Dark blond hair paint: Rules of choice and staining

Dark blond hair paint: Rules of choice and staining

Blonde hair color is popular because it has many shades. It suits most girls with a warm skin tone, but there are certain rules for coloring in such a color.

Advantages and disadvantages of color

Despite all its attractiveness, dark blonde has both advantages and many flaws. In the list of advantages:

  • the beauty+
  • Tenderness of color+
  • well combined with Slavic appearance+
  • remains in trend, since such a shade always looks natural+
  • It has a wide palette+
  • The structure of the hair is riser, since such painting is very careful.

Among the disadvantages it is necessary to allocate:

  • It is very important to professionally approach the shade, because he is capricious, and it may not turn out at all the result+
  • Attractive shine is rapidly lost+
  • Subsequent care is expensive+
  • If the shade is false wrong, then the girl will add for several years.

Who fits?

The choice of the right color of the hair will make it possible to make a harmonious image. To find the best tint of the brown for yourself, it is necessary to take into account the skin tone and eye color. The perfect subtople of curls should serve as an additional face decoration, make your hairstyle better, hide age-related skin changes.

Just as colors in clothing should work together, the shade of hair and skin must complement each other. On girls with pale light and pink skin, dark blond will look good, especially if the eyes of the sky, gray-blue or gray.

Beautiful sexes with golden, warm or beige-pink tint and karium or amber eyes are better to refrain from any subtone. Natural brown or red hair also can not be painted in dark blond, because in the end it turns out dirty, even marsh green, get rid of which is not so simple.

Brown, naturally tanned, and European leather shades are better combined with rich, warm hair colors. The best choice between dark blonde and dark brown.

The correctly selected staining technique will also give a shade of a different value, allow it to be playing with new paints.

Gold or honey shade will create a depth on her hair in a dark blond palette.


Colorists tried to create a rich palette of dark blobbed for girls of different ages. Very rich and rich color is obtained with a golden chip. It combined glare:

  • Caramel+
  • Honey.

Coloring in this hue will refresh the dark hair, give them the nobleness, the necessary shine. After staining, the curls look as much as possible, it does not immediately become clear that they have undergone an additional impact of pigment.

If the warm palette does not attract, then you should try a cold range that looks more stylish, modern. True, you should not use ash-gray subtle girls who have beautiful tanned skin and dark eyes. It is worth noting that it is not so easy to achieve such a clean color on the hair, here a high-quality professional approach is required. If you use low-quality paint, and even more so at home yourself, then the result may be completely unpredictable.

Dark-colored can be with a copper tide, achieve this color is possible only with toning. The fact is that the natural combination of red and cold blood is practically not found in nature.

In practice, such a solution is ideal for bold and bold natures, which must be blonde and very pale leather.

Girls with lightly from nature curls can be achieved wheat color, which, despite its visible simplicity, is very multifaceted if you look at it with different lighting. In the afternoon, this is a soft and warm shade, similar to what ripe wheat has, and in the evening he gives light notch bronze or coffee shine.

Beautiful sexes who boast a cold subtock of leather, worth trying a combination of dark blond and light chocolate. Locks made in this color palette can be combined with any style makeup – even if it is completely simple, the girl will stand out from the crowd.

Selecting paint

When choosing hair paint, it is worth paying attention to such nuances:

  • Top brands are always considered the best, since the risk of obtaining an unexpected result in this case is minimal+
  • Color You can learn not by what is depicted on the package, but using the attached color palette+
  • When dyeing dark hair or red to this tone, you will first need to pre-discolor your hair.

If the hair is black or dark brown, you must first remove the main pigment. After that, you can achieve the desired shade, but not always for one staining.

When a girl has a bright tint of curls from nature, very close to the blond, it is possible that from the first attempt will not work. In this case, you will have to paint the hair for the second time, but only after 2 weeks.

After staining it is very important to give curls the necessary meals and moisturizing. For this perfectly fit balms and masks, they will help the hair to restore health and power.

Methods of coloring

There are two types of staining in a dark blonde hair color:

  • From the darker+
  • From the blonde to the dark river.

Changing the color of the hair from the black to the described shade requires the girl first to illuminate the curls, but not more than 2-3 tones, so intensive discoloration is not used.

Professionals advise to get rid of the Dark Pigment gradually. Only after that you can paint the curls in a dark blond shade.

Before brightening the hair, you need to take care of their healthy condition, that is, before this use nutrient hair masks.

Girls with red hair on a natural hue can not be used blond, they are completely incompatible. We will have to first, like in the first version, wash the natural pigment.

When painting a blonde in a dark blime, it is necessary to shadow the tone gradually. Such a color is very capricious, it is difficult to achieve the desired result without experience, so it is often attracted by professionals.

At the first stage it is important to choose a shade, given the natural color of the curls. The most difficult to achieve ash-blin. Simple color update can be performed using outer or bally.

There is a new no less popular technique, but it is only available in the cabin. It is 3D staining – it makes it possible to add visually volume, as well as give color saturation.

Read more about how to paint your hair in a dark blonde color, you will learn from the following video.

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