Dark Blonde Hair Color: Shades and Staining Technology

Dark Blonde Hair Color: Shades and Staining Technology

Each woman at least once in his life changed her hair color. And this is not surprising, because hair coloring is a relatively safe procedure that allows in a short period of time to radically or partially change the image. Recently, even Hollywood stars prefer natural hair color, and dark blonde is one of the most popular shades.

Advantages and disadvantages

The dark-brown color of the hair used to be called “mouse” and tried to get rid of it in different ways. But with the development of the fashion industry, constantly changing world trends and the appearance of paints for hair with various shades, the color still won its popularity. He, like other shades, has both its advantages and disadvantages.

And before you choose the tone, you need to carefully examine all the information available on this issue.

One of the main advantages of this color is its naturalness. After all, different shades of this color are quite common, which means even the painted hair will look as much as possible. Hair painted in a beautiful dark blond shade always looks luxuriously, richly, but at the same time it is unclear. The owner of dark blonde hair always looks fresh and feminine, as the color allows you to smooth out even the coarsest features.

The dark blonde hair color is suitable almost any lady. To spoil the appearance of this color is impossible, the main thing is to choose the shade. The dark blond shade is perfectly suitable for ladies preferring dark tones, but not admiring black hair color. Besides, Dark-colored perfectly copes with the painting of seeds, which is important for women aged. Any shade accelerates with time, but it’s not always easy to change it to another. Dark-born, unlike black, can be changed to ash-blonde, and this can be done quite quickly and without much harm for the hair structure.

Another advantage of this color is the possibility of giving individual curls of a lighter shade using a melting, and at will and toning. After all, a large number of shades of this color are greatly combined with both melted and tinted curls. The shortcomings of the dark blond hair are not so much, but still they are.

The shade must be selected correctly, otherwise even the most pretty and not yet old young ladies can visually seem older than they actually. An erroneous choice, of course, is not fatane, but repainting does not most effect on the structure of the hair, so the accurate choice of tone is important. Another minus of dark blond – this is the presence of originally shiny and silky hair. All shades of this color look beautiful only on healthy hair, and so unfortunately, it can boast far from every lady.

By cons colors, you can also attribute its gradual leaching. Of course, almost all dyes are washed out, but not all of them acquire a greenish tint, like a dark blond color.

Unfortunately, the appearance of this shade does not depend on the type of paint, so that to maintain the original color will have to regularly tint curons.

Who fits?

Although the dark blonde is universal and suits many ladies with different shades of the skin, eye color and hair length, but still there are some nuances that need to know before buying paint. For the owners of long and medium (to shoulders), the hair of the dark blonde is great, because it is it best to emphasize and natural dense, and a natural shine.

On the short hair and haircuts in the style of Kara, this color will look worse, so girls preferring different types of short haircuts, it is better to abandon the dark blond.

Face form also matters. A dark blond color to couple with oval or round type of face looks excellent. But the owners of a triangular or square type, this tone is not suitable at all, as it is able to visually emphasize not only the angularity of the forms, but also add a few too many years. Skin condition, oddly enough, also affects the choice of tone. The perfectly looks like the skin of the face, the better the dark blond color will look.

For girls with problem skin, who decided to repaint their hair in this hue, you will have to either put it in order, or to abandon the staining at all.

Dark-colored has different shades, and therefore the combination of skin tones and eye colors should also be taken into account when selecting paint. Holders of brown eyes and dark-colored dark-colored with golden or reddish. But the green-eyed or blue-eyed ladies should choose ashon. Serulyzim Beauty will like the color with reddish or completely reddish, because it is best to emphasize the color of the eyes, make it saturated and bright.

The owners of amber eyes are better to stop their choice on cold colors in which a purple pigment is present. It gives the main color dark and quite saturated tone, which is why the eye cut acquires an extraordinary attraction, and the color brightness. An important moment for the ladies determined with the tint is the condition of the hair. Before painting they are necessary to put in order. Surface tips should be trimmed, because after staining this flare will be noticeable.

Color spectrum

The palette of dark blond color is conditionally divided into cold and warm tones. The cold tones with an ashtone will be more suitable for the owners of a light skin type, and warm tones to which all brown shades belong will be great to harmonize with a dark skin type. Hair paints with an ash tint, more suitable for cold color, contain either blue or green pigments. After all, only they can remove the natural reddish shade of hair.

