Dark scattered: shades, paint selection, coloring and care features

Dark scattered: shades, paint selection, coloring and care features

Natural shades on hair never come out of fashion. Turn your image in the feminine, original and attractive, without staining the hairstyle in bright unnatural colors. Dark Shathen is considered a universal tinge of brown, which is suitable for those people that love harmony inside.

Color features

Bunkers look pretty exquisite and fresh, despite the fact that the hair has a dark shade. Such representatives of beautiful sex at any time were popular with men, attracting their views. Dark Shaten is a shade of passion, mysteriousness. This option from the warm palette of hair colors can be successfully combined with a gold and copper tone, having received a rich and rich color.

Some people wonder what brunette is different from brown? The first is characterized by saturated black curls. Barshs have brighter shades of hair. Women hairstyles with saturated dark chestnut tones – this is an opportunity to express your chic and attractiveness. Using a chocolate dye, you can turn from gray mouse in elegant beauty.

Among celebrities, which have the color of the hair Dark Shathen can be called Beyonce, Penelope Cruz, Eve Longoria, Elizavetta Boyar. By itself, this shade of the hairproof head is very beautiful and not only in the natural version. He personifies power, nobility and beauty. Each dark-haired brown shade has its own unique shade with its individuality. Dark scattered staining has the following advantages:

  • Does not add age+
  • not full+
  • Beautifully shakes the natural tone of hair+
  • Ideally looks with clothes of different style+
  • good looks like on hair in the loose and assembled.

Tone varieties

In addition, the dark chaten can be diluted with different color, it is worth knowing that it has the shades of the following type:

  • With Caramel’s Tissue+
  • With glitter gold+
  • Nut+
  • chestnut+
  • Chocolate without rims.

To whom will suit?

Dark flowering brown capable of making a girl sophisticated and soft. This hair color is suitable for many women. To pick up the perfect option, it is worth take into account the features of the skin color and eye. If you wish to paint into the dark timen, it is worthwhile to take into account such recommendations:

  • Late in the girl better to give preference to a chocolate tone+
  • The owner of a blonde or dark hair will suit chestnut+
  • Dark tanned skin perfectly harmonizes with golden and caramel tint+
  • A fine sex representative with olive skin can paint in a golden ornamental tone+
  • Beauties with green, gray, blue eyes can give preference to the cold gammon of brown+
  • girls with karium and black eyes can choose a warm chestnut color.

Shaden shades are capable of visually to give hair additional volume, so it should be chosen by those women who cannot boast denotomy her hair.

Bright and extraordinary personalities may pick up a copper tank color. Large eyes in aggregate with dark-skinned skin and dark hair from nature are considered an ideal base for dyeing in a dark timen. Caramel tone of dark brown is considered the most suitable for carbonous beauties with freckles.



How to choose the coloring agent?

It is believed that when changing the life and perception of man changes hairstyles. A worthy option for dyeing in dark chain are products “Palette Phytolinium”, “Vella”, “Estelle”, “Sess”, “Loreal” and many others, They convert the color of strands with special care. Such dyes like Matrix Color Sync You can take tinting not only natural curls, but also before painted.

Stylists and hairdressers recommend buying extremely high quality dyes that have a minimum of negative effect on hair and give a stunning effect.



Recommendations for staining

In order to paint the hair in a natural dark chestnut color at home, you should know about some rules for performing this procedure. Dark Shathen perfectly falls on the blonde and darker natural hair color. If the girl has too thick or long curls, then you should buy several dye packs. Black or very dark natural hair is preferably preliminary. After discoloration and before starting painting, the hair should pass about a week.

The phased process of coloring is. The mixture must be distributed on all hair uniformly. It is withstanding a certain time, namely as much as indicated on the package. Paint must be washed. So that the hair was painted evenly, it is better to contact a specialist. Thanks to the efforts of the Master and modern technologies, you can make a hairstyle Ombre, 3D painting, modeling and other options.

How to care for strands after the procedure?

Hair Shade Dark Shathen does not require complex care after painting. In order for the color to remain rich for a long time, you should adhere to the following recommendations.

  • Minimize hair contact with chlorinated water and straight sunshine. These factors are able to make the texty and fad hair.
  • After washing the head stands to rinse the curls of grass brands.
  • For hair wash it is worth using shampoos that are specifically designed for painted hair and do not contain in their composition aggressive sulfates.
  • Positive effect on the hair after painting can be rendered by balm, mask.
  • If the staining was monophonic, then it is necessary to periodically use tonic to adjust the shade.
  • Hair is preserved, as long as you can use the hairdryer, iron, termobigi.

Browns are girls with beautiful, expressive appearance, feminine and elegant. Dark chatenec can be called a universal hair shade, when painting which will not need to drastically change the wardrobe and makeup.

About how to repaint from the blonde fucking, you will learn from the following video.

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