Color Ombre: Features and Execution Technique

Color Ombre: Features and Execution Technique

Previously, Ombre was created exclusively in natural shades in order to relax a little familiar appearance. Today, an increasing number of women chooses a bright color ombre in red, blue and even green paints. This allows you to try out a very non-standard and memorable image, but it remains in the comfort zone. In addition, such a staining technique rejuvenates and even visually adjusts the peculiarities of the face, the fisosity of its disadvantages and emphasizing the advantages.


Ombria abrasion itself implies flowing from dark to bright shade or from light to dark. This transition can be created when using more than 8 shades of one color. It is usually customary to make the point of changing colors soft, but at will, you can add sharpness.

Color ombre is created Using any shades, as well as on the hair of any type, including painted. This, by the way, is a significant advantage of this type of painting compared to the usual Ombre. The essence of the technique is that, in the first place, those fragments of the chapels, which should turn out to be the most saturated color.

Then, using a comb and brush, it is necessary to distribute the paint to the rest of the hair, trying to create smooth transitions. Most often The processing passes only in the zone of the tips, and the roots remain intact. The dye must be professional, otherwise the staining process will lead to thinning and drying of the hair, as well as the appearance of split tips. Properly spelled outbreak not spoils. The procedure is usually performed in the salons, but in principle, in the presence of an assistant, it can be carried out at home.

However, independent activity is not recommended in the case when more than two colors are used.

Price The procedures are determined by the complexity of the intended design, as well as the prestige of the salon and the qualification of the master. For the processing of short hair, you will need to give approximately 3 thousand. rubles, and multicolored medium hair toning will cost more than 10 thousand. rubles. It is important to mention that dark hair will have to additionally prepare, and it will take another thousand 5. If you hold the procedure at home, you will need to pay only for paint, which will fluctuate from 200 rubles to several thousand.


Specialists allocate several basic varieties of color ombre.

  • Coloring in a single shade, which can be imagined. Mint, lavender, lime – you can choose absolutely any paint palette. As a rule, blondes are recommended to give preference to calm pastel colors, and brunettes – more risky and bright variants of red and purple gamma.

  • The second variety implies Use dyes of two shades. Its essence is to create the maximum smooth transition coming from the natural color of the chapels to exotic tips. Usually in the cabin, the master is able to determine which colors will look harmoniously, but you can pick up a couple and independently, inspired by celebrity solutions or just selections on the Internet.

  • Finally, there is an opportunity to do and Three-color ombrum. Of course, the flowing of paints becomes even more smooth, but the image is obtained very striking, so there must be a personality of the girl itself.

How to pick up?

In order to create a harmonious image using color ambrids, it is important to focus on what colors are suitable for dark hair, and which – for light. Blondes, As well as the owners of blond curls, it is recommended to choose Pastel shades, For example, mint, gentle blue, lavender or peach. Stylists do not recommend choosing too vivid paints, since then the essence of Ombrie itself will be disturbed – according to the rules of the roots must remain darker than tips.

If the pastel seems to be too fresh, then you can paint the hair into a combination of two combined colors, for example, pink with blue or mint and purple.

Dark-haired young lady can experiment in a much greater extent – almost any shade looks on them perfectly. However, problems may arise with pastel colors – this color is achieved only when applied to almost white strands.

Depends on the definition of a successful shade and on hair length. In general, Ombre will be able to apply practically any chapels in two exceptions. It will not work out this technique with very short hair, as well as on curls.

If the first situation is quite clear – the length of the hair is not enough common, the second is explained by the fact that curls will not allow to create smooth borders between different colors. An alternative can be the processing of straightened curly hair, and then the implementation of a similar ritual on a daily basis.

    Middle Length Hair Outlook For Ombre, you should use one or pair of colors. In general, one of the rules of this technique says that the smaller the length of the hair, the less applied different shades. Long hair Such a requirement is unlimited, so you can use how many dyes, suitable coloring girls.

    Blue The color looks great in combination with dark curls. As an original variation, it is possible to carry out a smooth flow into the ash tint at the olden. Gentle blue is more suitable for blondes: from ash to the shade of ice palette. Often the color of the sky is used together with green, which allows you to create a mermaid image, relevant for a young lady with the type of appearance “Summer” and “Winter”. Colour Bordeaux advise the use of dark-haired ladies, as well as girls with hair shade of chestnut.

    Stylists recommend to choose such paint brunettes with beautiful peach skin. Ombre Colors of ripe cherry best will look at the ash beauties. Raspberry The tones are suitable for blondes, and for brunettes: the first is brighter, and the second – approaching Bordeaux.

    Copper, honey and caramel colors are considered the most popular for the implementation of non-ferrous ombre. Honey, by the way, is suitable for owners of any chapelurs, even redhead. In addition, uses popularity Pearl and turtle staining.

    How to do at home?

    In fact, multicolored staining is wiser to spend from a specialist, but if there is no such possibility or there is a desire for experiments, The procedure can be performed independently. It is important to mention that brunettes will first have to lighten the strands – to do it better for the half months before ombre. This procedure is in any case in the cabin.

    A couple of weeks between bleaching and staining the hair is important to actively restore when using masks with a moisturizing effect.

    To carry out the home procedure of color Ombre, a ceramic or glass bowl for breeding paint, dyes of necessary shades, a frequent comb of plastic with a “tail”, foil or food film, brush or sponge, scissors, gum and pair gloves for dyes each type.

    You don’t need to wash your hair, as aggressive substances better apply on fatty strands. In addition to the protection of the hair, such a cunning will also increase the intensity of the resulting shade. Protecting the clothes apron or old t-shirt, all curls are needed first Collect in tail, And also make on them. The dye divorces the instructions when the hair is ready to paint. Then under the tail is led foil. Painting strands with the selected color, they need to be closed.

    In the instructions, as a rule, it is indicated how much time the tool should be on the head – usually from 35 to 40 minutes. Following the paint is washed off with an ordinary shampoo and processed by air conditioning already located in the box. By the way, experts recommend to refresh the haircut and necessarily before applying Remove sequencing tips.

    From using foil you can refuse if you want to get a soft and naturally looking transition – in this case Paint is applied using a brush or sponge for each separate strand. Foil along with rubber bands applied to form a clearly noticeable border of colors.

    Precautionary measures

    If the hair is not in the best form, then instead of persistent chemically aggressive dyes, it is better to take advantage of special tonic. There are also Dry shallow For color staining, which least spoil the state of the hair, but allow the short-term, but the desired effect. In addition to chalk, today is produced and shadow, and powder, and even Mascara for hair.

    For beginners, their use is considered as a suitable option, as you can see what it looks like in a particular situation, and if you do not like it, it is quick to wash off with the help of ordinary water.

    Upon completion of painting, it is important to slightly change everyday hair care, making it more nutritious with masks and balms. It is required to choose those tools that do not have oils in their composition, as the latter can change the shade. Painted hair costs wash every two or even three days, To slow down the pigment flushing process. Blonde’s care should be enriched by those means that will prevent the occurrence of yellowness.

    About how to perform color ombrov, look in the following video.

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