Dark hair color: shades, tips for choosing paint and care

Dark hair color: shades, tips for choosing paint and care

Dark hair – an excellent solution for those who want to pay out their appearance, bring the riot of paints and stylistic perfection into it. Luxury black, delicate coffee-beige, deep mocha and hot chestnut – only a small part of that variety of colors that modern woman can “try”. The names of trendy shades of the dark palette often sounds like menu rows in an expensive restaurant. But how to figure out which color it turns out to be relevant, trend or just beautiful in combination with a specific type of hair?

Planning to change the image, do not be afraid of experiments or navigate the style, in demand in the past. Beautiful shades of dark color for long, medium and short hair 2019 are very different from those in fashion two decades ago. Besides, Monochrome staining has long been replaced by multi-layer, multicolor coloring options.

In this case, the dark color of the hair will become a real decoration of the image and will not make it too adult or rude.

Older or pursuant?

Choosing dark hair, women often fear that they will look older than their years. Partly this is true for all bright hair shades. AND Dark brown, and black or saturated chestnut shades of the chapels emphasize any skin imperfections. If there are wrinkles on the face, age pigmentation is pronounced, staining only emphasizes what changes.

But you can always choose a shade capable of decorating your owner.

For instance, For ladies in elegant age, a good choice will be dark colors of hair in natural coffee gamut or blond, chestnut tone options. Young ladies more appreciate the cardinal changes. If age changes are not too noticeable, you can experiment with hot chocolate copper gamut, spicy core shades.

It is worth considering the features of different color plants. Figure out, finite or keeps the selected color can be remembered about the following important points.

  • Always add cold dark shades. The more bright and unnatural there will be a tone, the more difficult it is to adapt it to the image of a mature woman without emphasising.
  • Choosing a dark hair color, you should not worry about emphasizing the age of only the ladies of coloring “Autumn”. They are suitable for all shades of bitter chocolate, dessert, deep brown tones.
  • The rejuvenating effect of all shades of black possess the bright southern women. For them, the chapels in the color of the Voronov wing is most organic, emphasizes the natural advantages of appearance. The shade should be selected as close as possible to the natural, coloring can be started at the first appearance of the seeds (and she can manifest enough in the south’s girls).
  • Snowball type – a fabulous character with clean white leather, black curls and blue eyes – also looks with dark hair young enough. You need to choose a color from a pure brown and black gamut, without impurities ocher and Rye.
  • Add ages Dark shades to all owners of bright or blonde from nature. In combination with colorless eyelashes and eyebrows, pale skin, bright curls will look overly sharply, they will emphasize any disadvantages of appearance.

    Everything is very individual. Many stars of Hollywood and in mature years retain loyalty to the beloved shade of hair and do not add age. But if we are talking about non-professional staining or randomly selected color, the results can be the most unpredictable.

    And most often an unsuccessful choice, adding age, turns out to be related to an error in color.

    To whom it is suitable?

    Dreams of dark hair hair today is easy to realize literally in a few hours – ready-made dyes are sold at any large store. But few people think about the fact that harmoniously bright tones look only in combination with certain types of appearance. From nature, this gamma is characteristic of “winter”, “autumn”, “summer” – color plants allowing and pale, and dark skin, Different Options for Staining Rainbow Eye Shell. It is very important to correctly determine the division of the tones for warm and cold.

    This choice factor is the easiest to which a woman can navigate.

    Warm shades – chestnut, brown, chocolate – will decorate the appearance of brunettes, those who want to make their image a bit brighter. The most dark version in this range – MOCO – allows you to get a thick and rich black and brown koler on the surface of the strand. And eyebrows and eyelashes at the same time should be dark, eyes – brown or kare-green, leather – dark or golden.

    Cold dark hair shades require appropriate appearance – Negroma, with blond eyes, pale skin cover. They are suitable for sero-eyed, blue-eyed, green-breeding ladies. Among the popular tones in this category, you can highlight coffee with milk, dark ash-blonde, silver-brown.

