Dark copper hair color: who goes and how to get?

Dark copper hair color: who goes and how to get?

An important meaning in the life of a woman has a shade of her hair. Dark copper hair color is an option for those who want to attract attention. Beautiful sexes with such curls always in the spotlight. If you remember some facts from the story, there were times that before the ladies with such a tint of the champions leaned, and there was a time when they were considered wits and burned on fires.

Selection of the desired shade

Dark copper color hair is rare. Such a shade is inherent only 3% of people. It encourages women with dyes to change their natural color. Paint into a dark copper shade is not difficult, here the main thing is to remember that not everyone goes. In some cases, it can make an external look painful, giving an earthy hue of the skin and lips making pale. therefore It is necessary to comply with limit caution.

Currently, there are tests, passing which you can say for sure, is it suitable for this shade to appearance or not.

Copper color is characterized by an extensive range of colors. It includes copper-red, red, mahong and some others. To look attractive, you need to pick up a suitable shade.

Especially interesting look in a dark copper caliber Long and curly hair.

Copy shades are usually suitable for ladies, which belong to the “autumn” appearance colorwork for which the eyes of bright, saturated colors and pale skin of the face are typical. In this case, along with the color of saturated copper, the golden shades will look good. Such staining is better to avoid women with very pale skin and blond eyes.

Types of dyes

Before painting it is necessary to think about what result you want to get in the end. To purchase a saturated and resistant color, Need chemical dyes, and for easy application is suitable shadowing shampoos.

In order not to damage the hair and do not worsen their appearance, you can use natural means, such as Henna and Basma. Such substances cannot boast a long-term effect, but do not spoil their hair, but on the contrary, will strengthen them and give a well-kept species.

When selecting chemical paints it is better to choose such that they have useful particles and oils in their composition, so When purchased, it is necessary to study the composition specified on the package.


From brunette

In the event that painting a natural brunette in red color, the final result will not be impressive. Immediately the desired shade will not work. In order for the result to be effective, Hair for starters need to clarify. So that in the end did not work out with an ugly color, it is recommended to turn to a hairdresser or a collector-Colorist.

From blonde

For women, previously painting a teverhead in the shade “Blonde”, is not sufficient to pick up copper colors. Here the situation is so You will have to paint in this color with a certain regularity, otherwise the hair will get an ugly orange color. But the source tone “Blond” will be difficult to return. Therefore, such changes should be morally prepared.

Blonde hair

The owner of the blond hair is often complaining about how he bored them. If you add a copper hue to them, they will look completely different.

Celebrity with copper tone

Copper hair shade choose many celebrities. Especially beautifully watched this tone from Scarlett Johansson. Professional Colorists will help get a shade like Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman.

Upon receipt of the required color, you need to take action in order to save it from leaching.

Care and Saving for a long time

Dark copper coloring hair will delight for a long time, especially if you provide proper hair care. To do this, follow a number of rules.

  • Application of special shampoos, rinsers and masks for painted hair.
  • If possible, use the hair dryers, twigs for curling, iron. First time after the staining, they are greatly injured.
  • Follow and periodically tint the roots of the hair, because copper color of the capricient (along with the blond).
  • The first few days after staining it is necessary to exclude staying in the sun, because it can entail the burnout of some strands, which will worsen the appearance hairstyles.

If the staining was carried out in the cabin, then It is necessary to ask the hairdresser, the dye with what makeup is best used to periodically update the color.

At rags, you should not choose paint, because it can entail color changes and negatively affect hair health.

Adhering to such simple rules, you can save a beautiful shade for a whole season or even more. If there is a desire to change the redhead color on some other, then the best option can be a choice of dark colors that beautifully crush the red shades. But with a blond case, things are much worse. Usually it is possible to get after the third coloring procedure.

Folk advice

Verified folk tips will help beauties with hair painted in copper color, keep it for a long time:

  • Lamination procedure using gelatin and rinsing balsam+
  • Mustard-based mask+
  • After washing the hair well, they are risen of herbs champs and oak bark+
  • Use of hair oils as an immentable care (the coconut is less suitable here, because it, on the contrary, wash the coloring pigment).

Thus, dark copper color may pick up women belonging to the autumn color. To achieve good results, they need to contact the salon to professionals or responsibly approach the choice of paint for themselves. Only in this case, after the first staining, the desired result will be obtained, which will be preserved for several months.

Tips for staining hair in copper shades are waiting for you further.

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