Cutting with bangs: varieties and nuances of selection

Cutting with bangs: varieties and nuances of selection

Fashion for hairstyles changes from year to year, offering ladies increasingly unexpected options. But whatever tendencies reigned on the podiums, women’s haircuts with bangs always remain relevant. This small item allows you to drastically change the image of any woman. At the same time, the functions of bangs are not only decorative. Considering the features of the person, the master can make this image detail short, long, oblique or asymmetric. As a result, the accents are shifted, and the hairstyle becomes more harmonious.


So, bangs can distract attention from too large nose or chin, adjust too high forehead or massive cheekbones. In addition, it becomes a real salvation for those who have wrinkles on the forehead. In the end, the bangs can simply “hide” in order not to attract too much attention when it is necessary.

We learn what existing hairstyles with bangs on the hair of different lengths, as well as how to choose a suitable model, taking into account the peculiarities of appearance.

Usually bangs created by a master immediately during the haircut. At the end of the work, he asks her the desired direction and makes the final edge.

In some cases, bangs are made by some time after some time to revive the usual hairstyle. And in that and in another case The appearance of women varies significantly. There are many different haircuts with bangs for short, medium and long hair.

Choosing a width of bangs, it is important to take into account, that it is limited to the width of the forehead and should not go to whiskey. Typically, according to the scheme, the hairdresser makes a sample in the form of the letter “P” or a triangle. You can also simply hold a parallel line on the desired mark. The thickness of the bang depends on the most hairstyle or the wishes of the client. The main thing is that the depletion of the sheverals allow you to make bangs just such. The thicker it will be, the farthest of the forehead should be the samples when enduring.

Advantages and disadvantages

Every girl who decided to make a haircut with bangs wants to first weigh everything for and against. After all, to repel it again, it will take a lot of time, not less than six months. To begin with, consider positive parties such hairstyles.

  1. “Masks” wrinkles on the forehead. That is why adult women usually wear bangs, regardless of their taste preferences. This moment can appreciate only girls over 30 years old, and yet take into account this fact stands to all.
  2. Smoothes sharp features. Everyone knows that with bangs, the face looks more cute and charming. At the same time, different bangs allow to achieve different effects. For example, torn strands will help to distract from a rugged nose or excessively harsh lines. Straight strands are visually growing too complete cheeks, and a rounded chin will be less accentuated. But the long smooth bang will hide too high forehead.
  3. Makes gaze expressively. Bang framed a view of any girl and makes linger on it longer.

    Now let’s try to figure out what the “reverse side of the medal” is – what negative moments need to be considered before separating and cut the bangs.

    1. The number of possible stacking is reduced. Now that the person decorates this independent element, the face of the person cannot be used in the nithered hairstyles. And if you manage to do it, it is not a fact that together they will look harmonious.
    2. Frequent care. Few of the girls can boast the perfectly smooth bangs of the right form, which smoothly lies in itself, and if we are talking about a torn hairstyle, then the laying question is no less relevant. Most often, for giving bangs of a truly beautiful form, it is necessary to either pull it out with an iron order, or dry it in a special way with a hair dryer and combs. Girls with highly curly hair and at all have to abandon the litigation of bangs, as it is very difficult to keep it even during the day.

    It can come to the aid, except that keratin hair straightening – with him your hair will certainly be smooth and nourished over the straightening of the bang.


    Consider various bang options in more detail. To begin with, we will tell about the advantages and minuses of different options, depending on their length.


    Such models are not suitable for everyone, most often their girls are choosing with a small forehead, as bangs allow you to view it to visually and in general stretch your face. Usually they do not require pulling iron or hairdryer with the comb, because already well hold the form.

    If it is a torn bang, then it may take some styling agent for its laying, which is applied in small amounts, after which strands set to fingers.

    Middle length

    Universal Length hobs all available forehead dishes – wrinkles, skin imperfections. She does not focus on attention and looks appropriate with different haircuts and hairstyles, even children’s. So that she lay good, use the styling tools: iron, curl or hairdryer.