    Along the length of hair

    Type of hairstyles also matters. If you plan to wear long curls, their condition should be flawless. And the darker there will be a shade, the more obvious will be flawed. No sequential ends, unevenly growing strands sticking out hairs. With damaged hair, the dye always goes unevenly, and the color homogeneity on a long length is difficult to achieve.

    Middle-length hairstyles – the most winning option for the use of dark dyeing. It does not matter whether it will be a cascade, bob square or a classic Kare of the shoulder length – a chocolate brown gamma will benefitly emphasize the refinement of the image. Especially well combined with these colors with graphic, clearly defined haircuts. Black purple color effectively looks in complex asymmetric hairstyles.

    Short Dark Hair – Classic, Singing Hollywood Kinodiva. Such a haircut goes to women with big brown eyes, small features of the face. But the ladies with a large nose or lips are not too suitable for a short hairstyle in the black and brown gamma. It is better to choose more natural shades here: Light, chestnut, ash earthen.

    The main thing in the haircut is the graphicness and clarity of the silhouette, compliance with the overall style and image.


    On the choice of color gamut of strands can affect hair type. Curly and curly need milky chocolate column or the use of all shades of chestnut. The more naturally used colors, the better. Straight strands allow a much greater variety of shades. Here will be appropriate deep black, brown, saturated nut.

    Wavy from nature curls are quite difficult to maintain in order. They often look not too neat after staining, need extra care. For such a structure, the use of natural coloring substances or the use of complex coloring techniques, which often choose celebrities. For example, you can use fascinated techniques, Ballozh, Ombre in various designs.

    Trendy tones

    The palette available to modern fashionable shades is quite diverse, allows you to choose a beautiful color of the hair of every woman. What trends today are at the peak of popularity? First of all, the transition to the dark gamut of those colors that were previously considered unsuitable. For example, one of the most fashionable options managed to become painting in the color of wet sand, with a Dark brown subtend.

    In this case, the image gets refreshing, fits serulyzim and blue-eyed women with light skin and freckles.

    Dark caramel

    When using fashionable coloring techniques, culinary and dessert associations are considered very popular. Dark caramel or burning sugar – beautiful shades, adding a woman’s appearance softness, attractiveness and chic. Such a hair color belongs to the warm range, decorates the owners of golden or tanned skin, is suitable for mulatto and dark-skinned from nature girls.

    He will go to the owners of brown or green eyes, amber, gray rainbow shell.

    Dark blond

    Actual trend that hairdressers are asked in the discharge of a universal way to bring hair in order. Natural tone is well combined with the traditional European type of appearance. The addition of contrasting subtock provides staining more interesting and modern. In addition, the destruction of the hairstyle helps the right choice of shade – it can be with gold, copper, ashes, walnut, brandy or chocolate.

    Dark-blond color is well suited for use as a medium masking means. He does not add age, gently applies the appearance of women of mature age, can be used to move from a natural dark shade to brighter gamut. Depending on the choice of popular, you can choose the optimal options for beauties with a warm and cold type of appearance.


    This color quite recently entered the fashion and managed to conquer the hearts of women with bright nature appearance. The most dark of the red, with overflows of brown, ruby, scarlet, it creates an incredibly spectacular image, visually increases the volume of the chapels. But Mahagon is quite a capricient, needs a flawless addition in the form of matte clean skin without a grid of vessels, age-related pigmentation, freckles and small wrinkles.

    Any defects in combination with such bright hair will be repeatedly enhanced.

    For the holders of Karich’s eye and dark-skinned skin, Mahagon must consist of saturated brown strands, scarlet and orange curls. Asian appearance women need color adjustment – they are more suitable for mixtures of shades of copper and chestnut. The optimal solution will be complex coloring or lining on a more dark contrasting basis.


    Another trend shade capable of creating a unique image for modern beauties. The ash brown color is harmoniously combined with light skin, eyes of blue, gray, olive shade. For carareg women used the most light surface tone. The multi-layered hairstyle gives the added dark blond color or bitter chocolate.

