Features of ash bouquet and tips on its implementation

Features of ash bouquet and tips on its implementation

In France, you always knew how to appreciate the female beauty. No wonder her capital recognize the capital of fashion. Therefore, it is not surprising that the technique of staining BALAZH was invented in France. In the literal translation from French Ballozh means “sweeping”.

It is believed that this name is associated with the technique of applying a pigment. The master puts paint with a tassel, having swaming her like a blink. It seems that all actions are chaotic and unsystematic. However, it only seems at first glance.

    What it is?

    The essence of the method is the tinting of individual strands with smooth transitions from one shade to another. As a result, a visual volume is created, the hair looks more well-groomed, and the general view is more interesting. With such staining, two or closer shades can be used.

    The most popular is the ashes bally. At first glance it seems that this is only one color, but with more detailed study of this topic it turns out that The ashes of ash can be a huge amount and select them necessary depending on the color of the eyes and the shade of the skin.

    When staining, the Ballozh must comply with a certain sequence of actions. Start toning strands from the side of the sides, gradually moving to the hair tips. After staining, it turns out The effect, as if after vacation at the sea, the hair was slightly burned under the hot sun. There is no clear separation of colors, the boundaries are blurred, so the hair looks more naturally than after similar timing.

    The ash ballaboateage is unique in that it does not have age contraindications and is equally good for mature ladies as an alternative to the masking of the seeds and for young fashionists who want to add charm with cold glare.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Gray, like all derivatives from it, gives appearance special chic and aristocracy. Therefore, he has long wanted the palm of the championship on the leading fashion podiums. Ash ballet has the following Dignity:

    • Suitable for any style+
    • has no age limit+
    • Variety of shades allows you to perform it to women with any skin tinge and hair color+
    • Due to the partial coating, it has a more gentle effect than full coloring+
    • gives hair a healthy shine and natural volume+
    • does not need frequent salon corrections+
    • Allows you to hide gray.

    but limitations This staining is also there, although they are not so much, as dignity.

    • Long procedure. Depending on the number of desired shades and hair volume, it can take from 2 to 6 hours.
    • Completeness of execution. Ash Ballozh is a very specific color and, despite the variety of shades, it is very difficult to choose a suitable tone for a particular woman. Gray colors are not very harmonized with a warm color, so it is better to entrust the execution of this procedure by a specialist.

    Who fits?

    Ash Balloam can be performed both on dark and light hair. However, like all staining, the color of the ash has a number of features. Ash Ballwear requires perfectly level color and constant makeup. He mercilessly highlights all existing skin flaws – Whether it is an uneven color of the face, circles under the eyes or acne, and can add to his owner for several years. The face without mekap does not very harmonize with gray shades and looks tired.

    Extremely difficultto achieve ash tone on red and honey-brown shades hair. The owners of dark skin should also be carefully applied to all variations on the topic of gray. But women with the color of “winter” this will fit perfectly. Light porcelain leather, gray, blue, green eyes, light or blond hair – here is the perfect candidate for ash bouquet.

    It can also be recommended brown and brunette, but only with a cold type.

    Tips for choosing a shade

    It is no secret that the same tone of paint on various hair color falls in different ways. The result depends on many factors: exposure time, hair status, their colors and many more factors. We will analyze several common examples.

    • For light and medium-blond curls You can recommend all shades of gray. It is very interesting to watch overflow from the noble silver near the roots to creative ash and purple on the tips. The ash well works in a pair with dark chocolate and dark burgundy.
    • Ash bouquet can be done and on dark strands, and girls with dark skin. However, in this case, it is recommended to choose warmer shades. For example, you can consider the tandem of the ash rose and pink tree. Light silver and silver-lilac colors are still recommended.
    • Brunette More radical transitions are suitable from ash white to bright blue or bright red. On black hair, such combinations look very effectively and always attract attention.

    It is customary to distinguish between several main shades of ash.

