Green hair: how to choose a shade and achieve the desired tone?

Green hair: how to choose a shade and achieve the desired tone?

Green hair color risks himself to afford not every girl. Scratch-bright, trend shade attracts the attention of all surrounding and causes a wide range of emotions, from indignation until admiration.

Who goes color?

Green hair is mainly that people who themselves have a rather bright appearance and unusual internal content. The fact is that if a modest and clamped girl paints his hair into an emerald shade, but will continue to be shy and dress in vague clothes, then the whole image will look bad despite the existing color. As for length, Green color is suitable for long-haired girls, and those that briefly cut hair. To use, by the way, you can not only complete staining, but also the coloring of individual strands or the use of Ombre technique.

If the initial color of the chapels refers to warm shades, then It is best to look for a green pigment with a yellow subtend. Blondes should pay attention to delicate green paints.

Winners of golden curls are better to use a salad or emerald dye. At earlier ash brands, a mint shade looks great.

In addition, selecting unusual paint, it is necessary to navigate on the human color. Girls relating to the “Spring” color, fit very light and tender tones, practically translucent. The selected pigment can be salad, light with yellow or with an additional white subton. A brighter solution implies the use of linoma, pea or green apple color. Very bad on the “Spring” beauties watch dull tones having a bag of red or brown.

“Summer” ladies become the perfect “canvas” for blue-green tones with a small steel glitter. Speech in this case goes about mint, gray-green, sea wave or turquoise color. Girls will look very beautifully to look like full-fledged staining and coloring of individual strands with preservation of a natural shade for most of the chapelurs. “Autumn” girl should draw his attention to the marsh palette, combining colors from olive to khaki. Subaton in this case may be red and brown.

Finally, the “winter” beauties can draw their attention to the mixture of dirty green and gray. It follows to the coniferous tint, and if you wish, add brightness and saturation – experiment with the emerald tint. Not bad to look and separate strands painted in lime or neon tone.

A variety of shades

It is believed that the green color has more than 30 diverse shades, which allows each girl to pick up the most suitable image. The use of one or another shade is determined depending on the color of the person, aspiring to repaint hair. The coloration implies such parameters like a natural shade of curls, eye color and leather. One of the most popular shades is recognized by light green. It looks great individually, but no less effective becomes in combination with others.

Most of all shades of the palette are suitable for owners of light skin and eye blue or green. The brightest and unusual representative of this group is considered acid-green with a yellow subton. The gray-green option is trend and looks in any situation. However, for a more spectacular image, it is often combined with turquoise paint, silver or even platinum. Tints are often used to create an ombre or volume coloring strands.

Dark green promises to be quite a long trend. Most of all this shade is suitable for girls with brown eyes. To enrich the dark-green often used black and even ash. Finally, a combination of blond and green looks very beautiful.

Like in this case, in this case, it can range from light to dark and green turns out to be bright green, and quite pale.

How to paint hair?

Coloring in green color is quite successfully carried out both in the cabin and at home. In the second case The end result will largely depend on the selection of paint. Since in most cases a sufficient one shade, no problems with the procedure should not occur if everything is carried out according to the instructions. Pick up the paint is better professional or luxury, since not the entire mass market provides high quality procratry.

For example, it can be Kapous Hyaluronic Acid Special Meshes, which contains in its composition hyaluronic acid and ensures the occurrence of persistent emerald shade.

The composition will not be repeated throughout the term up to one and a half months. It will not spoil hair, but, on the contrary, contributes to its nutrition and restoration due to the rich composition containing aloe, vitamins, panthenol and keratin. Unfortunately, the use of this means is allowed only on natural hair without any paint. Brand Crazy Color makes it possible to choose from three shades of the green palette. The gradual washout of this coating occurs without a dirt manifest, and simply by changing the shade.

Not bad has established itself Manic Panic, Containing in its ruler a salad shade. Mark is very recommended Punky Colour, offering for staining shade Alpine Green. Its main plus is a very good composition – it does not contain ammonia, but at the same time keeps the resistance of the color. Hair will not lose their unusual view for one and a half months.

