Coloring for short hair: how it happens and how to carry out staining?

Coloring for short hair: how it happens and how to carry out staining?

In the search for fresh ideas, a modern woman often refers to unusual hair coloring. And it is not surprising: changing shades with the creation of the game of tones allows you to enter a novelty to the image and visually adjust the flaws of the face. One of the in-demand skill coloring techniques today is coloring. In the article we will focus in detail on the nuances of the color of short hair, we note the features of the selection of shades, we describe the implementation methodology and note the rules of care after painting.


Methods of coloring is a complex process. It is often confused with melting, although it is a higher staining stage. This is not only a complex gradation of the same color, but also the technology of color painting curls, and even creative change in hair color. Depending on the type of execution, coloring can be directed to the strengthening of color depth, creating a straightening effect or creative painting in a vertical and even horizontal direction.

When performing the technique, several color pigments are used. This does not allow mixing of tones with different color temperatures. It makes a haircut tasteless, and even vulgar. In comparison with the usual length of the painting of short hair complicated. At the same time, it is often necessary to select a certain drawing and a way, leaning on the shape of a haircut and even its approximate laying.

Short haircuts by themselves attract universal attention. In order not to deprive the image of femininity and attractiveness, it is necessary to pay a lot of attention to the choice of one or another type of painting. In fact, it can be complete (with staining all the chapels) or partial (when it is chosen for painting any part of the head, for example, bangs or temporal area). Depending on the wishes of the client and the features of the structure of her hair, the stylist selects the option suitable for it by color and temperament.

In addition, lifestyle, work, as well as individual interests is taken into account. For example, representatives of youth subcultures Master can offer creative solutions with sharp contrasting painting. Business woman or office workers will be offered a harmonious and beautiful female coloring with the creation of soft transitions and blurred edges. At the same time, another decisive factor will be the type of paint, which may be ammonia or surface.

From Air Touch This technique has a greater thicker of strands involved in processing. In addition, when coloring does not use hair dryer. Here, transitions can be sharp, and the number of shades often reaches 5-8. Coloring techniques are diverse, depending on the choice of true of them, it can be made unusual even the most, it would seem, a simple haircut. However, in order for the result to coincide with the desired, the selection of contrast tones will have to treat special attention.

Coloring short hair is an excellent tool for masking thin hair devoid of volume. Due to several shades involved in staining, it creates the effect of antifreeze and puff hairiness. With him she looks more interesting, fresh, more fashionable.

At the same time, the structure of strands is not values: both on straight lines, and on wavy hair short length, coloring looks very effectively.


Class Coloring on meek hair can be possible in several signs. For example, it may be neutral and color. In addition, it is often performed using dyes that are related shades of the source base color. Based on the type of painting, it can be divided into longitudinal and transverse.

  • American coloring is noteworthy in that it uses at least 5 shades suitable for the natural color of curls.

  • The method of “salt-pepper” is relevant primarily for gray women and blondes. Here are the roots, and the ends, on the contrary, darken.

  • Multitone painting is good for hair of any color and maybe the most varied, including arbitrary.

  • The zonal technique is distinguished by the fact that not all the chapel is painted, but only a certain part.

  • Neon method implies the use of bright and screaming tones, which will shock others.

  • Painting bangs does not hurt any other head sectors. This option today is used infrequently or is performed according to creative techniques.

In addition, coloring can be divided into two types: the usual and asymmetric. Asymmetry looks rather unusual, it allows you to distract attention from the imperfections of the face. Often it is resorted to such a reception in the case of asymmetry of the haircut itself. For example, it can be an asymmetrical bob with a strand, instead of bangs, or with a shaved temple. Stressing these haircuts by coloring allows you to take a fresh look at the haircuts and make a creative note in the women’s set.

  • Babylights technique Or the so-called microcolorization implies work with thin strands. It is great for working with soft hair, since it is undemanding to the length. Ombre allows you to change the base color by 2-3 tones, and closer to the tips. In this case, crossbars are stretched.

  • Somographer It differs from the effect of the gradient imitation of solar glare, which create when painting. Make this option on a short length is difficult: at least it should be the length of the square.

  • Arming It is noteworthy in that it looks natural on the short length.

  • Crazy Colors – Option for creative youth or beauty bloggers with stressing.

  • Pixel painting And it is unique at all: it looks superior on a short haircut, and it can take a very small processing section.

  • Stencil fashion Staining implies the use of a special template by which the picture is transferred to a specific cutting section.

  • Peek-a-Boo – Methods of application of pigments without using the upper strands. This adds hairstyle not only originality – such a method of painting gives hair volume.

How to choose a color?

The choice of harmonious shades for painting may depend on different factors. For example, it is necessarily trendy trends, features of the colorage, the basic color of their hair. Today, naturalness is valued, and those who are not used to resorting to sharp contrasts, you can bet on the natural color range of paints for hair.

