Dark Red Hair Color: Who is suitable and how to get it?

Dark Red Hair Color: Who is suitable and how to get it?

Redhead – this is not just the wealth of shades, but also the widest variety of tones, among which are bright and bold, gentle and soft, the most natural and acid-daring. It is important among this manifold to find your shade – suitable for your color tree and the image in general.

Who fits?

Naturally red people are only 2%, and not all of them are proud of such rare hair color. But those who want to repaint in various shades of the redhead. Someone is close to this color, because it is able to reflect the temperament of man, energy, sensuality, passionism – visually strengthen its “I”.

The fire color of the hair requires a good facial oval and smooth skin tone, because it makes expressive all skin defects, wrinkles and irregularities, a large capillary grid, and especially redness. Therefore, before painting in a bright color, make sure he goes you.

If your skin is:

  • Peach / Golden Tone – Dark redhead, classic hair color with a huge probability will suit you+
  • olive tint – Redhead is possible, but necessarily deep, rich color+
  • Light, pale – Brightly redheads in this case will make your image of the bold, perhaps a little boyfriend (with the corresponding haircut), the deep copper shade will give your way of aristocraticness, nobility+
  • with pinkish subton – Redhead in this case goes to units, it must be perfect skin, clear oval faces, bright eyes.

    Redhead shades as provocation (with a minus sign) looks on mature women. As a rule, the reds paint gray, and almost always in the end it turns out very bright, rich color. Wrinkles on this background look hypertrophied, the focus has fallen even more “floats” and in general the image is obtained causing.

    If you are 50, then the red color may appear on your head only in the chair at the professional stylist and only with the correct, delicate selection of the shade.

    If you have a lot of freckles on your face and abundant pigmentation, dark redheads with the same share of probability can be both very successful and perfect failure. Again, the younger girl, The clearer the face and perfectly skin (especially – around the eyes, near the nose), the greater the chance of success.

    In other cases, the face and curls can merge that not at all complementary.

    If you have a bright eye iris, dark redhead can also not come up – individuality will die, the organic goes and all your features will be as if disguised. But with light red and red-sand shades can be played, especially if the skin is not pale.


    The most interesting in the choice of red paint is acquainted with the manifold of shades. The case when one color is more beautiful and really hard to decide. Surprisingly, sometimes the disintegration of 1-2 tones radically changes the image of a person. If you breathe a little red, the woman becomes younger, the image becomes ease, the features of the face become brighter. And vice versa, sometimes redheads need to darken so that it becomes an organic concrete type of appearance.

    Palette Haltone.

    • Amber – This is a very bright, beautiful shade, in it includes splashes of walnut tones, which softens color. Fits girls with smooth skin tone and beautiful color.

    • Terracotta – color has a pronounced copper tide, but not screaming that does not cause.

    • Flaming copper – Color inherent bright golden glare.

    The age clients of hairdressers are rare, although mature ladies love this color very much and are not careful in choosing.

    • Copper-red. The color has a pronounced shade of red, which on a person one type of appearance will look vulgar, inappropriately boldly, and on the other – rich and aristocratic. Remember Rose, the heroine “Titanic”: the correct features of the face, the perfect skin, youth – her copper-red curls were awesome. But it is unlikely that they would decorate Kate Winslet today. Because they choose in youth can become irrelevant in maturity.

    • Dark copper. This color has a chocolate subton and often he becomes a choice of those who are tired long to be in the shape of brown. I want brightness, liveliness, overflow games, what color is more than capable.

    • Mahagon. Favorite “grandmother” color with the presence of a purple shade, which is actually rarely coming. Ladies with the eyes of the color of ripe sweet cherries, bright eyelashes and eyebrows, good skin and expressive features of the face can try on Mahagon, but even these conditions are sometimes not enough for the organicity of color.

    • Bordeaux. Often, this color with a magenta is preferred by cararese women of the middle-aged, and he really fits many of them.

    • Burgundy. Dark ruby ​​color is suitable for cararegles, dark women who prefer brightness in clothes, and not monochr.

    • Red tree. In this color there are red, and red, and brown. Usually you choose women up to 30-35 years.

    And this is not all shades of redhead, there are many nuanced tones that will pick up a professional stylist.

    Selecting paint

    Independent staining is always a risk. Especially if you do not want to delve into the process, study the effect of formula components, analyze the composition of the dye (in a word, to delve into the topic). It’s easier, of course, go to the store, buy unprofessional paint and houses to paint curls.

    But the result rarely resembles the one that is depicted on the package, and in such cases the experiments usually continue further.

    At least three factors affect durability and final results:

    • The quality of the composition of the dye+
    • Compliance with the technological process+
    • Correctness of care after painting.

    If even paint hair at home, Try to acquire only a professional dye. Cheap paints are always unpredictable, and instead of deep golden-chestnut or caramel cinnamon you can get a dirty carrot color.

    In a professional product (any lines and numbers), a coal resin cannot contain, lead acetate. But it will always be present in it Vitamins group B, as well as various hair and skin and leather plant extracts.

    Wonderful if there is a UF filter in the paint, it guarantees auxiliary protection against burnout.

