Features of hair clarification to the Blondex

Features of hair clarification to the Blondex

Many brunettes wish to turn into blondes, and in this they can come to the rescue. Blondex hair lightening paint. Like any painting means for hair, it has its own characteristics, contraindications and advantages.


Blondex, created by the Ukrainian manufacturer, has been in the domestic market for more than 10 years and is not the last place. Due to these paint sides.

  • Low cost. This product is one of the budget in its segment. The average cost ranges from 70 to 120 rubles.
  • Availability. Paint can be bought at any store: both engaged in the implementation of cosmetics and perfumery and in the usual economic.
  • Presence in the composition of substances, Which help to additionally protect hair from negative chemical influence. And they nourish and moisturize them from the inside.
  • Universality. Blondex is suitable for all hair types and clarification techniques. With it, it is possible to spend and highlight, and complete lightening of curls, as well as new-fashioned staining in the style of Ballwear and Ombre. This remedy perfectly covers seeding.

In addition, paint can be used both independently for clarification and base composition for further staining in light tones.

  • Result. This paint has a strong degree of clarification (up to 7 tones), so the result is visible after the first application.
  • Easy application. Paint is easy to use yourself at home. Packaging contains clear instructions and all necessary components.

    Despite the strengths, the remedy has both minuses.

    • Aggressive composition, which contains in itself a variety of abrasive and chemicals, which sometimes brings up a short way on her hair. They look more dry, brittle and sequencing. But it costs that everything is individually and depends on many indicators, for example, hair colors and their structure, naturalness.
    • The possibility of an allergic reaction. Therefore, before applying it is worth conducting a sensitivity test. For this, the tool is applied to the fold of the elbow, and it will be waiting for up to 5 minutes. If after that time there is no redness, then the paint can be used.
    • Availability of contraindications: Pregnancy or breastfeeding period, recently made chemical curvage, brittle or overwhelmed curls, availability of wounds or abrasion on the head.

    Clarification process

    As mentioned above, it is easy to use at home, since all the necessary components are sold in one box. The kit includes: disposable hand gloves, bleaching blue powder, oxidizer and caregating balm after staining.

    To get started, it will be necessary only to find a brush for staining and dishes for mixing paint components.

    Experts recommend using plastic or ceramic dishes, since the metal packaging is easily oxidized.

    The hair clarification process itself does not take much time and consists of 3 main stages.

    • Preparatory. At this stage, it is necessary to mix the oxidizing agent with a powder to a state of homogeneous mass, pre-put on gloves. It is also worth taking care of the state of clothing, so you can wear an old bathrobe or use a hairdresser cape.
    • Basic. The resulting mixture is distributed over dry and well-combed hair. Paint should be applied to separate strands from the roots to the tips. After dyeing the length of the length, the head should be covered with a film or cap and withstand a certain time. It depends on the desired effect, but should not exceed 50 minutes.
    • Final. After graduation, the paint should be washed over with cool water first, then warmer. You can use your usual shampoo. Then you should apply a careful balsam and wait until 10-15 minutes. After that, wash it off with hair.

    Reviews and recommendations

    Despite the fact that paint is easy to buy and use yourself, It is worth listening to some recommendations of professionals.

    • Time exposure paint depends on natural hair. So to clarify blond strands, you need 20 minutes. For brown hair – 30-40 minutes. For ferrous curls, exposure time will be 40-50 minutes.
    • Before each application, it is always necessary to test the sensitivity test to the components.
    • Before clarification should be applied to the skin along the hair cream so that it does not paint. Also for this purpose you should wear gloves.
    • In order to minimize the aggressive impact of the composition on the hair structure, you can add a protective mask, balm or hair oil to a diluted mixture.

    According to experts, this The tool is practically hypoallergenic that rarely can be found in professional dyes. They also note that despite the presence of aggressive substances in the composition, paint contains both mitigating components to maintain hair health.

    Reviews of users are ambiguous: Some celebrate the excellent effect and condition of the hair after staining, others get a yellow shade after discoloration and risen, brittle hair.

    Features of hair clarification to the BLONDEX tool – in the video below.

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