Dark chestnut hair color: who is suitable and how to paint strands?

Dark chestnut hair color: who is suitable and how to paint strands?

Solving, in which koler paint hair, many women prefer natural shades, and especially popular “dark chestnut”. On the one hand, such a hair color helps to emphasize the natural tone of the skin and expressiveness of the eyes, on the other – refers to restrained tones, which equally harmoniously looks in a strict office and in a youth party.

Advantages and disadvantages

Usually when staining hair in front of women, the problem of changing the wardrobe, the selection of high-quality care cosmetics and new meycapa. However, the change in the shade on dark chestnut such problems will not create – this shade is well harmonized with any color combinations, suitable for any style and any type.

But the advantages of a dark red koller do not end:

  • This color always looks natural, fresh and natural+
  • Brunettes stained in brown tones are not as noticeable+
  • Chestnut makes it possible to disguise the listed hair tips, so that the curls always look exclusively neat and healthy+
  • Color Suitable for any style, any color and style of clothing+
  • Chestnut motifs on hair create a soft and feminine image, bring a feeling of calm and comfort, and besides, soften too sharp features+
  • Girls with casual features with such staining are literally transformed – the complexion is refreshing, and the eyes become deep, the contour of the lips and eyebrows looks more bright+
  • Locks stained in brown shades visually look more thick and voluminous+
  • Hair produces the impression of shining and even glossy+
  • The color emphasizes the youth of the skin, and in addition, it successfully plays a few years – this is especially valuable for women who have begun with the age-related changes.

However, dark chestnut has its drawbacks:

  • Not all chestnut paints can be good to paint gray+
  • If toning is uniform, it may emphasize all the defects of haircuts and styling+
  • Unstable or non-professional paints are pretty quickly becoming red or rusty+
  • Color does not go to women with narrow persons+
  • Cold chestnut is better to avoid the owners of porcelain skin, and too dark colors will make pale faces painful and tired.

Who is coming?

Dark brown shades recommend that representatives of beautiful sex that lacks their own volume of hair – this color visually adds density and relief, creates spectacular color overflows.

If there are dark curls from nature, specialists recommend that women combine bright and dark notes. Thanks to the mixing of tones, the shade will be playful, deep and will make it the owner of more interesting. For girls preferring bold experiments, more creative options are offered, when dark brown hair is shaved with purple or burgundy shades.

In general, stylists claim that dark brown rollers look at all the harmonious things on women with dark rusia curls, brown eyes, olive or dark skin. However, green-eyed beauties in this color may look no less stylish and even mysterious.

If we talk about the color, then the dark chestnut is recommended to women with the Spring type or Autumn type. However, this tint may be “winter” and “fly”, but only if cold varieties of chestnut are used – as a rule, they are obtained with salon staining by mixing chestnut and ash paints.

Varieties of shades

In general, dark chestnut can be called universal color – with the right choice of shade, it will suit women of any type of appearance, of any age and style.

Among the most sought-after tones, the following varieties are distinguished.

  • Pure Dark Chestnut – This shade will surely interest most of the finest representatives, since it is a universal, deep tone. He is very familiar with young girls, and women of mature age makes more spectacular, chill and stylish. When using high-quality dyes, you can achieve the painting of seeds.

  • Ash chestnis – smooth cold shade, which looks very unusual, makes the appearance more luxurious and gives him a high cost. Color is often used for partial coloring technician – Ballozh, Shatuch or Gradient. As a rule, it is used in contrast with red and golden tones.

  • Golden chestnut – Such staining is perfect for young girls with funny freckles. But the ladies who overtook the 30-year-old age line, it is better to give preference to other colors, since golden notes of dark chestnuts on mature faces can look ridiculous and present the kind of “younger friend”.

  • Copper – This is a very rich, rich tone, which gives the champper additional radiance. Such staining will become an excellent option for women whose skin has a tendency to pigmentation. In addition, copper tinting is well overlapped with seeding, at the same time, when using high-quality dyes, the composition holds on her hair for a long time and is not washed away.

  • Frosty chestnut – Usually, a similar color is used by the owner of dark blond or medium-burglary hair, as a result, a deep cold shade is obtained. It looks very natural – frosty notes visually lighten the skin, making the appearance of a girl more aristocratic and sophisticated.

  • Dark caramel – Warm hue, which is not more harmonious looks on lanes with brown eyes. It is noteworthy that the haircut can be completely any, moreover – the color is universal, because it is equally good both on young girls and older women. Often used for multitone coloring.

  • Chocolate-chestnut – the most saturated roller cooler among all dark chestnut shades. Stylists love to use it when toning in Ombre and Shatuch technique.

Staining looks harmoniously on women of all types and coloring.

  • Walnut – Usually hairdressers use this color for monochrome tinting, as well as to highlight individual strands. Very popular walnut chestnut for gradient staining. The color looks good on the owners of short and ultra-screw strokes. It is often used by ladies in order to return to their natural color – the solution allows you to carefully look in any situation, even if the tips are pretty.

  • Chestnut-bliny – Gentle and very natural tint, most often it is used by the owners of straight long hair. Due to the combination of chestnut and black shades, you can achieve a natural shiny transfusion. The kel is suitable for women with blond and dark curls.

  • Red chestnut – rich color, which gives hair additional shine. Such a shade is good for mature women – he makes their appearance more noble and feminine, but young girls stay better on other toning options.

  • Chestnut-red – suitable young lady with severe pigmentation on the skin, makes a woman more youthful and spectacular.

How to pick up tone by color?