    Examples of paints that help get high-quality dark red color:

    • L’Oreal Luo Color 5.5, 5.64, 6.04, as well as 6.46, 6.66, 7.46+
    • Schwarzkopf Brilliance 845, 854, plus 867, 872+
    • Ollin 4/4, 5/4, 5/6, 6/4, etc.+
    • ORGANIC 5FR, 6RC, 7 MH, and 7 more FR, 8FR+
    • Londa Professional 5/46, 6/45+
    • Igora Royal 4-88, 5-7, 5-88, will fit 6-77, 6-88.

      As spare budget options, you can take Estel 5/4, 6/4, fits 6/43, 6/54, as well as a popular product mass market Palette, Ki6, R4, RF3 numbers.

      Of course, it is difficult not to mention such common transformation options as the use of henna and bass. Henna is a natural, harmless dye, is based on its dried and brought to the powdered state of the laveston shrub. This is a cheap, common, time-tested dye. And it is really far from the worst choice for those who do not want to expose the hair to a chemical dye.

      If you have a natural dark blond hair color with a light, very soft golden, the staining of the henna will bring out this golden forward, make a noticeable. It turns out a chic dark redhead, without dirty, “rusty” shades. Over time, he faded, but it will not get it at all.

      Basma is also a natural dye, indigo leaves powder. With henna mixed as a dimmer. Because to get dark redheads precisely at the expense of Henna, you will have to add to the Basma formula. The proportions are usually indicated on the package, but, as a rule, the desired shade is more often achieved by experimental. On 2 parts of the henna there are 1 part of the bass – this is a classic solution for getting dark red color.

      Attention! Hair coloring with chemical dye after long-term, and even one-time staining, – Experiment without any guarantees. Therefore, the first painting after henna should always be controlled by a specialist.

      How to get color?

      Make so that the paint takes the most well and resistant to keep color, it is possible using a careful, competent approach to staining. Will this haircut-garssun, kare or long hair – in this case it is not so important: smooth and rich tone deserve hair of any length.

      Tips for staining.

      • Ideally, it is necessary to paint healthy curls, then the color will only emphasize their magnificence and will not “achieve” hair. If the hair is rehensited, it is almost lifeless, first the curls should be treated. Course of masks and regenerating procedures, and only after that you can proceed to staining.
      • Wonderful if in the choice of paint you are oriented with the original, natural hair color. The red composition can be good for any initial color, except for black and deep dark shades. In some cases, definitely need preliminary decapitation or lightening.
      • Be sure to read the instructions, even if you did it many times and consider that nothing will write a new compiler. This is an erroneous opinion: and paint exposure time, and the method of kneading, and the subsequent consolidation of the color in two cases of staining may differ. Therefore, read everything in the instructions and do not forget to test the test of chemical composition.
      • If you have a blond or gray one at the moment, remember that it will make a shade of 1-1.5 tone brighter.
      • Red pigment fad enough quickly, but at the same time wash it completely – that’s another task. Return the blond, and the more natural blonde will be problematic, it is often easier to crash and grow first.

        If you have at the moment a timing, and I really want to get a redhead, experiment with staining can be both brilliant and failed. In some cases, you will get golden, deep dark red-colored curls with light copper overflows. But sometimes it is just a dirty rusty color with yellow glimps. Do not spend such staining of the house.

        Out of Hair Care

        To the curls painted in red color glittered, and the color was not flexible, inexpressive, it is very important to organize the next color care for them.

        Not all, alas, give it due value, because they consider painting in a red dubious perspective. But the color is really preserved bright and juicy for a long time.

        Small tricks for beauty red hair.

        • Herbracks – Screening agent of beauties of different eras. No chemistry, only natural action, soft and useful. Chamomile, linden and lukova husk are the most frequent ingredients of such hair ripping. And another interesting recipe with parsley and hop – such a decoction, regularly applied on the hair after washing, make painted hair alive, shiny.
        • If only 30 minutes to drive A mixture of carrot and beet juices, You add brightness red-colored.
        • Another popular rinsing means of red hair: Water with a small amount of citric acid or apple vinegar.
        • Choosing store masks to strengthen hair and color durability, pay attention on the formulas in which the cherry, garnet and cinnamon are included. They help longer red color stay saturated and make hair stronger.
        • Sun rays negatively affect the red hair. He can fade ahead if you constantly “set up” ultraviolet. In addition, it should be added to the list of continuous care of essential oils.
        • For brilliant and living color dark red Hair may not miss the lamination procedure. And we are not talking about “professional chemistry”, even home gelatin lamination can be favorable on the form of hair.

          Collect or not – a question that requires a clear analysis. As always, reveal real examples.

          You can find a celebrity that has external similarities with you and at the same time chose red. Sometimes such parallels help to decide.

          Among the star red-haired beauties, which their hair color is just incredible, can be noted by Giulianna Moore (noble pallor plus tender blue eyes are perfectly combined with red), Lindsay Lohan (despite other experiments, green-eyed red-haired girl with freckles – the best her image). Young Julia Roberts looked gorgeous with dark red hair color, and just look at different shades of red-haired dukel.

          Your example can be for someone inspirational, dare!

          About who goes a red hair color, look in the video below.

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