Dark ash color hair: shades and staining fineness

Dark ash color hair: shades and staining fineness

Dark ash color hair a few years ago wearing only the most bold. Very obsessive was the association with gray, which few people want to exhibit. But the last couple of years the boom on dark ash hair eclipsed this association and became a fashionable phenomenon. Long hair, kara, pixie and bob began to expose so unusual staining.

Women of different types are created by bright and boldly attractive images, modern and attention. And catchy color no longer seems.


The dark ash color of the hair – the fashion that trendsetters, celebrities and bloggers. The ashes attracted the attention of technologists for a long time, this shade was somehow exploited in the fashion industry. But artistic and promotional images created with it, did not go beyond the limits of fashionable covers and shows. In everyday life, the units were solved on such a color. If someone preferred to make him a highlight of his own image, so this age ladies.

Today everything has changed. Very young girls, high school students made ash color cults for their generation. In nature, dark ash is actually not found. There are some tone close to it that can be called rare. It’s not just a cold shade, he is intensely cold.

In the color formula, gray, blond and silver. Despite such a layout, the color “mouse” will not work, too bright it makes appearance, but not inconspicuous. Although if you do not go this color, he will force your appearance to fade. Will be visible disharmony, because The darkestation of the dark ash – not the reason why you need to contact such a bold, but at the same time not deprived of the nobility shade.

If you seriously decided to make a color part of your image, pay attention to successful examples: how women dressed with dark ash color of curls, what kind of makeup they have, figure, hair length. So that the image is organic, it is important to combine all its components.

Who is coming?

The answer to the main question to whom this color will go, you can predict. The greatest probability of successful ladies with blue eyes and light skin. The better, smaller the tone of the skin, the most attracting the image. Dark ash well looks at very young girls and ladies aged 60+, which the tint may be restrained, nobility.

With properly selected hairstyle and styling dark ash color makes the image stylish. And the style always keeps.

Women with cold features of the face (Summer color) – the most successful category for dyeing in a dark ash. Of course, it is more profitable, it looks at long curls and hairstyle of medium length. Short hair is an insufficient base in order to show all the color features. Although exceptions are definitely.

There are examples when Pixi’s haircut very interestingly looked in dark ash tones. At the same time, the shorter haircut, the less important to the woman’s color.

If the appearance is bright from nature, very expressive features, dark ash can become a good framing. Take, for example, Kara Melievin. The face of the era, one of the most fashionable models of modernity is not afraid to arrange experiments with appearance. Dark ash tint she also “tried out”: he did not add her age, but made the image of Nordic, strict, mysterious. If you seek the same result, color even just psychologically will suit you.

Individual consultation with colorist – the best solution if you doubt the choice. Women’s Staining Master sees the result. Maybe he will offer the options like the shade, adjacent tones, if he sees that this is the best color for you.

Who does not fit?

The first and most important taboo – far from the perfect skin of the face. To any irregularities, redness, pigmentation, acne, scars and scars The dark ash flashes attention. Alas, it’s like this: the color needs a smooth base, a homogeneous tone. With bright pronounced wrinkles, not the best oval of the face works too.

The second case when it is worth finding another color, it is a warm type of appearance. Women’s color “Autumn”, no matter how much you want to get a fashionable shade, hardly satisfy the result. If you have green or brown, tea eyes, brown or redhead, golden curls, if the skin with freckles – when repainting in ash tones, appearance will become disharmonious.

And one more warning. In rare cases, the color will not require expressive makeup. There are girls with very bright features of the face, expressive blue or black eyes, smooth skin, which when painting in the ash will look perfect. But in most cases The ash color implies quality make-up, perfect eyebrows, the correct placement of all significant accents in make-up.

If you are not ready to apply makeup every day if you get tired of bright cosmetics, you should be careful with the choice of hair color.

Color spectrum

In this color group there are three leaders – the dark ash himself, and his “partners” – dark blond and dark brown ash. One of the most interesting and compromise options is a dark blonde color with ash dumplings. It does not look so provocative as ashes, it is more natural. But if it were not for subtons, the shade would not be so noble, smoky, strict. Gray Ting is very noticeable, but the associations do not generate associations.

Characteristics of other shades.

  • Brown-ash. Saturated and lively color, which will suit the owners of summer color. The tone is close to gray, but brown is not “closed”. Requires a maker, suitable ladies with expressive features of the face and not very thin hair.

  • Light shade of dark ash. Reminds light gray color, it will be a good option for those who are afraid of radical staining. Usually blondes are solved on such a choice. And if a bright shade goes, they come gradually to dark ash. That is, this color can be called trial, transitional option.

Consider need and hair condition. The worse it is, the less attractive will be the result. In addition to the fact that dark ashes draws attention to the defects of the skin, it focuses on it and on the sequencing tips, dryness.

Selecting paint

Below are the well-known brands included in the rating of the most popular.

  • L’Oreal. Tone 10.21 “Stockholm” – the most preferred ash shade of hair. It is not very dark, but when getting a base tone, the hair can be toned before blackout. The paint gently acts on the curls, demonstrates a good resistance, its price in the range of average availability.

  • Garnier. Presents several shades from the “ash series”. Sharp odor (important for allergies), resistance, uniformity of color manifestation – these are the main characteristics of the product.

  • Schwarzkopf. The color will be saturated about 1.5-2 months, the smell is neutral, very comfortable in applying. Lighter shades look more interesting dark.

  • Wella Wellaton. Resistant mousse with uniform, homogeneous staining. Color is saturated, but may not coincide a little with the claimed.

  • Syoss. The effect after staining is impressive – the hair is alive, silky, fusing health. The color is very expressive, but the month will not pass, how it will begin to fill up.

