Ash-ash called cold shade of light blond hair. This color does not happen “your”, that is, is not natural. Nevertheless, this color gives brightness to any hair. Actual now is the staining of curls in ash color. Technology of such staining is called ash fastener and is a toning of strands. As a result, the color is alive and saturated, the hair appears in the hair, and the image, with all its visible negligence, acquires notes of aristocratic.

What it is?

A ashes of stratum is a coloring technology that allows you to color separate strands of hair in bright and dark tones of one color. This technique is designed to create the effect of burnt hair. Strands are colorful chaotic that, on the one hand, it allows you to achieve visual smoothness of transitions, and on the other – it creates the effect of pseudo-keynost, which is now at the peak of fashion.

The ash tent gives hair a visual volume, revitalizes and refreshes the base hair color, emphasizes the individuality of their owner.

Staining in the Shatuch technique is widespread among young people and among mature women, as it looks great and on those and on others. The main thing when choosing a color – competently pick up shades. Paints used to color strands are usually not aggressive and do not apply significant harm to hair.

Difference from Bailing and Blonde

And Ballozh, and Blonde, and Shatus, and Ombre are technicians of partial hair coloring techniques. And although they have a lot of differences, the result is similar – these are dark roots and bright ends of the hair.

Denote by briefly than these techniques differ.

  • Bally Or, as it is also called, stretching the color, allows you to achieve the most smooth transition from dark tone to light. In the technique, Ballozh Ends are painted at 2/3 from all the lengths of the strands.
  • With blondia Thin strands are painted in the close colors of one tone. This allows you to achieve the effect of utmost naturalness and revive the color. This technique is often used to dye gray hair.
  • Shatuch Designed to obtain the effect of the sun-dried hair. At the same time, the larger the length of the hair, the more effectively this technique will look.

Who fits?

In general, this coloring method is quite universal, since neither the features of the texture nor the degree of degree of curls of the role does not play – the ashes of the junction is suitable for all types of hair.

Relatively basic color – carriers of fire hair paint curls in ash shades are not recommended. That is, the ashes fastener is not suitable for red and red shades, as well as for winners of warm skin tone. The ash trees are good on the cold genotype, as they benefit the natural beauty of pale leather.

Also this way of coloring is impossible on ultrashort haircuts.

Pros and cons

The advantages of this technique should include the following.

  • Minor harm to hair (compared to staining along the entire length). This is an obvious plus, t. To. The clarifier is not applied to the roots.
  • Emphasizes the depth of natural color, making it brighter and more interesting, as if shaving.
  • Creates the effect of volume.
  • Great hides her eyes. Cold shades of the blonde merge with gray hairs, and even if even such a shade manifests itself from the roots, it looks like a part of the image.
  • Natural view. Hair with such staining looks as natural as possible, no wig effect.
  • The lack of effect of the resulting roots, since they are simply unnoticed in this case. Hairstyle can maintain a well-kept view of up to 3 months (with proper care).

    The minuses include such moments as:

    • The complexity of staining, t. E. the inability to create this effect of the house, a trip to the salon+
    • not all right, as it makes the face very expressive, focusing on all its merits and disadvantages, t. E. Girls with problem skin should not choose this method of staining+
    • Hair needs special care, without which the effect of the rod will quickly lose its brightness.

    On different types of hair

    Plus staining in the technique of a ash tent on straight hair lies in the fact that it gives them lightness and volume. However, it is important here to properly arrange accents. It must be remembered that when stained with straight hair, the globe without applying, it is not necessary to do, otherwise all the flashes and shortcomings will be visible.

    Curly hair – perfect canvas for the rod. On them he looks natural and beautiful. Curls are chaotic, so the shades of dark and light especially clearly visible. If curls are tight enough, then you can not do. Curly hair themselves more porous structures, so faster take paint, which allows to reduce the time of staining.

