Coloring hair: what it is and how it is carried out?

Coloring hair: what it is and how it is carried out?

Quite often we are looking for a good wizard who would perform high-quality haircut. But for dyeing it is necessary to find the wizards of a higher class, because it is much more serious impact on the hair.

In addition, it is noticed that the slightest changes of their color affect the image of a woman, so I don’t want to risk at all. Such popular hair coloring techniques like coloring, there are many nuances that need to be studied before a visit to the stylist.

What it is?

Coloring is a special type of hair coloring, in which several shades are used. As a rule, it is natural shades, but sometimes, at the request of the client, various bright colors are used. And not all hair weight is painted, but only Separate strands. Multiple colors or shades of paint are applied to each strand.

Sometimes the composition is applied chaotic, large strokes. The main thing is to be used to be similar to each other shades. Due to this, such painting will not look like a cheap.

Sometimes the effect of felting and coloring is similar, especially with regard to dark hair. But it is important not to confuse these two procedures – coloring has a more “rich” color, in contrast to the timing.

Such painting has a number of advantages that include the following items.

  1. Coloring emphasizes natural hair. This is the main task of such painting.
  2. Coloring capable Rare hair visually makes thick and more.
  3. Capable skillful disguise gray.
  4. With high professionalism of the master, the work performed can Purp by different shades in the rays of the sun.
  5. Suitable in any type And the length of hair.
  6. On average, such staining can hold 1.5 months without correction. When using individual technician, this period may even longer. Coloring for short hair needs to be regularly toned or adjust.
  7. This procedure not so much dried and injures hair, as ordinary coloring.
  8. Depending on the degree of hair damage you You can choose a more intense or less traumatic color.
  9. For hair that does not have a natural shine, technique “Babilaights“, About which we will talk below, will help him gain the discoloration of individual strands.

    But such staining, like any other, there are flaws.

    1. Bad is combined with natural dyes, such as Henna and Basma.
    2. Search for a good master. This is an important point mainly due to the fact that this technique paint requires speed. Strands should be painted quickly and strictly on the planned plan. Otherwise the paint disturbed on her hair can hardly damage the hair. In addition, for durable fastening paint on her hair, heat is needed, which is rather problematic at home.
    3. Sometimes dark hair is required Long procedure, which can last a few hours with a break for 3-4 days. This is due to the fact that it is necessary to wait a few days after the clarification and before painting.

    Despite the minuses, the number of coloring benefits is still more. Moreover, it is worth noting that high-quality coloring certainly costs at least once to try every girl.


    Coloring includes many species and techniques of painting, the number of which also increases day after day. We will analyze the most basic types and techniques of hair painting.

    On the “direction” of paint applies only two options.

    • Vertical coloring. With this type of staining, up to 19 shades are used. Each strand is separately attached one of the set of shades. Can be used as a small amount of shades and large. Minimum quantity – 4.

      • Horizontal painting. Only a few shades are used in this technique. With such a technique, the hair is divided into three or four “zones”.

      Next, each such segment is missing one tone. The roots are the most dark, in the next segment – a little lighter, and he becomes completely light to the tips. This coloring is very similar to Ombre.

      Speaking about coloring techniques in general, you can distinguish several species that are presented below.

      • American coloring technique is sometimes called California. Gives the effect of ombre. For such equipment, 4 to 6 different shades are used. Most often it is done on dark hair. Reminds the overflows of birds of birds.

        • Technique with an unusual name “salt and pepper”. Most suitable girls with blond hair or those who have gray. In this case, the roots of the hair are painted in light colors, and they change the color to the darker color to the tips.

        • Technique Multicolor coloring. During staining, several shades are used. The main feature of this technique is all of them should be natural. With a high level of coloring mastery, this painting will suit everyone.

        • Zonal coloring. When performing such painting, only some head zones are subjected to processing. Most often under this title, various bright and eccentric paint lies – these are various drawings or adding bright contrasting strands.

        Drawing drawings with a stencil is called patterned coloring. Here you can attribute and coloring bangs. Another interesting option is a pixel coloring that is the applying of colored “cubes” on the hair.

        • Technique neon coloring. With such staining, bright colors are also used. From the previous technique it is distinguished by the fact that before painting separate strands, the latter passes the lightening procedure.

        Different by inflexibility – paint with bleached strands is quickly washed off. Regular toning is needed. This technique is not recommended for women older than 40 years.

