Female hairstyles of the 70s

Female hairstyles of the 70s

1970 – Disco Epoch, Brown Kudrey, Trousers and Shirts with Huge Larts. It was an eccentric decade, whose ideas have already returned to fashion several times. And now clothing in the style of “Bocho” and “Disco”, footwear on the platform, hairstyle – on a straight sample, horsepows with a combined painter, small curls, “Page” and “Sssun” are relevant more than ever.

And you can make them using modern means for laying, not harming hair.

Characteristic features of hairstyles

If we talk about hairstyles, fashionable in the west in the 70s, it is, of course, straight hair in the style of hippies, bonded by different kind feathers, straps, ribbons – at the beginning of the decade. Further, the world captured the “disco” with dancing to fall, cheerful music, bright outfits, overflowing disco balls, Afro hairstyles, prints and “clays”.

Between the Hippie epoch and the disco epoch were fashionable various styles, including safaris, romanticism, ethno, unisex with the main “china” decade – jeans. They existed by themselves and in symbiosis with others, penetrating and combining their features with them.

In the USSR, of course, all these trends also came. Fashion girls of early 70s wore straight loose hair – with bangs and without. They were broken on the sample or laid back, freezing the top and fixing the hairstyle. After fashion on the “boyish” haircuts and “Babettes” in the 60s, long hair was rare, so their owners were enhanced.

With the arrival of both Soviet disco style, the hair began to curl. “Bestites” returned again as a short length and all others. The hair was tightened with a smooth edge, no “forest” and “cascades” was not yet. Still in fashion there was a round bang with straight, laid inside, hair. I did not give up positions and direct samples: strands were screwed down both large and small curlers. Holders of curly hair from nature wore a supermodic hairstyle “Afro”.

At the same time, the “Page” and “Gavrosh” haircuts are relevant, as well as “Sssun”. They all demand from their owner of straight strands, light in laying and look very impressive. In addition, the hairstyle “Sssun” is universal in the literal sense of the word, as it comes to any type of face.

Moreover, the oval of faces can be corrected using this haircut: to soften the “square” of the rounded line of Niza, firing the “triangle” bangs with elongated sides. The only type of women who are undesirable to choose such a hairstyle are ladies “in the body”, for the volume and round hair line will add unnecessary smoothness to the face and figure.

In the late 70s, the bleached blonde entered the fashion. It became incredibly popular, but the paints for the hair of that generation (especially the clarifiers) were harmful to the chapels, so they often strained an attractive look and looked treated, dull, and even reminded the washcloth. “Burn” the hair during radical clarification was simpler, it is enough to reap the composition for a few minutes, but it did not stop the beauties wishing to become blonde.

Modern compositions for lightening hair are much more gentle, sometimes they do not contain ammonia. However, the radical white (and yellow) blonde has long come out of the fashion, lifting the place to more complex shades.

Types of Strezhek

The hairstyle “Sssun” is a haircut “under a cap”, the bang remains long, and the contours must be flawlessly smooth. And contours and bangs in each particular case are different – taking into account the type of face, but the principle of the hairstyle does not change – it has many levels and even, graded hair ends laid inside. The length of “Sassun” can vary, going down on the blade and scattering on the shoulders. Some of the fashionista who choose this haircut, the hair reached the belt.

Haircut “Gavrosh” is like representatives of both sexes. Maybe asymmetric and no, women with the perfect oval of the face will fit the classic Gavrosh, and those whose lines are slightly “floating”, it is better to stay on asymmetry. This haircut will be very suitable for girls with thin hair, she visually adds volumes. Performed on hair of any length. Well combined with fantasy, bright staining, makes the image bold and cheeky. “Gavrosh” is, first of all, hair cap in the area of ​​the Mc. So the required volume is achieved, the painshoe looks good.

The “Pixie” haircut was introduced in the mid-1960s, but did not lose the relevance in the 1970s. For girls with subtle features, such a hairstyle can become a real find – it will emphasize the line of cheekbones and neck, eye cut, beautiful chin, clearly defined lips.

“Pixie” triumphantly returned to fashion several times – Each time a slightly modified (in the 90s it was a symbiosis with the style of “grunge”, in the 2000s – with romantic), and now she is experiencing another wave of popularity among Hollywood stars and ordinary women.

Lovers of short hairstyles in the souls came and “Vls”, developed in 1976. It was introduced into a fashion and popularized by the Olympic champion in figure skating Dorothy Hamill. The difference between the haircuts – the triangular lines in the area of ​​the ears.

The appearance and development of rock music popularized the style of “Unisex”. Of course, and hairstyles did not remain aside, for example, the fashionable “SHEG”, which was demonstrated by Jane Fonda in one of the films with his participation, became a model for imitating among the representatives of both sexes. Next, on the basis of this haircut, other women’s and men’s hairstyles appeared – with more ribbon and uneven lines, angular, aggressive. Special popularity they used Punk and Rock Music performers.

Options for stacking

“Sssun” laying the easiest thing – it is enough to dry clean hair with a hair dryer and a round brush, directing the ends inward, and all. On short hair in order to give this haircut the shape, and the brush will not need, it will be enough for a hair dryer. You can also curl strands, too, with the help of forceps, and on the curlers, but the form of “Sassuna” is so beautiful in itself, that, perhaps, you will not want it. But all sorts of weaving – not for this haircut.

Graduated strands will constantly slide from under the fingers and do not wish in the spit. In addition, Sssun is so Elegance, sophisticated and exquisited that any element introducing negligence will look alien. This haircut is beautiful precisely with its clear lines, without additional decorations.

Laying “Gavrosh” at all is not necessary, it is enough to dry the hairdryer. Having sprinkled with your fingers and adding mousse or foam, you can create even more volume, but there is no sharp need for this, the haircut volume itself.

As for the hair of medium length, they are suitable boho-laying and horse tail. To make a careless hairstyle in the style of “boho”, hair is either combed on a straight sample, or fold back. In the latter case, you can slightly comb. You need to raffled with your fingers, then decorate with a naked leather strap or a rim with flowers. If the hair is thick, you can add the composition with small pigtails and secure them by beads.

To create a stylish horse-tail “A la 70s”, you will need nippers for the formation of curls and hair smoothing agent. All the sap must be thoroughly combed into a smooth tail, while engaging with a reliable elastic band, and in order to avoid the appearance of sticking short hairs, use gel or wax. Tail ends need to be tied to curls using forceps and how to fluff. Next, hairstyle can be decorated with a silk scarf.

This laying there are many options – you can release one wide strand of the hair and wrap it with the tail of it + you can make a nobody on the top, and the tail itself to lower on the back of the head, making it low + you can, on the contrary, to raise it upstand (this option in children is called “Fountain “).

Each type of face is suitable for the hairstyle “horse tail”.

Romantic styling were no less popular in the 1970s. Large “waves” of hair laid in the direction from the face, became a single actress and pop stars for many. And since such a hairstyle gave femininity to any representative of the beautiful sex and was universal in terms of relevance, it was possible to appear with her at work, and at the festival – the degree of its demand is difficult to smalle.

Only the size of the waves varied – someone chose a large, winding her hair on the curl, someone used hair curlers or thermal car (those that needed to boil in a saucepan), and then curls were smaller. The resulting sap (after all, no one will deny that curly hair is always more magnificent than straight) it was possible to divide on the sample and copold with hairpins or remove under the rim or silk scarf, barking back.

How to make a hairstyle in the style of the 70s, look in the following video.

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