    Spectacular bangs below eyebrows are good because they can fit differently, depending on the mood. If you want to give a mysterious image today – straighten it if you want to crumble, then bangs can be played in a hairstyle, and to give a chapelur more volume, divide it into 2 parts, twisted strands at the end and leave freely. If desired, it will even “hide” in the rest of the hair, for this you need to use invisible, “crabbs” or make a hairstyle with braids, like a French waterfall.

    In the form of bangs maybe such.


    One of the best options. Oblique bangs fits most facial types, as it distracts from flaws and makes it proportionate.

    In addition, this option looks more interesting than the usual direct.


    Straight bangs look pretty good at any length. A short bang that does not reach eyebrows will make you flirty and give the “cunning” look. The average length is classic, it will successfully complement most images. Closing eyebrows strands look very extravagant and will certainly attract attention to your person.


    Such a form of bangs have long ceased to be new. Ends of different lengths can form or leave smooth. She especially needs to be styling, because otherwise it will look untidy.

    To do this, it is dried with a hairdryer, holding the comb.


    Distributing strands at an angle, you can achieve both a bold result and natural. In general, such a bang helps soften a large face of a square or round form. Also its owner looks younger.


    Usually it decorates long hair or classic kara. If the density does not allow to achieve the desired volume, then it is possible to make it visually lisher using color solutions.


    If the strands are different only slightly, it gives the appearance of some romanticism. With more intensive processing of the edge, hairstyle is obtained by sucking and attracting attention.


    Semicircular bangs often complements classic hairstyles for long hair. It can be simply loose curls, tail, beam and t. D.

    Particularly suitable for girls who are often visited by solemn events requiring strict dress code.


    It looks better on dark hair, as they are less merged with the face. May take the shape of the arch, triangle, heart and other geometric shapes. Despite the seeming ease of execution, Creating a similar masterpiece requires high masters qualifying.

    Like any classic, the smooth bang will never remain in the past – it is just perfect for many girls, however, the fashion trends of the last year say that the benefits are now on the side of asymmetry. Ripped, oblique haircuts with strands of different lengths confidently hold on top of popularity. Various asymmetrical bangs are decorated not only the bold versions with a temple, shaved typewriter, but even classic hairstyles.

    Flashed on the podiums and completely unexpected bangs endured in fashionable technique by a wave or triangle, which are also painted in bright colors, while the length of them can be different. Find out which bangs are popular today.

    Long bang today does not lose relevance, it allows you to experiment, then releasing it, then removing the main hair. Kare on a leg or bob looks with her especially bold. As for starry examples, pay attention to the hairstyle of Liv Tyler, which moves the bangs along with the rest of the hair.

    Short bang returned to fashion, and now it has become no less popular than long. More creative images will like an asymmetric form, and classic lovers worth staying on a flat model.

    Kosy or straight, in any case will become a spectacular addition of Parisian Style.

    Multilayer bangs makes hair visually magnificent. True, the owners of rare thin curls make it hardly possible, because the hair should well keep. There are gear models that are more suitable for girls with a rounded or square face. Direct models can adopt women with an oval and triangular face form. Charm such bangs in that Each layer can be painted in your color.

    Like any other, A bang in the form of the arch can also be laid straight or side, add to it negligents due to the branch or leave the maximum smooth. Even the length varies, but most often its side parts cover the external corners of eyebrows. Keep in mind that it expands and extensions.

    If nevertheless creative is not your element, then stop the choice for always relevant Smooth straight bang medium length and below. It is appropriate at all times, the only condition is a matching type of your face. You just need to create the perfect smooth hair, and then you can add your exquisite image fashionable diadems today or hoops with decorative elements.

    How to pick up?

    Any haircut looks better if it is made according to the structure of the hair and the peculiarities of appearance. Find out what nuances when choosing bangs should pay attention.

    By type and length of hair

    • Straight – anyone better than direct+
    • slightly curly graded and longer average+
    • Kudrya – It is better not to make bangs or straighten it constantly+
    • Fatty – volumetric and graded, as the straight will stick to the forehead+
    • Dry – torn, compound, graduated+
    • thin – heavy, straight or oblique, directed side (visually dried hair)+
    • Hard – straight, laid smooth or side+
    • Rare – Mounted any length+
    • dense – straight, arched, multi-layered, which do not require laying.