        • The technique of staining “Pearl”. With such staining, the hair gives pearl color, which begins to transfix different shades only in the sun. Perhaps this is due to the fact that special pearl particles are applied on the hair. Is a pretty expensive and complex procedure, and not suitable for all hair.

        It is worth separately the staining techniques that also belong to coloring.

        • Ombre. With this staining, there is a gradual transition from dark roots to light tips. An unusual and bright option – the opposite ombrov, in which the blackness of the hair goes.

        • Bally, in which the paint is applied with “rude” large strokes. But despite this, a gradual transition to a brighter tone to the tips of the hair is also formed.

        • Shaumbre. With this staining, individual strands are painted in various bright colors. Most often done on dark straight hair.

        • Another technique is Majima. Also is coloring with the inclusion of bright strands. Produces an effect that entangled in the hair of the Sun.

        • Famous coloring technique – Somographer. Very similar to Ombre, but differs from it softness of paints and shades. The peculiarity is that the hair is painted in another color not by the end of the tips, forming a gradual transition, but almost with the roots.

        • Glare. With such a color, the effect of light spots on her hair is created. Has its own characteristics and can combine several different techniques.

        Choice of shades

        Despite the fact that coloring does not imply complete staining, there are both rare cases when it is performed. With full hair staining Natural color is replaced by “related”, similar to it. It is quite a rare case and is being done in order to make a natural color homogeneous or for the best combination of other shades with it.

        In some cases, dark hair is subjected to procedure Lightening. Usually brightened to 2 or 3 tones, but not more. So the paint is better absorbed into the hair. In general, dark hair is worse than just painting and have a fairly limited choice of suitable colors.

        Chestnut and chocolate hair Combined with the unusual and fashionable color “Marsala” in Ombre technique. It is a dark red noble wine. With the addition of purple hair acquire a beautiful and unusual overflow. True, such staining will suit only girls with light skin.

        For brown hair, you can use every two-colors technique – copper and chestnut. The color must be performed in the style of ombre with bright copper tips, and the gradual transition should be formed due to chestnut. But such staining is suitable for girls with warm color.

        For gray hair, As already mentioned above, the technique of “Salt and Pepper” will fit. In addition to the above, there is another way of color – vertical. In this case, melted and tinted in gray strands turn sharply into the black shade and back, thereby hiding the seeding. Simply put, black and white strands alternate.

        Continuing the topic of seeds, it is worth noting Coloring in platinum tone. The ash color has many shades, from light gray to dark gray, reminiscent of a mixture of coal with ash. Such staining looks best on girls with cold color. Adding any cold shade will only be a profitable solution. Therefore, it can be said that Sedina does not always strike, and with the right painting I even mivor.

        For light hair, it is best to choose Honey, caramel, walnut colors of warm shades. Also profitable will look at light hair and ash strands.

        Optionally carefully cry all hair. You can completely change the image for a girl just with the addition of several lockers of the same color. The main thing is to use cold shades.

        Happy Color Hair Wrap Blonde can stop their choice on Coloring. The choice of colors in this case is unlimited, it is only important to choose the correct combination of colors among themselves. Another good option is pastel tones with a metal glitter.

        If you want to stand out, regardless of the color of the hair and their length you can choose the so-called Rainbow Coloring. Such hair in a loose state have their own natural color, but if you collect them in the tail or pinch the top of the hairpin, they will appear strands painted in various bright colors. The main minus of such staining – it is necessary to have straight hair or regularly straighten them with an ironing, which may have not exactly good consequences for hair quality.

        A small advice: if you want to drastically change the color, or, on the contradiction, restore your after staining in a contrast color, then you can make a smooth transition by coloring.

        Color selection may depend on season. In the summer you can paint in “Babilaights“With its burnt tips, in spring – in soft or pastel tones, and in winter and autumn – Bright, extravagant paints. The main thing remains regular hair care.

        Define Temperature of its color Quite simple: For this you need to look at your hands – if the color of the veins is blue, then you belong to the cold color, and if green, then to the warm. Another way to attach to the face or neck in turns silver foil and gold. One of them will make the skin lighter and emphasizes the features of the face, and the other is not. Depending on what kind of foil color you go, you can determine your affiliation.

        Obviously, the silver foil goes to the representatives of the cold color, and the Golden – Wipers.

