Blonde on dark hair: process of staining and useful recommendations

Blonde on dark hair: process of staining and useful recommendations

In recent years, modern and safe hair coloring techniques in bright are considered particularly popular, but at the same time the most natural shade. One of them is a blonde, with which you can change your image at root. Next, we will tell you how this technique is, to whom it is suitable and what its features, and also get acquainted with the useful recommendations from specialists in care for clarified curls in the future.

What it is?

To date, the hair blonde service offers each salon. This is a special hair coloring technique with the most gential means that allows you to get a clean light shade blond.

Previously, the word “blonding” was not used, as a rule, such a technique was called simply clarification, and therefore it is all on hearing. But that then, that and now the clarification implies hair removal from a darker shade into bright. With all this, there is a complete discoloration of own pigment.

Often such a ladies coloring procedure are carried out independently at home, using ordinary store paints.

Do it, of course, extremely undesirable because Such coloring compositions very negatively affect hair health. Yes, and get the desired shade at home painting is almost impossible. Usually after such “procedures”, girls have to overpay, in order to fix the result.


Many stylists and hairdressers are confident that at least once in life every representative of the beautiful sex dreamed of becoming a passionate blonde. Everyone knows that White hair color makes ladies more feminine, gentle, cute and elegant, But what price he costs those who were not born of a blonde?

Blondes who regularly color dark hair have a lot to care for them, because such clarified curls are very thin, they are prone to falling out, dullness, fragility, this list of “troubles” can be continued to infinity. In addition to expensive salon blonde, ladies also have to acquire and expensive care. And therefore before painting in a noble color blond, a dark-haired girl is recommended to weigh everything for and against.

Best of the Blonde procedure to spend on blonde and light blond hair. On such curls, it is easiest to get the right shade of blond, whether it is from a warm or cold color gamut.

But ladies with dark hair, including brown and brunette, is almost unreal with the first time of coloring get the necessary tone. In some cases, it may be necessary to take up to 3 visits to a specialist for obtaining the required shade.

It should be noted that Blonde on dark hair is always a difficult, long-term and expensive procedure, which requires a large professionalism of the master. Usually, at the first stage, the natural pigment is washed out not completely and the color of the hair is “dirty”, but this picture is eliminated at subsequent stages and staining sessions.

The blondes of red-haired ladies do even harder than brunettes, even despite modern technology.

Usually, to maintain color you have to use additional funds, otherwise the color is obtained by light red or giving yellow.

Despite the mass of features, the blonde is not contraindicated with dark hair. The main thing is to remember that In the future, they need exclusively professional care, which should be carried out regularly not only at home, but also in the salons. It should be understood here that not only professional shampoos and air conditioners will have to use, but also additional tinting agents to maintain a beautiful and shining shade, as well as to avoid the appearance of yellowness.


To date, experts share several basic types of blonders.

Classic blonding can be found in “Menu” of any fashionable cabin. It implies hair lightening of just a few tones, without applying a special damage to hair. Blooming in this case can be produced in several ways.

  • Using a special coloring powder and hydrogen peroxide in the desired concentration, based on the type of hair and their state (not the most sparing method, but very effective and always actual)+
  • With the help of finished paint. Enough safe staining, after which the hair probably does not turn into a washcloth. However, such staining is suitable only by Rusim girls and brown. For very dark hair, as well as red, this method is not used.

There is also a radical blonde. As is clear from the title, it implies a complete discoloration of hair pigment to obtain a clean light shade.

Radical blonde – really very complex and not the most useful staining procedure, especially when it comes to dark hair, because after it it is necessary to restore curls.

Next, consider other varieties of blonde.


With this technique of staining, the painshop of hair is stained in a cold shade, and the tips of the hair – in the dark. This creates a smooth transition between two shades. As a rule, such an effect is created solely due to high-quality tinting.


Technique “ZIZ-Zag” allows you to get original overflows of shades blond on hair. Very similar to the rod and ombre.


This type with the original name involves staining of the curls in a clean and brilliant platinum tint.


Usually, this technique of the wizard is used when they need to paint separate strands of hair.

This technique is considered sufficiently safe, moreover, it can be used to get the tender borders of color with overflows.

To achieve the result, the master gently winds so-called shoelaces, causing painting composition on them.


Most often used to obtain playful overflows on hair. Usually, with it simultaneously several colors or oxidizing agents are used. A stronger pigment is applied to the roots, and on the tips – the most gentle as possible.

Process of coloring

The staining process and the necessary technique usually selects the master based on the state of the hair, their needs and the desired result. The dark hair coloring process can take from 1 to 5-6 hours in the cabin (depending on the length), and if we talk about several sessions to exit a dark color, most likely you have to come to the master more than once.

Often discolor hair and at home, which is undesirable for a number of reasons that have already been mentioned.

However, if there are skills in hair staining and want to experiment at home, We recommend that you must consider the following points.

  • Select the coloring agent (coloring composition, oxidizing agent and other components) best in the cabin or in a professional hairdressing store. Immediately you should take and care for hair after staining.

  • When buying a ready-made paint composition, it is very important to read the instructions in detail before it uses, and also be sure to test the test for the occurrence of an allergic reaction.

  • Depending on the original shade of hair, you need to correctly calculate the time to clarify. If ordinary paint is bought, the time is always indicated in the instructions.

  • Before the process of coloring is very important to prepare everything you need: Protective gloves and an unnecessary shoulder towel. Coloring compositions can cause burns on the skin, and they are also very difficult to wash off. That is why it is extremely undesirable to neglect personal security.

    Not very dark hair shade can be easily lit at home the first time, But the dark-haired ladies are still recommended to obtain a consultation of a specialist, at least in order to correctly pick up the painting composition and the oxidizing agent for home dyeing.

    Tips for care

    Blonde is not just painting hair in a new shade, it is their complete lightening, and therefore such curls after the procedure requires very serious care.

    After staining, the pigment will not be washed out, as in the case of dark paints, since it will be lighted, but it does not completely eliminate the appearance of yellowness on light hair.

    After the procedure, the following is recommended.

    • Regularly cut the tips and paint the reversing roots.
    • To restore curls, use a special shampoo for painted hair, balm (or air conditioning), as well as a mask for damaged and painted hair. It is not excluded to use special oils that restore the damaged hair structure. Shampoos recommended bessulfate and keratin.
    • Showing the use of toning shampoos in coordination with the master.
    • Hair dryers, curls and irons should be used as much as possible. And if they have a constant need, it is very important to pre-use thermal protection.
    • On the recommendations of specialists, you can drink vitamins and other bioactive additives. You should not appoint them yourself, because they do not always restore curls and accelerate their growth.
    • Other wrapping and nutritious masks from professional lines will be perfect for care. It is also recommended to do some other care programs that allow you to restore the beauty of even bleached hair as soon as possible.

      Blonde today is a fully accessible method of hair coloring, but should not be chased at low prices in the salons. If you value with your own hair, it is best to entrust them to a professional.

      How is the blonding on dark hair at home, look next.

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