    • Cold blonde. This color is unique in that it can be recommended as gentle blondes and burning brunettes. However, it should be taken into account that dark strands before toning predetermined and maybe more than once. Blondes cold splasions will add aristocratic and refinement, and brunettes on the game of contrasts will look trendy and modern.
    • Ash-blin. This name may indicate several shades at once: from very light, almost white to dark chestnuts. With a competently selected shade, you can achieve depth and multifaceted color.
    • Pearl. There is also a space for fantasy flight. In the base white color, you can add a bit of pink, blue, lilac or even purple – and now the new appearance, which will not leave anyone indifferent.
    • Gray ash. This shade is suitable for daring and those who are not afraid of cardinal changes. Gamma gray tones can be very extensive: from light pearlescent shades to more serious gray tones.

    How to perform on hair of different lengths?


    There is any interesting and unexpected transitions at once in such an area of ​​such an area. The most advantageously toning in the technique of Ballozh Delated on haircuts of different lengths – cascade, bob, asymmetrical kara. There are many ways to tinted long hair.

    • Delicate Locks. On curly curls you can make light glare at different height. Then hairstyle will look as if solar bunnies settled in it.
    • Color dyeing – for very bold and self-confident women. Ashadowed interspersed with cherry or plum looks very festive and unusual. For more effect you can protensioning bangs or strands near the face.
    • Contrast. If the usual transition from the dark to bright seems to you boring, you can try dark ashes in the middle of strands or on the tips.
    • Hidden Ballozh is suitable for those who prefer naturalness in everything. The ash tone can be stretched for the entire length strands, the color will look natural.
    • Multi-layered It is recommended primarily for those who have long, but thin hair. Tinted several upper and lower strands. Visually it will seem that there is a lot of hair. This technique is also suitable for medium hair.
    • Spit sample. Recommended for asymmetric haircuts or in cases where the hair is worn on one shoulder.
    • Weaving. If you often braid braid, you can select specifically those strands that participate in weaving.
    • Gold and silver. Hair, dark roots, gradually acquire a golden shade to the middle, and glitters gentle silver on the tips.


    Hair length slightly to shoulders or slightly below is considered to be medium. Here you can also apply several coloring techniques.

    • Dust painting, in which the color transition starts almost immediately at the roots of the hair. Such an option often choose those who plan to grow.
    • Ash veil. On separate strands, the effect of light hasshes and barely notable overflows.
    • Near the face. If you do staining not all strands, but only those that near the face can look younger for several years.


    At the length of the strand, opening the neck, the staining of the Ballozh is more difficult to make, but you can add an ashon Only on the tips, and hairstyle will look much more interesting and modern.

    As in the option with medium length, a multi-level haircut is recommended here.

    Care after the procedure

    To many hours and often a lot of costly the result of the campaign to the stylist pleased you for a long time, special hair care is needed. At the same time, some rules must be observed before the campaign to the stylist. For example, Balluzh is recommended to do no earlier than a month after the last staining, which will help to avoid unpleasant surprises when staining. To the color longer washed away, It is recommended to adhere to such easy tips, how:

    • When washing heads use confused shampoos and balms+
    • To regularly treat the hair with masks and balms + Ballwear is considered to be gentle procedure, but it is still staining, and any paint is not very useful for hair+
    • After staining, it is desirable to use various sample shampoos and tonic, which will help maintain color expressiveness+
    • To avoid the yellowness of the hair after the pigment begins to wash off, it is recommended to rinse them only with filtered water, as well as using hair cosmetics with the Silver Shampoo emblem, since it contains a special pigment that paints yellowness.

    As a supplement to all the above measures, you can use your own making masks.

    • Lemon mask on vodka. Lemon juice to mix with 50 g of vodka and apply for 40 minutes on the hair, then wash off.
    • Mask kefir with vodka. Take 50-60 ml kefir room temperature, add 20 ml shampoo, juice 1 lemon, 30 ml of vodka and 1 raw egg. All ingredients mix and apply for half an hour.
    • Rinse from hydrogen peroxide. In the glass of water dissolve 25 ml of hydrogen peroxide.

    Learn more about how to make ash bouquet, you will learn from the following video.

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