        Hair dyeing of different lengths


        Similar painting looks best on long straight or slightly curly hair. For long hair, there will also be an excellent solution in the “Babilate” technique. It looks like something average between Ombre and Melting. Its main feature is Bright, “Solar” strands And bright tips. The execution of such staining should be very neat, for the amount of natural and bleached hair should be the same.

        On long hair, in addition to the foregoing, beautiful color will look at the adhesive color with the addition of blue or green paint. Long hairstyle “loves” Arming. This technique will require a high level of colorist skill and following a defined painting scheme. Otherwise it will look unprofitable. Be sure to carefully choose shades that will not be very different from each other.

        In general, there is no restrictions for coloring long hair – it can be like a simple coloring in Ombre technique, and outrageous drawings on hair with a stencil.


        This season has become fashionable to color the hair of medium length in the technique Bally. However, the most popular option for medium hair remains Extra long kara with cumulative tips. If you make bangs on such a haircut slightly lighter than the other curls, it will benefit the face and even able to adjust the round shape of the face. For Kare, without bangs, it will suit Ombre with the effect of the resulting roots.

        Those who have straight hair can afford to make “geometric” staining. In this case, the hair is painted horizontally by segments. For example, the red tips forming a flat line, along with black kara will make your image hot.

        For the average hair length, this technique of staining is also suitable as Bauble. Small hair length will allow you to do focus on separate strands, which will be bright, then dark.

        Summing up a small result, it can be noted that the hair of medium length goes painting into light tones. That is how the emphasis is put on face.


        Color application on short haircuts is quite problematic. In this case, the application technique requires the accuracy and accuracy wizard. Coloring, which goes almost all haircuts is “Spraying” of a bright contrasting color.

        With asymmetric haircut, such as a half-pox with a long bang, you can paint bangs in a bright color – pink, blue or purple. In general, short hair is recommended to paint in light tones. A striking example is Platinum blonde on the haircut “Hedgehog”.

        In general, staining for a short haircut is best limited by bangs and tips. An excellent option will be expressed asymmetry highlighted asymmetry, as already mentioned.

        Care after the procedure

        Immediately after the procedure, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing cream on the skin of the head around the hair growth zone, since under the influence of paint that has a drying effect, the skin is experiencing a nutritional deficit.

        With regular painting, not only hair and leather around the zone of their growth can be dried, but the skin itself. The result of this can be the itching and dandruff formation. Therefore, from time to time you need to do break even if necessary, regular painting. Dandruff will help get rid of rubbing various oils in the scalp.

        Be sure to use Shampoo for painted hair. Head washing frequency should not exceed 2 or 3 times a week. If possible, you need to try to wash your head cool water, and not hot.

        Water with high temperature faster flushes paint. The same applies to use Soft water for washing. Make such water is very simple – you need to boil her. In case of complex staining, it is necessary to regularly visit the masters for conducting hair tinting procedure.

        Overlooking the topic, it is worth mentioning about leaving the procedure. If you painted your hair earlier and since the last procedure did not pass 3 weeks, then you should not put hair to paint – it is better to take a break. Before color it is recommended not wash your head 3-4 days In order for the hair to form natural protection.

        Do not put painting hair, which painted with henna or bass.

        Beautiful examples

        Excellent coloring looks on red-haired hair. In no case should not get rid of it. Gradual transition In the brightest, but in the same redhead or light orange add brightness hair, and the image is a highlight.

        Classic for any hair is painting with the effect of burnt tips. The main feature of such painting is natural, so this image will suit both girls with blond hair, and with dark.

        Popularity this season got red or crimson In the technique of ombre. It is a gradual transition from dark roots to red tips.

        Popular and gentle image create 2 colors – Golden and pink. Especially good “Rose Gold” looks on bright curls, dark hair before painting must necessarily clarify. In addition, such staining refreshes face.

        Another image is written off from Hollywood stars and is a chestnut color With the addition of strands of various caramel or even beige shades. A bright example is the painting of hair Jennifer Lopez.

        As a rule, a tricolor painting is an ideal coloring. It is the strands of three shades that harmony are able to create and profitably emphasize strands.

        In conclusion, it is worth noting that the essence of any technique of coloring is to play with light and shadow. Due to this, it becomes possible to transition from dark carbon black in the blond and, on the contrary, adding hair hair. The main thing in this business is to decide on “thereby” way and find a good master. It must be remembered that chaotic staining is not coloring, because coloring is, first of all, a thoroughly thoughtful image that needs to recreate.

        What is hair coloring and how it is carried out, learn from the video below.

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