We must not forget about the need for a certain base for specific colors.

For example, to take advantage of some shades, the blondes may not need preparation, while brunettes will have to flash curls, sometimes repeatedly. Blonde fashionable men you can choose pink gold tones. Beauty with red hair fashion offers to turn on the colors of the shades of copper and gold. Copper color for them will be perfect.

Dark-haired girls are more difficult, as well as the owners of almost black hair. Today, such colors are considered severe, and therefore they are often trying to soften, bleaching at least a couple of tones. Colors of shades are selected with a combination with a haircut.

If it is the clarity of geometric lines, they need to emphasize with bright tones. When the haircut is more feminine and soft, it is better to choose a tone, related to the base color, and perform longitudinal glare.

Fashionable shades of the season became ash and silver. They are great for blondes and russol, fashion with cold color. However, such coloring looks beautiful and effectively only in the case of healthy hair and pure skin. And also blondes can choose shades for painting with blue, caramel, pink, mint tones.

Brunettes and brownbars in painting, you can include shades of coffee with milk, as well as amber, honey, brandy tone. If I want creative, then bright paints will look in their way better faded. Rusim Modnites can look at the golden subton. However, his relevance in one or another image can, with more probability, to say the stylist, because the skin tone has its own.

Unlike long hair, coloring for short strands is more often performed by the longitudinal method using microcoloristic techniques. And in some cases the number of shades reaches 10. The effect of hair lungs is achieved by the number of shades and base color. For example, the hair of the blonde seemed to be thick, it is necessary to add bright strands. At the same time, short curls can be as follows, so.

Dark hair owners Today it offers to include bright colors in painting: Wine, cherry, purple and blue. Rúsol, fashionable men, can be selected between the gamut of natural tones and bright colors by which you can change your image.

It is worth noting: the shorter the hair will be, the more responsible you need to approach the choice of shades of dyes.

Staining technology

Ideally draw coloring for short hair yourself at home hardly. Therefore, it is better to go to the salon for the first time and trust a qualified specialist. This will allow not only to understand the essence of the methodology, but also to see its execution by a professional. For example, dark hair is preliminarily.

Before painting, you need to spend the test for allergies, especially when the paint will touch the skin of the head.

In general, painting on short and very short hair is performed according to the standard scheme.

  • Pick up a shade lighter by 2 tones in relation to the basic. 6% oxidizer take to him.
  • The lap on the longitudinal sections, fastening each of them a special clamp.
  • Paint is bred and immediately begin to staining, without waiting for her contact with air.
  • Separate a small strand, put foil under it. Paint each strand from tip up.
  • Next, stretch the paint, changing the brush on the comb with frequent teeth.
  • Strand wrap foil and leave before the score. So come with all the strands chosen for coloring.
  • After the time is over the time of painting, foil with strands is cleaned, the head wash the head with the help of a shampoo and balm rinse.

Pursuing a painting house, it is necessary to take into account: the durability of the dye on the hair with a different structure may vary. For example, thin strands and natural hair, which were not painted before, painted faster. Dye dye on the hair can not: It can harm the health of both the strands and scalp themselves.

Care after the procedure

It is no secret that any hair painting harms their health. They become brittle, thinned and dry. In the first months after staining, they will be the most exposed to ultraviolet rays and temperatures. Careful complex of cosmetic procedures will allow faster to restore the health of curls, saturating them with nutrients and vitamins.

Immediately after dyeing, it is impossible to comb your hair and without tired of being tired of them. It is impossible to wash your head daily, and even too hot water, because the paint is washed off very quickly. For washing, you need to purchase shampoo with gentle effect, the same applies to the air conditioner.

If over time it starts to come, the yellowness will have to be resorted to tonic.

In the first days after staining, you need to use as much as possible by means of thermal laying (iron, puffers, hair dryers). As for the hair dryer, it is better that the hair is at least the first days after washing naturally.

Balsam will allow to give strands brilliance, besides him, you need to pick up funds for painted hair. You need to use them, because the hair is also needed after painting.

Crispy short hair suffer from painting more direct. Washing harms them more, turning a thick lap in a rare fluff. After painting, they become dry, and without proper care and can fall out at all. There is an opinion that the best tool for them is masks based on vegetable oils. However, as practice shows, such masks are excellent washes capable of destroying the pigment literally for one-time use.

Especially pronounced effect has coconut oil: it is impossible to turn it on with painted strands. As for the use of chamomile beam, it is worth considering: he also lands strands. It can lead to fading strands. Especially suffering when washed paints with surface type of staining. In this case, you can wash your head with warm water, but not too often: there is enough such coloring for about 2-3 weeks.

How to make hair coloring, look in the following video.

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