Coloring on blond hair

Coloring on blond hair

At the beginning of the XXI century, almost every girl made fashionable in those days, a lot of felting, however, with time, many new new technique came to replace this technique. One of the most sought-after today is considered coloring. Its main difference from highlighting is that there are several shades here, and painting looks more effectively and organically.


Coloring is The method of staining of individual strands using several shades. Traditionally, their number varies from 2 to 15. It can be done on any hairstyle, but best of all it looks on light hair with graduated haircuts. At the same time, different ways of laying allow you to focus on different shades, so that the woman can look like in a new way every time.

Strands for staining are chosen chaotic and asymmetrically. For registration of the most harmonious color effect, the master uses a smooth gradient, while the roots are usually painted in darker shades, and the tips are drawn up with contrastful tones.

Blondes love coloring, highlighting A lot of its advantages Compared with traditional techniques of highlighting:

  • if you correctly pick up the painting composition, then coloring will be almost harmless+
  • Coloring is produced much faster than highlighting+
  • Speecually looks at strands of any length+
  • Maybe quickly and almost beyond recognition change the image, visually make a shop more lush and well-groomed+
  • Refreshes the complexion, distracts attention from wrinkles and some other appearance defects+
  • For a long time it does not need correction, since when using the most closely approximate to natural shades, there is no pronounced border between natural and painted strands+
  • Can be applied on strands, which before that stained in the technique of Ballozh, Shatuch or Ombre+
  • If the beauty experiment will be unsuccessful, the hair can always be repainted.

At the same time, this procedure has its own minuses, namely:

  • The difficulty of execution at home+
  • The possibility of error in choosing the main shades, which makes the hairstyle of unnatural+
  • when the hair is growing, you have to paint all the strands of the whole, as you only paint the roots quite difficult.

Choosing a palette

Blonde girls go almost all shades, so there are no special difficulties with the choice of color palette. If you wish, you can make soft overflows and toned hair with contrasting shades.

When choosing a suitable tone is also important to take into account Colorotype Ladies:

  • For summer and autumn faces it is necessary to choose platinum and pearl tones+
  • For spring and summer it is worth staying on gold, wheat, honey and cognac shades.

Blondes with white leather and blond eyes should be used with cold ash colors, as well as beige and muted copper. If a blond woman’s eyes have dark eyes, she will go golden, honey and salmon paints.

In general, to color the blonde you can contact To several shades:

  • Honey+
  • coral+
  • Wheat+
  • Light lilac+
  • pearl+
  • White-pink+
  • ginger.

An interesting painting option can be a combination of a blond with the color of burgundy wine and dark chocolate.

The owner of light-blond strands often seek to make their own color slightly more harmonious, but at the same time natural, so in this case it is suitable Such turtle shades like:

  • nut+
  • Moko+
  • Light pearl+
  • beige.

On blond strands can be accompanied and Bright accents:

  • Saturated pink+
  • blue blue+
  • scarlet+
  • citric+
  • Ultramarine.

By the way, such shades can be created only on tips or several separately taken strands – in this case, the result will be brave and daring.

Fashion techniques

This season offers fair sex representatives somewhat interesting options for spectacular coloring. Since the technique suggests Application more than a dozen shades, then the options for applying paint can be very much, so girls can choose those that match their expectations as much as possible.


This is the most popular way to dye blond hair, it can be done on any strands and at the same time without any age limitations. The essence comes down to staining with light hairstyle with several shades – they can relate to a single gamzer or, on the contrary, be contrasting. This year was very relevant Asymmetric coloring. It does not have any order and implies a chaotic causing composition.

Such an original solution allows a woman every time it looks different – it is enough to simply lay the hair in a new way, and every time other tones will open.


In this performance, strands painting produce parallel hair growth lines. Here, the area from the roots to the middle is decorated with one tone, and the tips are completely different, the effect of abandoned hair is drawn as a result.


In this case, choose separate strands of different widths and painted in different shades. Technique has many variations, but most popular are considered Blyz, Shatusch, Italian and California Melting, as well as Blonde and Babylights.


This is zone Coloring. In this case, individual sections are highlighted and locally painted. Most often, work affects bangs, an area of ​​temples or strands, framing.


This is The most creative technique, Created for the most bold and creative young ladies. It requires perfectly smooth styling, so only the owners of straight hair in this case use special stencils, by means of which paint is distributed on the surface of the head. Most popular leopard prints, variety of waves, feathers And other ornaments.


Full – involves the color of the entire hairpiece of the hair of the main tinge and the design of several stylish accents in different color. In such a performance, contrasts are emphasized, and The image is obtained in the most deep and expressive.