Ash dark blond tone is best noticeable with sunlight, in the room it looks somewhat darker and visually perceived as more dull than it actually.

For warm tones of dark blond color are characterized by copper, golden and bronze shades. With sunlight, hair painted in such tones will always seem lighter than they are actually. Locks stained in warm tones of dark blonde color will always look brighter and shiny than cold tones. To date, it is possible to get the desired shade of dark blonde using both colors with ammonia and without it, and with tonic.

The most inexpensive is Tonic Balm Balsam (Tint 3.0). It does not have both ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Despite the fact that there are no substances that contribute to the deep penetration of pigment into the structure of the hair, it perfectly copes with the task. Shade on the hair turns out saturated and stays for quite a long time.

Sanding paint without ammonia Wella Professional Color Fresh Acid (tone 6/7) stands out among the remaining balanced composition. In addition, in addition to painting pigments, there are components that support the hair structure in due state. In addition, it is capable of painting and seeding, however, if its share does not exceed 30%. The tone turns bright, and the hair is shiny.

Paint palette (No. 5) differs from previous species with its composition. Due to ammonia present in the composition, the coloring pigments are deeply penetrated into the structure of the hair, and the caring components give hair shine. Indeed, there is not only a mixture of oils, but also vitamins. She copes perfectly with gray. Gray strands not only acquire the desired shade, but also a healthy look.

Perfectly copes with gray and famous non-ammatic paint from Firms L’Oreal from the Prodigy line. It possesses a cream texture, easy to apply and gives hair a natural shiny shade. In this series, you can pick up three shades of dark blond: 6.0, 6.32 and 4.0.

From the same manufacturer, but already from Series Excellence You can buy paint with dark russes color and beige tint (6.13). She copes perfectly with gray, gives hair a welcome rich shade and at the same time cares for curls. In addition to the basic substances, the components are also included in the composition, successfully coded with the smoothing of the cuticle while saturating them with vitamins and other substances necessary for a healthy brilliance.

Non-ammatic paint Olia, Garnier produced under the brand, is distinguished among similar compositions by the presence of a mixture of caring oils. Her dark blond color with shades 6.0 (basic), 6.3 (Golden), 6.35 (caramel), 6.43 (Golden-copper) not only gives the hair a beautiful sampling, but also makes them soft and obedient. And the presence of a pleasant aroma emanating from paint allows it to highlight it among colors with a similar composition.

A good dark blond color with a warm tint (15) can be obtained by using paint londa. It is inexpensive, but quite persistent, besides, the components are serving behind curls, which affects them after staining, the hair is shine and look well-keeled.

The wide palette of shades of dark blonde is there Paints Syoss. The marking of the box with the first digit 6 points to the color, but the shades depending on the series are designated either unambiguous, or a two-digit number standing through a hyphen. In the Oleo Intense series there are several shades. Ash, produced under the labeling 6-55, golden 6-80, and the base is marked with numbers 6-10. In the baseline there is a basic shade of 6-8 and warm golden, marked with 6-7.

Subtleties of painting

Of course, the change in the color of the hair without unpleasant consequences will be best of all from a professional hairdresser, since this shade is quite complicated, and it’s not always to pick it up. With independent staining, it is not always clear which result is the tone, so the source color of the hair is of great importance. It is he who affects the result. On her hair with one tone, the shade will be as indicated in the palette, and on hair with a different tone of waiting may not be justified.

In order for the result from pleased, and not upset, it is necessary to take into account some subtleties even at the stage of pick-up. The selection of the shade must be carried out only if there is a special palette.

Do not be guided by the image on the box, as it is not always clear what the tone will turn out. Yes, and the photo on the box does not always coincide with the tone on the palette.

If the original hair color has a light shade, and it differs from the desired more than 2 tones, then you will have to make at least 2 staining, otherwise it will not be possible to achieve the desired result. For that In order for the color to be bright and saturated, re-painting must be made no later than 2-3 weeks after the first procedure. For 2 procedures, the number of pigments in each hairs will increase, and the hair will get the desired tone.

Natural dark hair color before staining will have to clarify, and then tint the selected tint. Painted in dark tones hair (black, chestnut and other brown shades) will have to subjected to such a procedure as washed. And only after it paint the hair in a dark blonde. For strongly pigmented hair, this procedure is usually repeated, and for especially “scored” pigments, the cuticles are made again.

