Dark brown hair: tone, paint selection and care

Dark brown hair: tone, paint selection and care

Dark brown hair hair is one of the most universal. Its numerous shades make it possible to form an organic image provided almost any exterior color. In addition, the change in the color of the hair in a dark tone is considered less traumatic than its clarification.

Color features

Dark brown shades range from almost black bitter chocolate to the color of golden chestnut, which is a mixture of blond and caramel-red. A beautiful deep shade is universal, because it can go as in the “cold” and in the “warm” palette. Dark colors allow emphasize the characteristic features of appearance, and brighter variations – add a playfulness image.

Nevertheless, this shade and drawback is available – it adds age even the most young girls. The presence of dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles automatically adds a decade.

It has the dark color and the ability to emphasize attention on the lack of skin. Pimples, wrinkles, bags – all this becomes more noticeable, especially if the owner of dark brown hair is also a cemetery. The same applies to the haircut – the secant tips or unsuccessful haircut immediately manifest on a dark background. This, by the way, sends to another lack of a shade – it has to carefully maintain, otherwise the stylish image will quickly be destroyed.

Washing paint and growing roots, especially if they are bright, very quickly spoil the whole picture.

Varieties of shades

In principle, many shades are called dark brown, since this color scheme is quite extensive. The difference between them is the subtone used. Dark brown with a cold ashten looks very natural, but often adds a woman an extra age, and therefore only the young beauties will fit. However, it looks good in absolutely with any color of the eyes and skin. Dark brown with purple overflows actually looks quite modest and appropriate even when office work. Its bright colors are manifested only when exposed to sunlight.

Dark brown with gold is a light variety of this color scheme and is recommended to beauties with light skin and green eyes. Dark brown with a reddock looks very bright and a little extravagant, and therefore comes only to girls with the corresponding character. Use it follows with light but not pale leather. There is even a combination of dark brown and blond. It is also quite universal and very natural.

Dark brown with black subtock almost close to black color. It is recommended two main types: light skin and blue eyes or tanned skin and brown eyes. Dark brown with red subtock reaches almost cherry tone. It is ideal for those girls who prefer dark hair, but they want to refresh the image slightly and make it more interesting.

To whom will suit?

To pick up the most appropriate tone, first it will be necessary to understand what kind of variation of dark brown is suitable for which color. Should start with the fact that Regardless of the type, the shade will suit those girls whose natural shade is only one or two tones lighterly planned. He, as a rule, is always successful and only emphasizes the benefits of appearance. In addition, a dark brown color is recommended for “winter” girls. As for the color of the eyes, the most harmonious look in this case looks brown or green.

Flooking blue-eyed women with dark brown should be neat. If the desire to use a specific kel is present, it is better to limit ourselves to the melting or coloring of individual strands. However, if the skin is very pale, almost translucent, then from this shade it is better to refuse – the colors are so distinguished that the final result will be disadvantageous. But here is a dark skin and brown eyes will look in this situation very winning.

Generally, If the girl’s color is warm, and the skin tanned or olive, then you need to choose warm shades of dark brown. For example, subtock in this case can be red, golden or honey. If the skin of the girl is bright, then it is much more cold shades. The length of the hair or the presence of a certain haircut does not play any role in this case. Dark brown shade looks great in any case.

However, that the image becomes even more winning, it is better to cut the curls with graduation.

How to choose the coloring agent?

Hair dyeing in dark brown does not represent a special difficulty, as it does not even require preliminary discoloration with the exception of golden shades. The main thing is to choose quality and proven paint of the desired shade, and then follow the instructions. There are opportunities to use both long-term staining of ammonia paint and temporary tinting. If we are talking about not particularly long-term use of color, then you should acquire tonic or sample shampoos. Pigment in this case will delight from one week until the whole month.

Popular brands of unstable dyes are Estel, Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal and Wella. Firm “Rocolor” does not always guarantee proper quality, and therefore, if possible, the tonic of this brand should not buy.

If there is a desire to achieve a more resistant shade, which will remain on the hair from a month to two, then you will have to turn to a dye containing ammonia. Although the pigment will be leaning gradually, the growing roots will soon begin to spoil the appearance, and therefore they should be particularly careful and immediately painted. Persistent dyes produce the same brands as tinting means, but in addition you should mention Brand Syoss.

Dark brown is almost impossible to obtain with natural ingredients. But some folk recipes really make a natural shade richer and more interesting, and also give him a golden shine. Use in this situation to be cinnamon, Luke’s husks, either bark oak.

One of the proven recipes implies the use of 3 tablespoons of chopped cinnamon sticks, the same amount of honey, a pair of tablespoons of lemon juice, 100 milliliters of olive oil and 100 milliliters air conditioner for hair. Mixing the ingredients to uniformity, the resulting substance should be applied to quite a long gap – from 3 to 8 hours. The exact amount is determined depending on the natural color of the curls: what they are lighter, the less you will have to wait.

Long husk is used as a dye in the form of a concentrated bravery. Use fluid is necessary daily, rinse your head after washing or wiping strands with a wet sponge. Extremely, this tool will act on natural blondes.

Beautiful dark brown shade turns out and when using walnut peel. Grinding the product and mixing it with water, it is necessary to achieve a creamy consistency. The mixture is distributed through the hair of minutes by 15, after which it is washed off by ordinary running water.

On gray or light hair well to express themselves and black tea. A firmly brewed drink is used for rinsing, after which the strands need to be left alone for half an hour, and then rinse. A good solution will add to the solution and coffee. As a rule, 150 milliliters have just needed waterproof water requires 4 teaspoons of tea and the same amount of coffee.

Recommendations for staining

Partial staining is performed only in the cabin conditions, as such procedures, such as timing, coloring and others are quite complex. The advantages of such methods include the absence of strong harm for hair, the relevance and lack of the need for constant correction – it is enough to do only once every 3 months or even six months. The price tag on such complex staining starts from 4 thousand rubles. Conventional hair coloring in the cabin will cost much cheaper – from 1 to 3 thousand rubles.

In any case, the final price is determined depending on the professionalism of the master and prestige of the cabin.

To paint the hair into dark brown at home, you will pay only the price of the dye. Act the instruction in which the required ratio of components is indicated and the required duration of the drug. Specialists recommend the fair-haired young ladies first to handle hair roots, and then, withstanding from a quarter to a third of an hour, distribute the dye along the entire length of strands.

How to care for strands after the procedure?

Painted hair requires special care to, first, restore them after a traumatic procedure, and, secondly, not to lose the color just gained. All funds used, that is, shampoos, balms, air conditioners and masks should contain the mark “for painted hair”, as otherwise they will contribute to the flushing of pigment. Weed strands require regular nutrition, which can be quite easy and economically able to provide masks from natural ingredients. If possible, hair should be protected from chlorinated water, aggressive impact of ultraviolet and frost.

From time to time, the shade will have to be refreamed with the help of short-term tinting agents.

Dark hair should be regularly trimmed by sequencing tips, as they are pretty brightly stand out on a background and spoil the whole image. After washing the head, it is necessary to rinse a strand with a mixture of lemon juice of one citrus, aspirin tablets and a liter of pure water. Such a mixture will make it possible to neutralize the effect of copper and chlorine, which are contained in tap water and lead to the appearance of greenish spots. Perfectly affects the condition of the hairproof. Experts recommend regular wraps using olive oil or apricot bone oil. For rinsing, trees are suitable such as chamomile, chamber, nettle or burdock.

Darking hair in dark brown and chocolate shades See next video.

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