Dark Blonde: Who will fit and how to get a color?

Dark Blonde: Who will fit and how to get a color?

If you intend to repaint your curls to the most trend roller, then without hesitation, give preference to the dark blond – this year he produced the real four. Experts of the beauty industry even invented him their definition – “Bronov”. It is believed that this is a universal shade, which simultaneously combines both warm and ice tones, so it looks spectacular on women of various color plants.


First, let’s figure it out in definitions. The brand is a cross between the blonde and the middle-chestnut kel of strands. Among the fans of this color, recognized stars of show business and the Fashion industry are seen: Jennifer Lopez, as well as Blake Lively, Giselle Bundchen, Lily James and many others.

Dark shade Blonde is a harmonious connection of blond and brownish tones. From the whole palette of light tones of shades, it is the darkest, as close as possible to it. Mid-blond color and a kel called “Beige Blonde”.

The brand contributes to the creation of an aristocratic image, personifies the laconicity, restraint and desire for the ideal.

There is absolutely nothing surprising in the fact that the ladies that prefer this tone are distinguished by exceptional balance, sophistication and stylishness.

The benefits of a dark blond can be attributed to the following:

  • The image of a woman painted into such shades, looks as natural and natural possible and natural+
  • The color visually increases the line of curls, makes them more voluminous+
  • Dark blonde benefits the skin, gives fresh and shining look+
  • As the roots are growing, the difference between natural and painted areas of hair is almost imperceptible+
  • It looks great on long wavy curls, and on a short square+
  • Perfectly masks gray.

Dark blonde is performed only on painted hair, so every woman can use this koller to correct the unsuccessful shade.

Who is coming?

The brand is a universal color that is able to adapt to different shades of eyes and different tones of the skin – for example, the summer colorless women look very spectaciously in the golden and honey colors, and the harees of the spring type will fit muffled cold shades.

Unfortunately, Representatives of the Winter Types and Autumn better pay attention to other colors: Women with blond eyes and white leather in combination with dark russes look not very harmonious, and for dark-skinned beauties, the shade is too simple and not enough.

Palette shades

Color Palette of Natural Blond Wine.

  • The classic option is the natural dark blonde – This stylish shade visually resembles a muffled bright blond with a variety of additional halftone. Usually, such a color is used for partial staining in Ombre techniques or Ballwear – Thus, on the hair you can create beautiful glare, so that the effect of burnt strands.

  • Beige is a dark blonde tone, which resembles the ash-blonde, but due to the presence of cold notes, which are distinguishable even with artificial lighting, the temperature of the flag becomes more warm and soft.

  • Golden-light It contains several shades at once: nut, bronze, amber, and they all intertwined in this color. The undoubted advantage of color is that it goes almost to all types of appearance. However, this tone is very catchy, so the durable young ladies in a similar shade will feel uncomfortable.

  • Caramel blonde – One of the warmest shades, perfectly looks at gallowed girls with olive or tanned skin.

  • Chocolate blonde has a large number of beautiful color solutions, so finding a woman who toning to these shades would not be almost impossible. The most popular tone is the “coffee with milk” – this is a sweet shade, which seems to be highlighted in the sun from the inside. Color does not contain red, yellow or red overflows, so it can be recommended both brunettes and blondes.

    In addition, the most relevant shades can be allocated “light mocha”, as well as “milk chocolate” and “frosty cappuccino”.

    Overview of the best paints

    Color Dye Dark Blonde It can be found in the color palette of all known cosmetic brands:

    • L`oreal+
    • Spacolor+
    • Eugene Perma+
    • Herbatint+
    • Londa+
    • Wella Color.

    Paints Koller Dark Blonde are widely represented in free sale, however, preference is better to give to professional tools: they contain components that give the shade of particular durability and possess a pronounced leaving effect.

    Keep in mind – good dyes can not cost cheap, most often the compositions of the price below 100 rubles are given a unstable shade, which after several times washing will provide an unpleasant red or red effect.

    How to get color?

    It should be noted that in nature the brand is extremely rare, usually a good color on the hair becomes the result of the work of an experienced colorist, which is perfectly understood in all modern trends and likes to emphasize on conciseness and naturalness. Get on the head dark blond can be in several ways.

    • Monocracy. This is a complete toning at which the entire shock of the hair is painted.
    • Professional toning. Optimal option for natural blondes. This short-term staining, which gives a noble saturated shade and does not have a traumatic action on hair.
    • Partial coloring. In this case, the dye is applied to separate strands, usually brings and women with dark hair resorted to such a way. At the same time, the strands brighten up for 2-3 tones from the main koller. Thus, the hair is impressed by light, but at the same time remain natural and admire the effect of light overflows on the curls.

    The technique of armor is most popular, while specialists are often resorted by a rather interesting trick: the hair near the face they toned a little lighter, and this allows you to soften the rough features.

    However, if you do not like this approach, you can always ask the hairdresser to make stylish accents or stretching along the length of the curls.

      Armion will be an excellent solution for women with weakened hair, since the need for re-exposure to strands will arise only after a few months.

      Out of Hair Care

      In order for your hair as long as possible to remain healthy, shining and strong, and the color is persistent and bright, very important after dyeing do not forget about the care. We invite you to take advantage of experienced stylists.

      • Use only specialized shampoos and air conditioners for toned hair. They contain leaving components, but sulfates that promote color flushing are not in them, because the kolker retains its resistance for quite a long time.

      • Remember that any, even the minimum impact of synthetic dyes is injury, hair after that need restoring procedures. With this purpose at least once a week you need to use masks and serums. It will be worth it from time to time to make oil wraps, but it is not necessary to abuse this procedure, since the oil with frequent application can make the color dim and lifeless.

      • Minimize any thermal impact on the hair: refuse to use a curl, thermal cargy, iron and hot hair dryer. If the stacking is not avoided, then definitely apply the thermal protection composition.

      • Summer protect curls from direct sunlight exposure. The fact is that under the batting ultraviolet rays, the color quickly burns out, and an unpleasant yellowness may appear.

      • Well, of course, to maintain a spectacular bronon, do not forget once every 10-14 days to use shadowing shampoos and tonic, which will give your curls natural radiance and shine.

      How to perform staining at home, you will learn from video.

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