For temporary staining, a variety of shades will be suitable. Sanding balm does not fit for beauties with dark hair, as it requires preliminary discoloration, but it will look very good on blondes. The jelly-like substance is easy to use, and the result is saved about 14 days. Finding green shades can Bonjour and Matrix brands. Sprays and varnishes perfectly affect blond hair, giving them a bright and “delicious” shade. Sprays offer such proven stamps as Fluo Hair Color Green and Stargazer.

Color mascara is applied to color individual strands. Such a means is in the line of brands Isadora and estel. Light tint will be given to the color gel, for example, from Hair Color Gel.

In the case when it comes to natural dyes, you should not expect super-resistant and saturated result. But in this case, it is not necessary to worry about the state of the hair – it will not only be spoiled, but in some cases it will be better. Basma is a natural dye that is obtained from indigo leaves. A much more spectacular result he gives, if you pre-cover the hair of henna. Basma powder is purchased so that 15 grams of powder accounted for 15 centimeters.

If the hair is distinguished by a dense, then the same 15 centimeters will have to add from 10 to 20 grams of funds. Basma is mixed with water until the consistency of the required shade is obtained. Apply it to the curls is important with a nape, tracking to the splashes not fall on the skin. Of course, in this case, the holders of a kara or short hairstyles will be easier.

Tallowing your head into polyethylene, you need to wait from 45 minutes to an hour depending on the saturation of the desired shade, after which it is necessary to wash the chapel with conventional warm water. At least three days after the completion of the procedure was not allowed to wash the head with shampoo.

Some ladies dared to paint the hair with ordinary green. As the basis, neutral hair balm or air conditioner is used in the amount that is necessary for the processing of the entire guard. Green will need from 15 to 35 grams. The substance is applied to the hair for no more than 5 minutes, after which it is cooked well. We must not forget about pastel crayons. They give not a particularly bright result, held by one day, so they are more suitable for some kind of event, and not constant “socks”.

If we talk about staining in the cabin, then contact the checked specialist who can pick up the most successful shade. In the case of highlighting or ombrie, alternative options are not welcome at all – it is practically impossible to carry out these procedures. NSRadial clarification is also carried out only in the cabin and sometimes takes about a few weeks in case of persistent natural pigment.

The cost of ordinary color will vary from 500 to 800 rubles, and the fulfillment of a more complex procedure is to start from 1,500 rubles.

Subsequent care

Care of green hair, in general, is a typical care for the painted chapel. It is necessary to immediately choose the means suitable for such hair, and not only shampoo, balm, air conditioning, but also other means. In general, picking up some new component of the care, it would be better to find out whether it does not wash color. It is also important to protect curls from aggressive impact. For example, for a while limit the use of iron, bad and hairdryers, as well as protect strands, staying under the sun on the street or in Frost.

It is better to wash your head not hot, and warm water, otherwise the shade will quickly start tacking. By the way, a good solution will sometimes be able to use dry shampoo instead of usual, as it gently cleanses the skin and roots, but does not affect the color. Visiting the pool must be accompanied by putting on a protective hat.

In addition, from time to time to spend a homemade tapping. To do this, the residues of the paint are enough to mix with a balm or air conditioning, and then apply a mixture somewhere on a quarter of an hour.

Separately, it is necessary to mention the possibilities of flushing paints that are easy to implement at home. It is believed that grinding meat of tomatoes together with juice applied to the hair somewhere for an hour can help. The substance was washed off with warm water, after which a balm is necessarily used or a similar means. Application Aspirin implies the grinding of several tablets and mix them with 200 grams of ordinary water. Voddy is used for rinsing once a week.

Lemon juice can not be applied in its pure form, it first will have to mix with warm water. The components are used in the 1 to 2 ratio to achieve the desired result.

Locks are rinsed with lemon water, then dried natural through about a third of the hour, and then be sure to be washed. In addition, it makes sense to try to breed a tablespoon in a glass of water, to apply a solution somewhere for half an hour, and then wash everything.

How to paint your hair into green, look next.

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