Golden-chestnut hair color: who will fit and how to choose paint?

Golden-chestnut hair color: who will fit and how to choose paint?

According to many men, women with golden-chestnut hair are most suitable for the role of her beloved spouse and mother. Probably because this soft female image is often associated with reliability, good nature and manifestation of care. It is this way to make warm, fascinating gold halftone. Of course, it is not only in this, but in the perfect combination of warm hair tone with the natural beauty of girls.

To whom it is suitable?

The indisputable advantage of color is his ability to decorate women of any age. Golden-chestnut hair color looks great, framing the gentle face of young girls, and the appearance of mature ladies makes presentable and luxurious, especially if perfectly selected makeup and clothing style. In favor of color, says that It is effective both on long and short hair, and almost any hairstyles with the presence of a golden shade look harmoniously.

The advantages of a beautiful and fashionable tone are that it is the most natural as possible, smoothes the wrong features of the face and skin defects, has a lot of amazing halftone.

The shades of the main brown can be blond and deep, warm and cold. Luxurious and sensual color will suit many representatives of beautiful sex, especially if they have:

  • Blue, blue, brown and green eyes, amber color iris, walnut or olives with gold sparks+
  • Light leather or smooth gentle tan with a natural gentle blush, also beautiful will look like with such hair a face of warm beige and peach color+
  • Cooling golden halftone brown will suit girls with bright emerald eyes, and light honey tone will decorate seruly women with white leather.

On staining in chestnut it is worth thinking and young ladies with freckles, for them it is one of the most successful colors.

Close shades of golden chestnut: copper, bronze, caramel, reddish. Despite the fact that they are attributed to warm, they can be relevant for the ladies of cold color, giving them a special chic and charm.

To make such an image finished, You need to seriously refer to the choice of powder, shadows and lipstick for mekap. If you use natural shades (gold, brown, olive, warm green-beige), it will be possible to achieve the perfect state of appearance.

Tips for choosing

Selecting the desired dye, you must navigate to your natural data. So, girls with white leather and gray, blue, gray-green and light brown eyes will suit the bright colors:

  • ash-golden+
  • light honey blond+
  • Gold blonde+
  • pure gold+
  • Venetian blonde+
  • ash-golden+
  • Extra Light Golden.

Paint data can be found in a series of chestnut tones of brands Schwarzkopf, L’Oréal, Wella Wellaton, Revlon Colorsilk. But also with a similar appearance, more dark shades will be well combined:

  • Golden Rye+
  • Caramel, Golden Muscat+
  • Turkish Delight+
  • cognac.

This product is released by companies Palette, Nouvelle, Syoss. More saturated is a golden-chestnut color (Revlon Colorsilk), which emphasizes the depth of the eyes. Close to it Tone – Truffle (Palette), Honey Chestnut (SYOSS).

If the lady has natural red curls, it is possible to use the Ton-blond Tones with Copper (L’Oréal) and Golden Copper Cognac (“Estelle”).

Meanwhile, the golden shade on brown hair can be achieved, regularly rinse the hair with a decoction of chamomile in combination with nettle, black tea and a colorless henna, either catching on the hair, after adding to a solution of vodka. If more bright reddish or copper color is needed, you can use the traditional combination of bass and henna.

Get a clean and beautiful light-chestnut color is the possibility on the basis of the original dark or brighter tone, however, in the first case the color will be deeper and saturated. Blonde hair will have to be painted 2-3 times to achieve the required shade, and then the periodic conducting the toning procedure will be needed. The listed dyes on the hair can be left unevenly, painted in an unnatural color.

As for the red-haired ladies, in their situation the result can be successful only by half, and it will be necessary to carry out additional coloring.

Preferred haircuts

Popular color It looks great on various types of haircuts, in particular, on the classic and graduated variation of Bob-kare, which is extremely demanded due to its ability to extract faces of non-standard or not quite the right form. Since gold chestnut also softens the disadvantages of appearance, then Almost the perfect combination for any woman.

If you take such a kind of hairstyle as a multistage bob, then in this case, we will be carelessly stuck in gold, they will look excellent.

No less advantageous in combination with feminine color looks Cascade and Aurora’s haircut options look like short, medium and long hair.

Very short hairs suggest brighter shades of brown, with the exception of very young ladies – they can afford such shades like truffle, golden chocolate, dark-born. Harmonious is considered a combination with this color of curly hair of medium length, curling, large curls.

Long brown hair looks perfectly obmra, the sludge, armor, if after that they should be flocked. But also the classic option remains a straight horse tail and styling using hairpins, rims and studs. In other words, it is extremely difficult to spoil this color any hairstyle.

Overview of the paint “Gamma” Golden Chestnut See More.

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