In order to choose a suitable shade, You can take advantage of the following recommendations:

  • For the owner of brown eyes, depending on the color of its skin, there will be harmonious warm dark brown tones with reddish and red overflows+
  • For women with pale skin, as well as bright blue or gray eyes, you can recommend cold shades of dark chestnut+
  • ladies with dark or olive skin worth making a choice in favor of caramel, copper and other soft warm shades, regardless of how color their eyes.
  • Green-eyed beauty with light pigmented leather is better preferred warm shades with copper or golden mound.

Selecting paint

When choosing paint, special attention should be paid to whether the ammonia dye contains, it is also worth knowing the name of the shade and the figure that is specified on the package.

If you make a choice in favor of ammonia compositions, then the paint will stay on the hair at least 2 months, but at the same time damage the structure of the hair.

As for digital designations, you need to choose those that are in the range from 2 to 5 – The color intensity depends on this and how dark can. Accordingly, the name of the tone speaks for itself.

Keep in mind that high-quality paint can not be cheap. It is best to give preference to products of famous brands, because your appearance and hair health depends on the dye composition.

Among the funds who earned the most positive consumer reviews include the following brands.

  • Garnier. Brand with a world name, which produces dyes for both women and men. To date, the main forces and funds of the company are concentrated on the production of products of the Color Natural series. These dyes give deep saturated, but at the same time natural shades. The paints are enriched with olive oil, which feeds and moisturizes hair, minimizing the damage caused by aggressive components. Packaging cost varies from 120 to 300 rubles.

  • Palette. Composition of the popular brand Schwarzkopf. This coloring agent belongs to the category of budget. Pigments in its composition are well coped with the task of tinting hair and hold on her hair for a long time. Contain caring components, thanks to which the hair remains soft and silky. The only lack of paint – caustic smell. The cost is approximately 120-150 rubles.

  • ESTEL. The paint from the professional series is distinguished by persistence, so it can successfully paint the hair with any structure in the chestnut shade. By the way, the manufacturer produces not only paints, but also tonic, balms and shedding shampoos that allow you to maintain the intensity and depth of color in breaks between staining. Using these products, you can even change the hair color for a couple of tones.

  • L`oreal. Famous cosmetic brand that produces brown hair paints in wide satellite palette. Many of them have a leaving function, for example, microns compositions. Additionally produced drugs without ammonia. The cost of paint is 350-400 rubles.

  • Wella. There are several tint lines of paint of this brand, including professional formulations. The manufacturer also offers a rich selection of tonics and shampoos to maintain a bright shade. The cost of such paints is an average of 700 rubles.

  • Londa. This dye contains a lot of ammonia, but only it allows it to effectively paint gray, which is why the paint is very popular with mature women. At the same time, the composition is distinguished by a relatively low cost of 120 rubles, therefore refers to the budget category.

Methods of coloring

The main advantage of a dark brown color is that it is easy enough to get at home painting – the beauty salon is usually sent only if you want to get some unusual effect on the hair, for example, ombrov, 3D staining or timing.

All these techniques are relevant if girls originally have a dark hair color.

It is noteworthy that when painting in this color there is no need to pre-bleach even if the source color of the curls is black. In addition, dark chestnut successfully hides red or red paints.

Coloring is very simple. To do this, the painting emulsion is bred in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction, and then, ranging from the occipital region towards the front, evenly blame all strands. When the whole head is processed – the hair is combed with a brush and withstand the necessary time.

In order to avoid problems with growing roots, stylists recommend painting the root part of the shock darker and saturated paint. For this use two methods:

  • Staining with another tone+
  • Hair coloring according to the scheme: first the root area, then the ends – thanks to such tricks near the head, the color will turn out more intense, but the transition will be smooth.

Full coloring is most popular – so hair look more refined. In order for the paint to lay evenly, hairdressers use a small trick – in front of toning wet the hair with ordinary water.

By the way, due to changes in the concentration of the current component, you can minimize the degree of injury.

Care for curls

Do not forget that even the best hair paint still involves a chemical impact on strands, so the hair structure is partially damaged. To support Lock health, you need to use special shampoos and air conditioners for painted hair – They have the ability to restore strands, and in addition, maintain saturation and brightness of the shade.

If desired, you can resort to efficient salon procedures:

  • Caiderization – applying special composition on hair, which allows you to get rid of the above and eliminate the damage to the hair rod+
  • Illumination – treatment with a drug that carries for the hair and has a slight toning effect+
  • Lamination is a procedure creates a film on the hair that gives her hair shine and protecting the hair structure from negative impact.

In addition, it is advisable to avoid ultraviolet rays and in sunny weather you must wear a headdress. If you neglect this measure, the tips of the hair will be very soon weakened and dim.

During holidays in hot countries, it will be unlisted additionally handle hair with special foam.

Hair oils have a very good effect – you can purchase ready-made leaving products on an oil basis, or you can make a mixture yourself. Oils are well restored by the structure of the hair, but you should not resort to them more often than once every 10-14 days, because in this case the pigment from the curls will wash it very quickly.

Recommendations for the image

In conclusion, give some advice for women, who decided to become a dark brown.

  • With a similar color of hair When choosing makeup, preference is better to give classic style – a tone base should be as close as possible to a natural shade of the skin, a highlighter should be applied in a minimal amount, the shadow is preferably choosing from peach gamma, but the color of the lipstick has no fundamental importance.

  • Particular attention should be paid to the eyebrows – they must be on the tone of lighter hair.

  • Dark chestnut does not impose some requirements for the wardrobe of a woman, however, the most harmoniously in combination with such a hair coloring, blue, pink and red shades look. The classic black and white version will be not the best combination, so if the dress code dictates its demands, it is best to leave the bottom black, and instead of a white blouse put on a cream or light blue blouse.

How to get chestnut hair color and paint gray, look in the video below.

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