Golden Blond: Who is the color of the hair and how to get it?

Golden Blond: Who is the color of the hair and how to get it?

Golden Blonde always attracts attention and is the dream of many women. Do not everyone know who is going on such a hair color, and how to get it. Numerous shades make it possible to create an attractive and romantic image, harmoniously combined with the appearance of each woman.


Golden Blonde is a color, with which you can conquer admiration for any man. Such a shade gives the girl angelic appearance, highlights the beauty of the face, giving them brightness. Specialists recommend starting this color with the beauty of the beauty. An experienced master will be able to carry out the procedure of staining without lossless hair, as often happens at home.

At the expense of this shade Hair looks volume, demonstrating this quality as much as possible in a loose state. Color can be used in pure form or use mixture with other colors. Some girls make themselves coloring or highlighting, which will also look good with this color hair.

Gold is an impeccable option for combining with warm shades.


  • With the help of a golden blond you can get an elegant image+
  • Color is able to hide small appearance defects+
  • rejuvenates a woman for several years.

Despite the advantages, with disadvantages should also be found before painting.

  • Since clarifiers are used when staining, hair will be cleaned anyway.
  • If the girl’s native color is dark, the roots will rush when growing.
  • For any blonde requires delicate hair care. Be sure to use special shampoos, masks and rinsers designed for blondes.
  • With wet weather, hair can start fluffing. When traveling to the sea, hair will also suffer from the effect of sunlight and salt water.

Who fits?

Since such hair color belongs to the category of warm, He will look good on the spring of spring or autumn.

For girls with peach or pinkish skin, along with green, blue eyes, light golden blonde is suitable. Such a hue is able to emphasize natural beauty and will be perfectly combined with natural eyebrows, eyelashes.

For spring color, paired with yellowish skin and gray eyes are recommended to pay attention to the golden-beige blond. It goes as an ideal option for short hair, and can also visually make the eyes more rich. Natural blush can also be emphasized only by repainting in this hue.

For dark girls with karium or green eyes, you should pay attention to the darker shades: golden-copper blond, which is close in its tonality to caramel.


There are several shades that can be selected for different types of appearance. Each of them has its own features and is attractive in its own way.


Light golden blonde is the most gentle shade in this range. It is flawlessly combined with skin of light color and blue eyes. However, stylists recommend trying such tone and carbohylazes, dark beauties. With the help of staining, you can achieve a light image impregnated with femininity and romanticism.

This color is often called royal, honey, pearl blonde.


Dark tones are distinguished by a large variety. Many colors resort to combination with other shades, making focus on chocolate color. The choice will depend on the wishes of a woman and its appearance. Hair should be combined with skin color and eyes so that the image is harmonious.

Most Dark Golden Blonde Fits with Karim Eye Color. Dairy tones optimally combine with light skin and brown eyes. Holders of gray eye should pay attention to blond shades.


This is a popular tint. He likes a large number of women, as it is considered tool to underscounter luxury and beauty. The best option is wheat tones that look stylish and natural. Most often red gold blond apply with auxiliary tones. The following colors are relevant: copper, chocolate, caramel, milk and burning blond.

Such a shade is considered ideal for seamless girls with blue, karium or greens.


He is able to pay for the tone of the face and eye of the girl thanks to its golden overflows. It will be relevant for the owners of dark skin with saturated blue or gray eyes.


Golden pink blond is the most fashionable trend that enjoys in great demand among girls. His advantage is that it is suitable for any beauty. During staining, several shades are applied: Pink, platinum, wheat, golden. Based on the key tones, the palette palette palette is carried out.


Currently popular comprehensive coloring. Many women and girls want to emphasize a deep shade of a golden blond, which will attract the attention of others.


You can get bright liages of curls using highlighting. Golden blond couple with melting will stylishly look and revitalized. Hair gets sun glare, giving a dynamic and modern view. Masters are actively used by the techniques of volumetric hair dye: Shatusch, California Melting.

How to choose paint?

Frequent problem when choosing a golden blond – yellow hair. So as not to be upset because of unsuccessful staining, you should take care of the choice of paint. She must have gentling composition and resistance towards washing.

Lighten dark hair will not work with sparing means without ammonia.

For this reason, hairdressers use a preliminary clarification for which a potent painting composition is used.

Golden blond turns out at the expense of paint, whose number ends on the top three. Such a figure indicates that the auxiliary shade is present – golden. It fills almost half of the main colors.

All cosmetic preparations that make strands white are called clarifiers. Separate them should be carefully, since low-quality clarifiers can burn hair, which will affect their appearance. For this reason, you need to get acquainted with the list of proven brands.

The tops are considered the following grades of the shade Golden Blond:

  • Schwarzkopf+
  • L’Oreal Preference + Excellence+
  • Syoss Professional Performance+
  • Garnier Color Naturals + Color Sensation + Nutrisse+
  • Matrix Socolor.

If it is planned for re-lightening, You should use the same paint as the first time. When changing the means it is better to contact a specialist.

Subtleties of staining

It is best for staining to contact the beauty salon where a professional will do all the necessary procedures with high quality and without errors. For lovers to paint hair with their own hands, you will need to get acquainted with the main nuances of the procedure.

Almost every paint package contains the following ingredients:

  • Paint substance+
  • oxidizing agent+
  • Hair Care Means+
  • gloves.

To paint the hair into a golden blonde, it will be necessary to evenly apply a ready-made mixture to curls. Applied tool throughout the length. Paint remains on hair during the period, which is listed in the manufacturer’s instructions. Depending on the selected brand, the exposure time may vary, but, as a rule, 30-40 minutes is enough.

    Then the paint is washed off with water. Shampoo not needed. It should be flush until the water becomes transparent. After that, it is applied by a balsam for hair that is washed off.

    The compositions are applied immediately. It is impossible to store the finished mixture.

    During dyeing, it is impossible to use metal objects.

    And also need to monitor the time, since the overexposition of paints on the hair can lead to negative consequences for the state of strands.

    Care for curls

    Any dye negatively affects the curl structure. After staining, the hair needs special care that will help support them in a healthy condition and keep their attractiveness. In the competent selection of cosmetic drugs, color saturation is preserved for a long time.

    To make the hair beautiful and shiny after staining, you need to follow certain rules.

    • The head should wash only with a special shampoo, which is designed for stained curls. At the end, it is necessary to use the air conditioner.
    • Wet hair comb undesirable. It can lead to breaking curls.
    • Hair dryer, iron and curls should be used in minimal quantity. However, if a girl cannot make stacking without hair straightening, the thermal protection should be used before the procedure. It is sold at any store.
    • Lighted hair should be powered by high-quality fluids, serums, masks and liquid crystals.
    • In order for the color to be preserved longer, you can use tinting shampoos, mousses and balms with gentle influence on curls.

    How to paint your hair at home, look in the following video.

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