Between washes, it is necessary to carry out restoration procedures, otherwise the hair will look like a pass.

Red-haired beauties repainted in a dark blond color quite difficult, but still possible. If the rhizer is natural, then the paint must be chosen in composition, there must be blue or blue pigments in it, they best cope with red-chip. If the red shade on the hair is present due to the paint, then you will have to apply the wash at first and only then paint the hair into a dark blond color.

Do not forget about possible allergic reactions to components in the composition. Therefore, to test before applying paint must necessarily. To do this, a small amount of composition is applied in the area of ​​the elbow bending and wait for a while. If there is no redness and rashes, it means that the paint can be safely used.

Check the selected shade for compliance with the claimed color can be on a separate thin strand. The composition is applied to the curl, it is withstanding the necessary time, washed off, and the result obtained is checked with the declared tone. If still doubts stayed, then it is best to choose a brighter tone, rather than dark, as maneuvering from light to dark easier than the opposite.

Do not stand 1-2 days before staining wash your hair, but at the same time hair should not be too dirty, And certainly there should be no stacking. On the packaging manufacturer, as a rule, indicates which hair you need to apply the composition.

Too dirty hair makes it difficult to penetrate pigments in the cuticle, and unnecessarily pure paint can “burn”, they will become dry and brittle.

If the paint was selected in accordance with all precautionary measures, and the hair is properly prepared, then you can proceed directly to staining. Formulations, and, as a rule, in the box go 2, mixed in suitable capacity. For this, it is perfectly suitable either glass or ceramic dishes. Some paints do not require additional capacity, one composition is poured into a container with another, after which the mixture obtained is thoroughly shaken.

On the shoulders it is necessary to wear a special waterproof cape, and the skin around the hair growth is smeared with bold cream. Instead of capes you can use a piece of fabric. And if the paint without the content of ammonia, then the cream can not be used. The mixture is applied with a brush for pre-combaring hair. Start better with the backbone area, with the roar zone. But if there are gray strands, it is best to start staining with the most extensive zone of their growth, as it takes a little more for the stratching of the gray hair than for pigmented hair. Distribute paint need carefully and evenly throughout the length of hair.

Exposure time depends on specific paint, the manufacturer always indicates it on the package and in the nested instructions. At the end, the hair is thoroughly washed with warm water, and then using shampoo. After which the nutritional balm is applied to the hair and a certain time is withstanding. The coloring procedure is finishing with rinse, and then dry hair.

Caring for curls after staining

Painted hair, regardless of color, always require more thorough care compared to hair, not exposed to paint. There are several recommendations to keep hair in excellent condition. In order for the hair painted in a dark blonde color, did not lose the brightness of the tone and remained as long as possible brilliantly and soft, it is necessary to use special care products. To date, there are quite a few such funds.

The mains are, of course, shampoo and balm with labeling “for painted hair”. To restore the structure, it is desirable at least once a week to apply a special mask with similar labeling on the hair. To preserve the hair structure, it is undesirable to use the iron, catch and a hairdryer with a hot air hairdryer. The heating elements of the iron and curls, like too hot air dryer, when contacting with hair, destroy the structure of the cuticle, and the curls become dry and lifeless. The use of the catch and iron must be minimized, and drying is carried out either with a hairdryer with heat-air supply, or without without it.

An adverse effect on painted hair has various styling. Too frequent use of varnishes, gels and mousses can lead to hair fragile, their exhaustion, as well as the appearance of secheny tips. After all, the hair exposed to paints is more vulnerable to the chemical composition of stamping facilities, rather than staining.

Painted hair can not save the tone for a long time, as pigments under the influence of shampoo with time are washed out. To maintain a tone, you must purchase a scene. At home the most convenient to use either a balm or shampoo. More efficiently acts, of course, balsam, he will not only give a shade, but also smoothes and napported hair with useful substances. Ideal if the shade will be from the same series as paint.

To maintain tone of the hair, you can use not only chemicals, but also natural. To give the hair of a golden shade, a decoction with a chamomile and lemon juice will be perfect. He is not only good offen, but also moisturizes hair. Brownish shade of hair can be given with the help of a ragger of the leaves of Sage. It will be excellent and give off the shine, without spoiling the structure of the hair.

About what are the shades of blond hair, look in the following video.

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