    As noted earlier, the owners of excessively short haircuts, use staining in the technique of the fascus failure. But this does not exclude its use on short haircuts in general. Shatuza is gorgeous on a haircut Kare with an elongation.

    Dark hair painted by the connecting tent, look more bright and expressively than light. Shatus for short and very blond hair involves mandatory consultation with a specialist, so choose the right tone is much more difficult.

    Rousing girls you can choose the same shades as the owners of the color of the blond, since all these combinations look natural and do not create conflict between the basic tint and the color of the curls. But when choosing a color, you can not forget about the skin color. Cold Tone Tones for Staining Suitable For Light Skin. Owners of more dark skin color are more suitable gold shades.

    The burning brunettes are recommended ash-brown or any other dark tones with a gray tint. Such a choice is equally good both on black hair and on chocolate or coffee strands. Strands in this case do not need to lighten strongly, it will save their health. This combination perfectly emphasizes the depth of brown eyes.

    For damp hair in the tent technique, it is not recommended to turn to shades of the blond, it will create the effect of the opposite desired.

    In order to create a rapid image on dark hair, the master can offer to stop its choice on brighter shades – it can be blue or purple or even red. In this case, the roots of the hair are painted in the most dark variation of the selected shade, and the ends gradually go into the light tone of the same color.

    In general, the darker the basic tone of the hair, the more bright and interesting effects can be created. A certain role is also played by the number of clarifier in paint and waiting time. The higher the concentration and longer time, which paint will affect the hair, the brighter will be the result.

    However, you should not forget that by itself the technique of an ash rod creates the effect of burnt (and therefore dry) hair, so if they are dry, the ends together and fumble, then it is necessary before painting them to comprehend and not overdo it with the waiting time. It is equal to the same degree of both dark and light hair.

    The owners of blond and light hair better stop their choice on the gray shade. This is especially true for the ladies older, on them this color will look fresh. On blond and light strands, the color of pearl and platinum blonde looks great. At the same time, the contrast will not be so bright, but such staining will revive the hairstyle, refreshes the complexion and emphasizes the expressiveness of the eyes.

    Many young girls can be less accurate in this regard and boldly experiment even with the color of the seeding, which looks extremely boldly and relevant.

    The ash-blond shade may be dark, medium and light. The first is universal. Such a color is suitable for those who are afraid to harm hair and does not seek a special brightness. This shade of ash will help diversify and refresh the hairstyle.

    The average smoky-blonde (or light ash) is also considered universal. Experimentation with various combinations of blond shades with smoky tones helps to find the right combination for girls of warm type, which is actually quite difficult. At the same time, for cold types, this tone is initially considered basic and indispensable in any variations. On dark hair to achieve a shade of medium smoky-blonde is quite easy, because it does not require total clarification.

    Light ash-blonde is a natural color for most Slavs, so cold blonde blond strands look like this naturally. Nevertheless, browsing, too, you can find a suitable tone of such a shade. But the black-haired girls are not recommended to choose light-blonde colors, since it will not be able to achieve a beautiful transition between them.

    The brightest of all sorts of shades of the ashole is ash blonde. It is important to take into account that choosing it, the gradient between the base color and between the clarified curls turns out to be clearer, but at the same time it looks knight and original. At the same time, light eyes will become even colder and glittering, and Brown will become lass and expressive due to a sharp contrast with light curls.

    The gray shade is a fairly brave choice, which, however, is suitable for almost everyone: and those who are young and muster, and those who wish to hide the appealing seed. It is difficult to achieve a gray shade, but it is worth it, as it looks aristocratic and at the same time boldly.

    In general, painting in the technique of an ash rod is possible on any hair color. At the same time, this kind of coloring looks on the hair of dark color (all shades of chestnut, black, dark-brown). But if desired, the competent master can pick up the desired tone for hair of any color. The length of the hair is played and the length of the hair is played – staining in the technique of ashes fastener is more profitable and interesting looks at long curls.

    How to make a ashes flying at home, look in the following video.

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