    Especially effectively looks like such a coloristic composition on complex graphic or asymmetric haircuts.

    Traditional gamma

    Among shades, which are included in the classic dark range can be noted:

    • Walnut – the milder, well combined with a more dark substrate at the roots+
    • Chestnut – natural, creating soft contrasts+
    • Dark-chestnut, without unnecessary redness and rim+
    • black and brown or mocha+
    • Black, on the tone darker than the previous one, pure cold color+
    • Chocolate, brown with spots of copper and golden subtocks+
    • Gorky chocolate, with eggplant notes and shades of plum+
    • Black Purple – Saturated, Bright, For Creative Natur+
    • Golden brown – one of the few suitable for the “spring” color+
    • Dark red, rich, close to coffee+
    • Dark-red – in wine tones or red wood cleaner.

      Each of these shades can create a beautiful contrast with a shade of eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, skin tone. But if you want really brave experiments, it is better to give preference to trend colors in hair coloring.

      Types of coloring

      All existing types of hair coloring can be classified according to the features of the procedure. It is not difficult to choose an interesting solution if from the very beginning to deal with current trends. In what technique you can perform dark-bright staining? Than dilute bright contrast strands? To begin with, it is worth examining all available options in more detail.

      • Classic monophonic staining on dark hair. The composition for changing the color is applied to the entire length of hair, without nuances and subtocks. A homogeneous smooth shade in this case covers the lap from the roots to the tips. Usually produced to change the tone on 3-4 positions, more global changes may require preliminary clarification.

      • Melting. In the case of dark strands, we are talking about staining of hair with a basic tint and contrasting strands 3-4 colors. You can easily change the image or “try” an unusual bright tone. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the result obtained creates the effect of a thick and magnificent chapels, with multifaceted transitions of color and gloss.

      • Coloring. Dark strands of different shades help revitalize the natural image, make it possible to stretch or create contrast transitions between individual sections. For brunettes optimal for coloring is considered honey, sand, cherry gamma.

      This type of coloring is not recommended by mature women – it emphasizes age, appeal changes.

      • Ombre. Staining technique at which color stretching is produced with the creation of a smooth transition from dark roots and middle part to contrasting (bright or ash) tips.

      At home this method of changing the color is difficult to implement in all the rules.

      • Gradient dyeing or degrad. With it, create their own images of the representative of the Hollywood Beauumda. Technique provides a stretching of color from the roots to the tips – from the very dark shade to the brightest. The appearance is obtained natural, memorable, but independently embody this type of coloring is almost impossible. Degrad accepted on long hair.

      • Stencil. Staining, which is especially fashionable for owners of dark from the nature of hair. With the help of a stencil on the surface of strands, original drawings and prints that look as impressive as possible are created.

      How to care for Dark Hair?

      Dark hair after dyeing need special, careful care. Despite the lack of contact with ammonia, the color change still has a certain impact on the state of the chapels. The first and main problem – gradually flushing. In just 2-3 weeks, iscin-black tone can change chestnut or even a red. And only with proper care, you can provide the longest preservation of hair beauty after staining.

      Among useful tips for newly brunettes can be noted the following.

      • Wash head after staining. It is worth postponing for 3-4 days for a more complete manifestation of painting pigment. Such an approach will prevent fast color flushing.
      • Prevent burnout. Dark shades of hair quickly lose color under the influence of UV rays. It is necessary to protect the maternity mechanism from the contact with the Sun with the help of hats.
      • Saving brightness of color between staining. To maintain compatibility of the shade, it is worth using the appropriate shada shampoos or sprays for masking of the resulting roots.
      • Permanent care. For hair After dyeing, you need to use special shampoos and balms, sprays and air conditioners. Fight with excess dryness help special nutrients, masks.

      Observing these recommendations, you can maintain the resulting brightness of the color for a long time, ensure dark hair attractiveness and healthy shine.

      In the next video, see the care of painted hair.

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