut looks more original in such a tandem.

  • Graduated Karea makes his owner simply excellent when using painting techniques, balegas emphasizes all transitions and creates an additional volume. Laying hairstyles becomes more simplified due to such effect.

  • Care with bangs makes it possible to experiment. Decide in advance whether you want to paint on the face or leave them in natural color. In the first case, the average bail. Oblique bangs allows you to express the beauty of the pattern to the full. On the other types, only the top of the tick is made, and the tips leave in natural color. Be sure to paint asymmetric bangs, otherwise the hairstyle looks in progress.

Fashionable and interesting option is considered to be staining of Ikayi, it is also a turtle. Ballwear is performed as a shell and involves the use of a set of shades. Strands will shine and overflow, if using various honey, chocolate, caramel and brown colors.

It is important that such an execution technique Ballwear is suitable only for healthy and smooth hair without seed.

Staining can be performed so that it will decorate the image, but will remain unfortunate. Separate glare will become an alternative to full bail. For the transition between natural and bright color, you can use pink. Such a hairstyle will look very extravagant and attract the attention of passersby to its owner.

Subtleties of choice

Bailroom looks great on dark hair, it is only important to choose the right color correctly. For natural dark hair of black and brown colors fit cold shades. An excellent solution will be ash, platinum and silver paints. Hair with reddish overflow, on the contrary, combined with honey, gold and caramel extra flowers.

It is important that staining can be performed both directly and on curly strains.

General recommendations will help choose a direction, but the exact shade you need to choose more carefully. Staining on black hair looks always spectacular and bright. Decide with the exact pattern need in advance to brighten the strands.

For staining in bright or light colors you will have to repeat the procedure several times.

List the features of the choice of Bouquet Color for Brunettes.

  • Ashes well combined with light skin and eyes. Suitable for extended square. After 30 years standing with caution to approach the choice of a shade, ash tones focus on small wrinkles.
  • Red and bright redhead allow you to create a contrast transition. Soft gradient is suitable for the square of medium length. If the hair is very short, then it is worth treating only tips. In the presence of bangs, it is better to use it, the hairstyle will be even brighter and more.
  • To create a more natural image, choose chocolate and coffee shades. They allow the creation of burnout effect on black hair.
  • You can choose a bold and extravagant bail. Brunettes fits raspberry, purple, blue, lilac and blue. You can use a combination of several color shades to create a more multifaceted image.

Chestnut hair is warmer and belong to the autumn color. For the most part, the length can be noticed red. Colorist recommendations include several moments.

  1. Natural image will become more gentle, if you use various honey and caramel shades. They will benefitly shade the main hair color.
  2. Make a strand to overflow and messenger can be used with a complete bouquet of golden, light or beige shade. Locks will look natural, and only you will know what is the merit of your hairdresser’s master. If you take a few bright shades, it will be even more interesting.
  3. Natural heat of hair is emphasized by staining in the shades of copper color.
  4. For bright staining well suited yellow, orange and red colors. You can do both smooth transitions and contrast. Excellent solution for young girls.

Features of care

Keep the appearance and enjoy staining for a long time can only be able to care for hairstyle. Experts recommend adhere to several rules.

  • When choosing hair cosmetics, give preference to the one that is intended for painted hair. Avoid sulfate compositions.
  • When choosing a mask, shampoo and balsam, pay attention to additional properties. An excellent solution will be the effect with the effect of additional shine and color preservation.
  • Be sure to use oils for tips to prevent the section. Go to the master for snatching those hair that have already spoiled as often as possible. Otherwise, hairstyle will quickly lose the initial gloss.
  • Nourishing and moisturizing masks use at least several times a month. Use natural essential oils.
  • Less often use devices for thermal laying. Be sure to use thermal protection sprays.
  • Try less often to expose hair with chlorine and ultraviolet.

Beautiful examples

Before going to the salon, it is worth exactly how to determine your wishes. Master Tips will help you choose a good color. Imagine interesting examples of staining on a dark kare.

  • Bailing on wavy hair looks magic. The use of close tone creates a natural image and imitates light burnout.

  • Tricker processing on elongated square looks extremely interesting. Ballozh looks unobtrusively and well suited even for business image.

  • Classic combination of light with dark. Looks spectacular and interesting.

  • Successful example of using ash color for staining. Hair look more interesting and attract attention.

  • Bright staining looks very stylish. Good combination for cheerful and energetic girls who love to be in the spotlight.

The correct staining technology Ballow on dark hair will help you master the following video.

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