Dark blond ash hair: for whom it is suitable and how to achieve the desired shade?

Dark blond ash hair: for whom it is suitable and how to achieve the desired shade?

Many women dream to give natural hair color original shade. One of the popular tones today is a dark blond with ash. A unique shade combines dark and silver color. It gives a warm natural tone cold shine. Color fit young ladies with short, medium and long hair.


Dark blonde color with ash-ash with a “merger” of brown and cold silver tone. He lies perfectly on the hair chapel and brown. As a result, the shade of hair looks natural, but at the same time effectively. Ash notes soften saturated brown tone, giving him cold shine.

A similar color is harmony with a business style of clothes, making any female image elegant and strict. Ash brown perfectly suitable ladies from thirty years and older. We note: get it enough difficult. In this case, it is necessary to resort to the help of a hairdresser-professional.

Ash-blonde with a dark basis has a varied palette. It includes the following shades.

  • Beige. Similar shade plays the sun with gold and silver glare. Harmonies with tanned skin and brown eyes. However, girls with nordic appearance is also close. Ash beige is a versatile tone and fits the ladies of all ages.

  • Pure ash. Cold tone, not allowing warm glare. Steel shade relevant for women with white leather and gray eyes. Holders of red curls such a tone do not recommend.

  • Natural dyes. Get the ashes shade with the help of “gifts of nature” is quite difficult. For dark chamisers, a combination of honey, cinnamon and chamomile bells will fit. The mixture is applied to the hair and cover the head with a polyethylene package. Withstand 3-4 hours and wash off warm water. Similar staining will allow you to brighten the hair for 2-3 tones and give them a cold steel tone. In addition, natural dyes have a favorably affect the structure of the chapels and the scalp.

  • Chocolate ash. Amazing color relevant for monophonic staining and timing. Ideally shake expressive eyes and bright lips. Combined with massive accessories and catchy outfits.

  • Saturated blonde with copper. Quite complex and multifaceted color, which is obtained by mixing a few tones. Perfectly combined with white and olive skin. Achieve this shade will be achieved using techniques coloring and timing.

To whom will suit?

Dark blond ash tone perfectly combined with winter color. It perfectly shams dark eyes and snow-white skin. Holders of South Beauty Steel Color can be used for partial dyeing.

Note that From dark blonde with ash with an aspiration worth refuse to eastern beauties. Giving a natural shade of silver glitter, women of the east risk losing their originality and uniqueness. In this case, it is best to give preference to warm tones.

With all the universality of a saturated ash and blond shade, some restrictions in its choice still exist. So, stylists do not recommend this color:

  • owners of saturated sunburn and freckles+
  • Gingerbreads and ladies with golden chapel+
  • Women with problem skin+
  • Natural blondes.

Also, hairdressers professionals do not advise use for monophonic staining such a shade of ladies after 50 years. Cold tone most suited to women from 30 to 45 years.

How to choose paint?

Best of all ash brown falls on blond hair. Brunettes and owners of red curls before painting need to brighten the strands. The modern beauty industry offers a huge selection of funds for giving the chapel of an amazing shade.

  • Permanent paints. Funds are sold in large supermarkets and specialized stores. Dark-colored ash color is presented in the palette of famous brands: “Estelle”, “Palette”, “Garnier”, “Loreal”. Hair dye permanent colors will give an excellent result that will delight durability and color saturation. Affect the ashes shade will be at home.

  • Tint shampoos. The declared cosmetics is rather gentle and does not harm the structure of the hair. However, it has a property to quickly wash off (it keeps about two weeks). Do not apply toning funds for weakened hair. Lifeless strands before staining must be restored with cream-masks. Tinting, shampoos and balsams are distinguished by a democratic price and sold in any cosmetic store.

Dark blond ash tone great for monophonic and partial staining. Among them are the most popular techniques.

  • Bally. Such a method can be described as vertical staining. Suitable ladies with long curly hair. Ash brown in technology Ballwear is relevant for youthful women with expressive eyes and catchy makeup.

  • Ombre. Implies a harmonious combination of colors. Thus, the roots of the hair retain their natural color, and the rest of the strands acquire an amazing silver shade. Similar equipment is relevant for carbonous brown.

  • Melting. Cold ash tones are perfectly combined with warm shades. The method suits the owners of short haircuts (Pixie, Bob, Kare).

Note that the result of staining at home can turn out to be very unexpected. Therefore, it is better to turn to a professional hairchera, which, with the help of tones, will receive amazing silver tint.

Care after staining

Save an amazing shade easy. The main thing is to regularly update the color and conscientiously care for hair. Experienced stylists recommend:

  • Wash your head as needed using gentle shampoos+
  • regularly make restoring masks+
  • Restrict the use of equipment for laying (iron and tongs)+
  • Do not comb wet hair, as the likelihood of their mechanical damage increases+
  • Do not forget about the use of a headdress in summer and winter periods+
  • Update color with skeleton shampoos and color roots 1 time per month.

In addition, before bedtime, it will not be superfluous to make a head massage. It will help keep the hair thunderstorm and healthy.

In the next video you will find toning of red-yellow hair into ash blonde color.

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