Brightly Red Hair Color: Selling Tips, Staining and Care

Brightly Red Hair Color: Selling Tips, Staining and Care

Fire-red, orange, red, honey, amber, orange, sunny – all shades of bright red color and not count. The color palette of this gamma is very rich, so finding a color that will fully comply with the peculiarities of appearance and evaluating your own “I”, can almost any woman.


The red hair from nature is obtained due to the change in the composition of the pigments inside the hairs – under the action of mutation, a red feomelain becomes the predominant, which has an overwhelming majority of people in extremely limited quantities. That’s why Natural bright red hair meets infrequently – this phenomenon can be bolded to be called unique.

The owner of a luxurious redhead shape invariably attract views and stand out from the crowd. All this was the reason why many representatives of beautiful sex paint their hair in bright fiery shades.

Refasting curls in red color, a woman will never remain unnoticed – such ladies literally bathe in male attention. Redhead color is always relevant – he has consistently held among the popular trends for several decades. This is not surprising, because fiery shades are always fresh, bright and juicy. However, choose a flammable tone so that he emphasized the expressiveness of the feature difficult – the color palette of the redhead is very cunning, and its various shades go to well-defined types of individuals, and the wrong color can fully cross all the advantages of appearance.

Another advantage of red-colored – His versatility, Tone to face and owners of long curly hair and ladies with short square.

Who fits

Bright red color, the most harmonious looks at the following women:

  • with pale and milky white leather+
  • Cold Eyes of Light Gray or Light Blue Tint+
  • Thin aristocratic facial features.

Some shades look good on green-eyed beauties.

    There is also a type of persons that this tone is not categorically recommended. A little bit of such women, but nevertheless, if you have at least one point from the following, it will be better to give preference to another color scheme:

    • Sedina, which occupies more than half of all hair volume+
    • Dry, brittle, Locked Locks+
    • pronounced age-related skin changes+
    • Pigmentation, abundance of freckles and moles.

    All the rest of the young ladies can safely face the hair in shades of brightly red, but at the same time it is necessary to pay enough attention to the selection of a suitable shade – then, beyond any doubt, staining will become a “highlight” of your new image.


    From nature, a bright red-haired color is found only in 2% of people, but this tone is rich in its satellite gamut – there are a large number of shades of light and dark gamut, from the Golden Caramel to a saturated tone of the mahide. Several main colors.

    • Natural red – This is a natural tone, giving the appearance of a girl sophistication, tenderness, refinement and romanticism, which is why the shade is most in demand when staining the curls.

    • Red-bliny – from nature is found in women of the Slavic type of appearance, as a rule, it is used when they want to change, but not radically. The shade harmoniously combines the brown and gold glare red.

    • Light redhead – This kel includes golden and bright tones of red color gamut.

    • Dark red – very deep and rich color, which makes its owners very exquisite, sophisticated and aristocratic.

    This is a very sharp tone, so a woman having such hair will invariably attract the attention of others.

    • Orange – This color is also called carrot or copper. Very unusual and even, one can say, a creative shade, however, he is far from every young lady.

    • Girlish – Beautiful and spectacular shade of red-colored.

    • Red-red – tone to face only the most bold and bold representatives of beautiful sex.

    You can use it almost every woman, but if you have on the skin defects, then the tone will make them more noticeable – in this case it is better to make a choice in favor of other dyes.

    • Terracotta – Chestnut Koler with severe Bright Red Tam.


    Paints of red shades are presented in the color palette of all manufacturers, they are within 8 to 6 tons, that is, in terms of lightness, this shade is at the middle level. However, even within one tone, the color can be significantly varied from yellowish brown to reddish, so trust staining in such a bright tone best to professional colorists – They will be able to make paint properly in order to achieve spectacular shades of red, amber, brown colors.

    In order to avoid coloring errors, the recommendations of the Experts of the Beauty Industry should be taken into account.

    • If you have on your face wrinkles or pronounced defects, then preference is better to give more muted shades.
    • In the presence of seeds, it is undesirable to cast curls on their own, because the effect may turn out at all on which you expect.
    • Damaged hair tips before toning is better to cut, and the hair across the entire length.
    • To begin with, try squeezing shampoo – just so you can make sure that the new shade to your face.
    • Holders of black hair before painting will have to discharge, otherwise the color will turn out to be dark-chestnuts, and not brightly red.

    By the way, our moms and grandmothers also painted in red shades, only in former times used for this Henna – this natural preparation not only gives a saturated shade, but also healing curls, giving them shine and pomp.

    However, this dye has its drawbacks – it is very difficult to plan a shade, which will result in.

    If your hair from nature has red or red shades or you just want to update the color of the tonned strands, You can use the following mask that will emphasize the color, enhance the shine and radiance:

    • 3 Carrots+
    • 2 spoons of honey+
    • 3 spoons of yogurt without fillers+
    • 1/2 cup of cranberries+
    • shampoo.

    Carrots with cranberries need to be chopped in a blender before obtaining a paste-like mass, add honey with yogurt, mix thoroughly and distribute over the entire length of the hair by massaging movements, leave for 3-4 minutes, after which it was washed off with water.

      Mask is very effective – The fact is that in carrots and cranberries there are high concentrations of beta-carotene, which is considered the main natural dye. When connected with the fat components of the yogurt, they go to the active phase, and the honey due to the small content of the peroxide fixes the result obtained. Consequently, Hair remains shining and healthy, and the resulting color pleases with its intensity.

      How to exit

      Sometimes the resulting shade turns out to be not as much as I would like, or so bright tone is simply bored – then the owner of this unusual color faces a big problem. The fact is that getting rid of red color is very difficult. Of course, repaint hair into dark brown or black shades will not be no difficulties, and if you want to change the shade of redhead, becoming blond or blonde, it will not be easy.

      The fact is that Red tones contain a lot of yellow and red pigments, and gray and blue prevail in the blond colors. If you paint red hair with a black dye, then as a result of mixing shades, dirty gray, blue and even green tones can get. In addition, red pigments are tightly entrusted to the structure of hair scraps, so it will be impossible to get rid of them from the first time.

      Holders of this color will have to resort to sabers based on acid-containing drugs – just this way you can get rid of red pigments.

      About how to paint your hair in red color, look in the following video.

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