Golden brown hair hair: what looks like and to whom it comes?

Golden brown hair hair: what looks like and to whom it comes?

If you are not a supporter of experiments with hair and looking for a tone close to natural, then you should pay attention to the golden brown. Universal, this tone emphasizes the advantages of girls of any appearance colorage, giving gold glare to any natural curl.

Tones features

Golden halftone add brightness to any hair, but traditional brown tones are especially elegant. Gold is suitable for young girls and women aged, softening face features and adding elegance. Bearing redheads are very loved by teenage girls because of the original image that they create.

Golden brown hair hair is simply created for red and blonde girls, he perfectly emphasizes their brown eyes and dark skin.

There are more than 40 halftones brown with gold, a huge field for experiments, and choose the perfect tone will help personal color.

  • Spring and autumn. If you have blond hair from nature, then golden-blonde colors effectively shade natural. Clean golden brown suitable ladies with fire-red hair. Caramel shade looks original on brown. These two colorages can safely experiment with all chocolate copper tones without fear of an unsightly result.

  • Winter and summer. Golden brown will revive the pale artistic beauties, and ashes chocolate will add brightness to light-eyed summer girls with marble skin. These colorings will be gorgeous with any cold-copper shades with golden overflow.

We select the perfect tint

Remember, it is impossible to make a mistake with brown – it is only necessary to choose his right. Clearly define the parameters of your appearance, and the task will simplify hundreds of times.

So, if you have tanned skin, chocolate tones must be warm. To emphasize olive skin, it is enough to repaint in brown-bronze color, it will give the way soft and chic.

If you have bright eyes and pale skin, then a cold chocolate palette is available for you. remember, that All cold shades “open to review” all flaws of appearance and become, so be careful in choosing not to add age.

“Frosty coffee” Make you a real princess, and “Ash chocolate” will help balancing between seriousness and frivolism.

Independent coloring

At home at a certain skill, it turns out to achieve a beautiful chocolate-golden shade. If you want complex halftone and transitions, It is worth contacting professionals in a beauty salon to avoid possible disappointment from independent experiments.

Consider yourself happy if you have blond hair from nature – repaint them in golden brown will not be difficult.

You can use absolutely all types of paints: with ammonia and without, tonic and permanent staining. If you only want to try, start with light tinting agents that wash off in a couple of weeks. Such shade shampoos inexpensive and make it possible to look at the shade, and if I do not like it, then nothing terrible – after a short time, the tone will lose saturation and it will wash off at all.

Unstable non-ammmonic paints are presented in the beauty market with a big list of manufacturers, many years of holding a brand: Wella, Schwarzkopf, Estel, L’Oreal. From the more budget – “Rocolor”, Wellaton, Gamma, Nature. Paints of these brands guarantee color intensity for 4-6 weeks, after that the resistance will fall. Reloing roots again can be adjusted with shades – shampoos, creams and foam.



If you are looking for a resistant dye, the above brands have persistent paints categories, and ammonia from the composition gradually excluded, without reducing the resistance of the color. Mark Syoss Regularly releases non-mummy paints with the addition of oils, they like many buyers with their softness and gentle affecting hair. The brand has a wide palette of golden brown tones.

Brunettes and brown-buns can pre-discolor hair and repainted in golden brown, and can simply give their natural hair copper or gold shade with tinting. If you do not want to discolored hair, but golden brown is still in favorites, then try new staining techniques with overflows and halftones – now at the peak of fashion Ballozh and Ombre. You can leave the root part of your “your”, and then, moving along the length of the hair, play with halftones. Looks fresh and fashionable.

Natural method

The folk remedies of the chocolate shade of hair will not work, but golden overflows to ensure themselves very easy.

To do this, you will need cinnamon, Luke’s husk, oak bark:

  • 3 tablespoons of cinnamon (in powder condition)+
  • 3 tablespoons of lemon juice+
  • 3 tablespoons of liquid honey+
  • Full cabinet of vegetable oil+
  • Full cabinage conditioner for hair.

Mix all the ingredients and leave Cashitz on the hair for 7 hours – on dark hair, 3 hours – on bright.

If you are a blonde, then the hair can be made nut or caramel, and the brown can be turned into a red-golden hair holder.

Painting individual strands

If complete coloring is not your option, but I still want to change the image, then you can try to highlight separate strands of hair. This will refresh the image and adds complexity to your natural hair color. Even if the hair is growing, highlighting will not look carefully, which is its undoubted advantage. Try to add your chapels of dark brown strands with a golden chip.

Stroke distribution can be performed on any haircut, and your natural color is absolutely not valid.

Whatever coloring method you choose, a brown-golden color will give your form of charm and uniqueness, the hair will play new paints, and you will be pleased with the reincarnation.

The process of coloring hair in golden brown color is given in the video below.

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