According to many experts, all representatives Line of mass market bypass brand Kapous. This is a delicate composition, in the formula of which there is no ammonium. On the package, you will not find the image of the model, the color of the hair (in most cases – generated on the computer) confuses the expectations and the real variant of staining. Of the most popular shades of Kapous – “Light intense-ash blond”.

If you want exactly a dark ash version, without amendments to the side of clarification, pay attention to Ollin Color, Resistant permanent corrector “Ash 0/11”. This composition can be considered a very good steel shades amplifier.

I am glad and brand Estel Deluxe. A series of ash’s shades is enviable – from the brightest to brown. Perhaps the most interesting option – “Ash-purple blond 7/16”. Among the benefits of the product – Soft and plastic texture of coloring composition, good length distribution. Color resistant, unobtrusive smell.

Interesting, very dark shade ash offers paint Matrix. This color is Osin-black base, an unexpected option, but beautiful, rich. Ammonia in the composition No, staining as safe as possible, however the price is higher than the average for the market.

How to achieve the desired tone?

Here without rules of colors anywhere: important which color you are trying to leave. For example, you have a blond, your own or artificial, or light blond curls. To get a saturated ash, you will need Tinting Mousse from any brand with a good reputation. Natural pigment Mousse components do not score, the hair structure is actually not affected. But still it is not paint, but a tinting dye with a beautiful sweat, so Already after 8 washing procedures, the result will be far from the initial.

If you have blond hair, then problems are already scheduled. River hair has an orange pigment, and when staining, he manifests itself. Removes yellow color only purple. That is, the paints of the series 1 and the paint of the row are needed for dyeing. For example, a master can mix ash-purple shade with frost-brown (both dye – one brand). As a result, the orange pigment will cast a cold purple, and it turns out a graceful dark ash color. Oxygen to the paint takes 1.5%, on dark roots – 3%.

From chestnut become asholna is not easier than from the light. To make a color transition, you will need lightening and tinting. We need shades that will resist yellowness – graphite, gray and silver correctors. If the hair is thin, the paint time is reduced by 5 minutes, if tough – increases for 5 minutes. Brunettes also be sure to pass the procedure of clarification, without this, it will not turn into ash.

Paint this shade myself – that still adventure. Staining multistage, and you can unwittingly give hair unwanted tone or subton. And if you want smooth color transitions, without the services of the Colorist can not do.

Staining techniques

Girls with short hair choose ash to make focus on a haircut, which, with a different color, it may not seem so bright. Hair medium length is a good base for the color, especially if you like to attach hair, making large waves and curls. On long hair ashes will reveal as much as possible, especially if you want to make a color transition. This will help Technique Ballyuzh.

Advantages of balaby with ash tone:

  • gives volume hair+
  • Refreshing image+
  • Profile roots cease to be a problem+
  • minimally trauma for hair.

    “Balayaz” is translated as “wave”, “smear”, which conveys the essence of the technique itself. Paint the master with vertical strokes makes on the tips of the hair without affecting the decent distance from the roots (3-10 cm). In order to give a hairstyle volume, the mixture is applied to small strands with big color stretching. During the work, the colorsist uses several shades, the difference of which does not exceed 3 tones.

    Ash Ballwear will suit light-eyed women with a pale skin tinge and dark curls. But such a combination will often do not meet, because by nature in the dark-haired ladies brown eyes and dark skin. A suitable length for ash bouquet is considered to be hair, reaching the blades and below.

    Hairstyle focuses on an oval of the face and, as already noted, on the skin tone.

    Other coloring options – Obram, Sombrov, Shatuch, Melting. You can paint the curls into ash, using classic technique, when the color is uniform over the entire length.

    Ash color does not differ high resistance, It is relatively quickly washed away, because it will be necessary to hold the hair and use the shadows, special shampoos and balms to maintain the colora.

    If you want to get rid of ash color, you should not do it yourself – the result may be distant from the intended. If you regularly use a mask of warm olive oil and lemon juice, the color will begin to wash it much faster.

    And one more frequent question concerns eyebrows, if the hair is painted in dark ash. The classical rule is triggered here: eyebrows always on tone darker hair. If you are ash blonde, then gray eyebrows are suitable, if the ashes brown – eyebrows shade graphite. Dark brown and black eyebrows give excessive rigor to the face.

    Care for curls

    After staining to relax early. So that the color did not become a toy for a couple of weeks, During hair you need to organize a special care. First of all, these are shampoos and balsams with a slight tinting effect. Such today can be found on sale without any problems, any price category.

    Not necessarily, with each procedure for washing the head, take a squeezing shampoo, but once a week to do such a slight tin.

    To the ashes color is resistant, you need:

    • Use shampoos / balsams / masks only for painted hair – in them there are components covering hair scales holding pigment in them+
    • Avoid long stay under the right sunlight+
    • less likely to use flocks and iron+
    • use thermal protection if you can’t refuse the same solar and rectifiers+
    • After staining at least 3 days not to wash your head and do not make nutritious, reducing masks for 2 weeks+
    • Reduce the use of natural oils up to 1 time per month.

    And if you get tired dark ash, you can try Light shades of color. Fashionable option is considered blond ash with purple subtock. He looks very interesting on young girls, and on age-related stylish ladies.

    Dressing ladies with fashionable shades of dark ashes on her hair preferred in cold gamut things. All shades of gray in this case are appropriate. Decorations can be gold and silver, but if gold is the textured, catchy.

    If you are accustomed to the colors of ocher, brown-beige, and most of your wardrobe are represented by such things, choose ash brown hair. Warm and cold should not be mixed in one image, units manage to do this Filigree. Everyone else should not violate the basic rules so that their image is not contradictory and unconvincing.

    Hair tinting in ash blonde Look in the following video.

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