    For short haircuts, straight bangs will suit Bob and Kare, oblique or graduated – “Garson”, “Pixie”, “Aurora”, and oval – hairstyle “Sssun”. Length to shoulders and just below, perhaps the most popular among women, there are many hairstyles for it. A cascade haircut can be made both direct and graduated bangs.

    The ladder successfully complements a semicircular or extended version. To the hairstyle debut most often oval or graduated bangs, the main thing is that it is thick. The haircut “Rhapsodia” suggests Film on bangs. And for especially long hair, when choosing a bangs, it is necessary to proceed from the features of the face and the structure of the hair. Usually, Long hair does not assume complicated haircuts.

    Direct smooth hair usually make a classic straight bang of medium length.

    By type of face

    Oval form is considered universal, therefore there are no restrictions for her. You can experiment both with classics and with unusual forms. Careful worth to be except with a short bang, because she can take a visually pulling and without the oblong face.

    Round face should be pulled out due to straight lines. An ideal option for him is considered a hairstyle with a straight bang. Also to switch attention from wide cheekbone will help slash or bangs with graduation. The main thing is that there were no rounded lines in the haircut.

    A rectangular person is characterized by a high forehead and wide chin. To make it harmonious it is preferable to use, elongated, asymmetrical or oblique bangs. The main thing, not to create straight lines – on the contrary, the waves and curls will look better, and the hair length is preferable.

    Square face in itself looks sufficiently angular, so it should be smoothed smooth lines. Contraindicated hair to chin and smooth haircuts.

    Graduated and multi-layer bangs will be more by the way, and from hairstyles stylists recommend cascade and other textured haircuts. The triangular person involves oblique bangs. The owners of such an oval can advise the hairstyle of Bob. She does not focus on the bottom and slightly expands the face.

    How to stack?

    Make a classic straight bang to eyebrows best helps the iron. Make a bulk option with brush and a brush and a hairdryer. Instead of brush, large curlers are suitable. Do not forget at the end of the “hot” mode to change to the “cold” – this will additionally fix the strands, it is also worth fastening the result with varnish.

    Long bangs worth lubricating gel before laying. In order to achieve perfect smoothness, you need to dry it, sending a jet of air from a hair dryer from above. To fix the ripped bangs, it is lubricated with mousse and slightly embroidered with your fingers, after which they dried.

    To send your bangs to the side, apply a little foam on it and, slightly pressing the comb, dry the hair dryer.

    If your bang has been accessed, and it’s impossible to walk to the hairdresser, you can start twisted. Then she “jumps down a bit”, and the excess length itself will be wound. Another option is to divide the growing strands in half and send half to different directions. This will add a hairstyle some volume and refresh the familiar hairstyle. Deciding to remove the bangs at all, you can make a hairstyle with a pigtail, in which you will be cluttered.

    It can be like a simple weaving on the side and braid-rim around the head.

    Beautiful examples

    Virtually any skin imperfections can be hidden by hair, if you make such a ladder semicircle. Bang here smoothly goes into the rest of the hair, thereby framing the face across the circumference in the form of a hat. With such a hairstyle it is easy to look young and well-groomed.

    Rare Long Bang – what is needed by a rectangular face. At least in this example, the hairstyle is selected very successfully. The outlines of the face look harmoniously not only due to the strand of the person, but also small waves that curl too straight lines.

    Bangs do not always give the face romanticism or charm. They can be part of a stylish business hairstyle that will be under the status of a status woman. If your hair is rather obedient, then the long bang can be fixed in the direction of the side and a little back, as in this example.

    A short bang, opening the forehead, makes the face more elongated and focusing on the cheekbones. Easy carelessness does not prevent being this hairstyle truly stylish and bright.

    So choosing hairstyles, It is necessary to navigate not only for taste preferences, but also on a number of nuances: type, structure, hair length, face form. An experienced master will always advise the most suitable option. If you want to take everything into your own hands, do not forget about our recommendations and select the hairstyle yourself.

    About how the kara is cut with a straight bang, look in the following video.

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