Caramel Ballip: Features of Technology

Caramel Ballip: Features of Technology

Fashion industry does not stand in one place and presents women more and more new products. Now for several seasons, the main pisch of fashion is considered to be Balluzh – this is French staining technique. If you translate Balayage literally, you will get “Look”. Such a name she received thanks to the work of the master, because the brush seems to look certain areas of hair, creating contrast of flowers, ranging from the roots and going to the most tips.

Equipment Ballwear is pretty simple and practical, in addition, it has a gentle effect on hair. Brightening elements of paint do not affect the hair onion, thereby saving hair healthy. Among the girls who love to experiment with the appearance, this technique has become an unusually popular, because dark shades of hair after balaby look very impressive.


    For many years we pleased with all the well-known staining technique – Melting. At the coming many years, she did not lose their relevance, on the contrary, acquired many new forms. Today we know such types of staining as:

    • Ombre+
    • Shatuch+
    • Toning+
    • Coloring+
    • Arming+
    • Blonde+
    • Bally.

    All of these techniques are performed on the principle of timing, but only with small adjustments. But the most popular from all the equipment Ballozh, because this method looks not only bright, but also stylish. The purpose of this staining is to preserve the natural and natural species. Despite the length and color of the hair, the Ballozh fits everything, it is only worth combining colors correctly. After applying this technique in the monthly painting, there is no need, because even with the thrown hair, the Ballozh looks quite natural. Separate sunny strands look like you have recently returned from the resort, where the hair acquired a light shade because of the bright sun.

    Naturally, the end result depends only on you. If you wish, you can highlight the strands of the face or combine several different tones for the entire length of the chapels.

    Important! The main thing in the technique of Balluzh is a competently selected color scheme and a calm transition from one color to another.

    Types of coloring

    It doesn’t matter what kind of hair type and what is the length, because Ballizes in any of his options looks great. For the owners of dark hair, Ballozh became just a find, because if you are not sure which color you paint, make yourself caramel strands in this technique. So your hair will look attractive and natural. After chocolate-caramel staining, the effect of burnt hair in the sun, which will be blurred and highlight you from the crowd.

    Straight or Curly Dark Locks will be perfectly transfused in tones of sugar caramel.

    Let’s look at the best staining options in this technique.

    • Bright Care. Short haircuts themselves look spectacular, but not every method of staining will be able to emphasize all the advantages of this hairstyle. To create a unique mysterious aura girls with dark as chocolate Kare best add a golden caramel shade. Such a new image will not only refresh the hairstyle itself, but also adds you confidence in your attractiveness.

    • Chocolate caramel. Glossy Ballozh with Karamel’s notes will make hair medium length stunning, and all that is needed is to competently make the transition from a dark shade to bright. Do not confuse with Ombre, because the baleyage is characterized by a smooth transition from one color scheme to another.

    • Balluzh with accent. If you have a long and dark darker hair, it is recommended to make contrast staining with light color. So, you can visually add volume, and the contrast of the shades will give a hairstyle of a special charm. The owner of such staining will look excellent with any hairstyle, even if it is a conventional tail.

    • Attractive chestnut. For dark brown hair, make a special combination of caramel and gold colors. Such a bouquet will create the effect of natural burning of hair under sunlight. Many light shades creates a smooth transition from the main color in gold. Light caramel strands as if flowing with light, errors with sunbeams. It is most profitable to stain with elegant curls.

    • Amazing blonde. This coloring technique is created on blond hair. Most recently, dark roots spoiled the overall perception hairstyle, but this time is already in the past. Now the presence of dark roots is no longer a ban. Without thinking, make balewomen with shades of caramel and strawberry blond, so you find it profitable to dilute the dark roots. A mixture of such shades in combination with natural russes simply fascinates, creating a chic volume and depth of colors.

    Selection of shade

    Of course, every girl is watching fashion and wants to keep up with the times. This season, Caramel Ballwear struck everyone and became an unusually popular trend. In pursuit of fashion, many immediately decided to such changes, because the shades are passing stylish and attractive. Of course, the Ballow on any hair length looks beautiful, but it is worth choosing a color right, because not every fashionable shade will be well combined with your color.

      To create tender staining worth knowing several nuances.

      • Honey tone Contains redheads in itself, so this is the best option for bronze leather owners. After staining, you will receive a truly royal brilliance, which will cause many envious views from the rivals.

      • All caramel shades will become an excellent addition for blonde or Wheat hair. Of course, it may seem that this color is very simple, but in the sunshine it will play with other paints.

      • Chocolate and caramel combined not only in food, but also in the color scheme. This duet will become the warmest and mounted staining, no wonder all celebrities like it. This is a win-win version for all brown and brunettes. In addition, such a color is able to smooth the rough features.Sweet glaze. It contains all the bright tones of caramel, giving lightness and airiness hair. But this shade is only suitable for Rusovyat Beauty, but it looks rough on dark hair. Only blond hair will be able to fully pass all the depths of this color.

      • Golden glare Great girls with porcelain leather. This color will resemble a perfect wheat on an endless field, sprung by the rays of the sun. Ballipat in this color will emphasize the natural beauty of the girl, highlighting her feminine and charming.

      Read more about how to make caramel balegas, you will learn from the following video.

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