“Salt and pepper”

It is a very spectacular staining that is in demand among the owners of ash or gray-haired curls. At the same time, several strands are chosen Steel or pearl gray shade, And in order for the end result to be even more stylish, dark paint is applied to the tips.

“Salt and pepper” often choose the ladies of mature age, so they give their gray hair more modern and aesthetic appearance.

Neon coloring

This is a trendy trend that rightfully enjoys very popular among very young girls. For this staining, bright are more suitable, but at the same time not natural shades – Electrician, Lemon, Purple or Red and Other “Acid” Colors. Not less demanded all sorts of combinations of these colors. However, if you are afraid to decide on such a coloring – it is better to start the color palette with chalk or hair gel.

Dark coloring

Dark coloring looks quite effectively on blonde girls with my ombre, while Separate strands of hair color in a darker tone. Such staining is quite complex, so the result often turns out to be unpredictable – it can be carried out exclusively in hairdressers and beauty salons.

Coloring bangs

Coloring bangs implies Staining only front strands, At the same time, the selected shade can be either close to his native or contrast. There are a lot of options – every woman can always pick up the colors at their discretion.

Coloring the tips

This is another spectacular variety of staining, which looks harmoniously on long hair, and on a classic short kare. For a lashing with light curls, it is best to use soft tone transitions within one color palette. No less popular use Blond combination with lilac, lilac and pink.

The most important thing is that the border between these tones is as smooth.

How to do at home?

Extended and short hair color by different methods. So, with long and middle strands, it is better to stay on Longitian Technique. In this case, you can paint the hair with the same color, and you can vary shades to create spectacular overflows. But for short strands it is better to resort to horizontal Toning – Here a shop is divided into several main zones and paint a pair-three tones.

Let us dwell on the technique of the simplest coloring at home. To do this, it is necessary to prepare paint, non-metallic bowl, foil, and a brush. In the absence of the latter, you can take a sponge.

Classical coloring step by step as follows.

  • Each paint is divorced In a separate container in accordance with the instructions. Keep in mind that the bowls must be non-metallic, otherwise the composition is possible, and the final result will be the most unpredictable.
  • Skin near line hair growth should be lubricated with vaseline or fatty children’s cream – it will allow her to stay clean.
  • Strands shared On 4 large zones – frontal, occipital, as well as two temporal. For convenience they are fixed behind the clamps.
  • In each zone With the help of the knitting or comb, the separator is isolated thin strands, laid onto the foil and wet the selected paint, after which the foil is spinning so that the paint does not flow.
  • Before applying Each new tone brush is rinsed well.
  • After that How all the selected spars will be covered with paint, it will be possible to interfere – usually it is necessary to dye 25-30 minutes. When the allotted time is over, the hair is thoroughly wash with shampoo and necessarily treated with air conditioning.

So that the color remains on strands as long as possible, and the hair themselves were healthy and strong, Take advantage of the following recommendations:

  • For staining it is better to choose paint, not containing ammonia, it is less injured and acting on the hair gently+
  • Only special tools should be used for washing the head – they do not contain sulfates and support brightness and color saturation for quite a long time+
  • After staining it is worth cutting the number of styling using iron, curl or hair dryer, since the hot effect can increase the destructive effect of paint and worsen the condition of the hair.

In conclusion, we will focus on some simplices of coloring that you need to know that the result is impeccable.

  • If you recently painted hair henna or any other dye on a natural basis, then with coloring it is better to postpone, because in this case the strands can buy a green or other unwanted shade.
  • In some women Due to violations of the hormonal background or a special structure of the hair, the desired shade is sometimes not obtained, so when staining will certainly tell the master about all unsuccessful attempts to paint in the past.
  • Even the owners of blond curls Sometimes you have to lighten your hair and it is not always possible to avoid the risk of damage to strands. Therefore, before starting coloring, you do not need to wash your head in advance – skin fat creates a protective film on her hair and removes hair from the negative impact of chemicals.
  • For a couple of days Before dyeing, it is necessary to moisten and nourish hair. This will help them better cope with the following staining. For this, balsams, masks and essential oils are usually used.
  • If you are firmly intended paint hair yourself, then it is better to stop on the use of high-quality paints. In the Russian market, Garnier uses the most popular, as well as ESTEL, PALETTE. These compositions do not drown hair, and special caring components in their composition contribute to the speedy regeneration of the hair rod.

Coloring on blond hair – this is a very stylish technique, but at the same time complicated. It is very important to choose the right color gamut and the coloring method.

If you can not cope with the work yourself, it is better to contact the beauty salon – a professional master is able to create real magic, and an invariably excellent result will pay off spent time and money.

In the next video you will find an example of coloring blond hair.

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