Hair masks with henna

Hair masks with henna

About the coloring properties of the priest know a lot. This natural dye was used by women in India and Arab countries. Currently, Henna is quite popular and from our women who managed to evaluate the magnificent painting properties of the powder from Lavsonia. In addition, henna does not have paint properties. Colorless Henus apply in cosmetology – masks based on it use to strengthen and restore the structure and gloss.

What properties is Henna

The first references to the use of powder from the non-community lavsonia were discovered by archaeologists in 1200 before. NS. This natural vegetable powder used for a long time as a means to give intensive hair. Use it and for painting on the body.

Henna has a unique properties. Make it from the leaves of the same plants, but in the process of processing from the powder, coloring pigments remove. The first mention of it as a medical device is dating XIV century to n. NS. Apply a healing powder with different skin diseases, since the tool has a disinfectant property. Particularly effective paste in the treatment of purulent wounds, eczema and burns. It has long been used in the processing of postoperative seams and wounds, in the treatment of dermatosis.

The paste was applied to the nails for their strengthening and brilliance. Heals powder, diluted with vinegar damaged nails damaged by a fungus, quickly returning to them the original appearance. In India and in Arab countries, it is believed that the smell of the plant can save a person from headaches, and also contributes to increasing potency in men.

As part of Henna, colorless contains important trace elements, among which:

  • Rutin necessary to strengthen the roots of the hair (thanks to him slows down their fallout, and the seeding appears much later)+
  • Betaine, due to which moisture is holding in the hair structure, their nutrition is restored+
  • Vitamins of group B contributing to the accumulation of collagen.

In addition, carotene, emodin, tannilic substances are present in this composition. Acting in the complex, these components have a great impact on strands and skin.

    If it is regularly applied to the mask’s mask’s hair outlined colorless, then you can get such positive effects:

    • There is a strengthening of the top of the hair+
    • Hair growth accelerates to 3 cm per month+
    • Their loss decreases+
    • Increases the volume of strands from the roots+
    • Thanks to the saturation effect, the shade of strands becomes more saturated+
    • Normalization of the sebaceous glands+
    • Regenerate Hydrolypide Skin Balance+
    • Hair fragility is reduced, their restoration and connection of damaged particles occurs.

      Even very damaged hair is rapidly restored after applying masks on them with a colorless henna.

      How to use the mask?

      Sell ​​henu in a pharmacy or a special store. The cost of its low, but at the same time it possesses therapeutic properties, spinning the skin and hair is not worse than expensive drugs.

      To make a mask from the henna, you need to take a glass or ceramic container, fall asleep into it powder, pour it with hot water. Dilute Components It follows to get a thick mass. Hot water can be replaced by herbic booze. You can make a decoction of medicinal plants or add a couple of tablespoons of herbs shredded to powder, then pour water.

      Before applying mass on the hair, it is recommended to wash them and dry them slightly. Then apply the resulting sour cream mass on strands and distribute massage movements. After applying the mask on the head you should wear a hat or plastic bag and wrapped in a warm towel. To strengthen and strengthen hair, keep the mask on the head you need about one and a half hours. If it is necessary to return to strands shine and beauty, then keep it 30-40 minutes.

      Most often, this natural powder does not cause allergies, but if the mask is applied for the first time, it is important to check the skin on sensitivity. It is recommended to withstand a lot of hair no more than 15-20 minutes. In case of discomfort, itching or burning should be washed off.

      To increase the efficiency of this cosmetic agent, other components are introduced into its composition, for example, essential or cosmetic oil, chopped fruit flesh.

      In the event that the tips of the hair are very dry, then before applying the mass on strands, they are lubricated by coconut or olive oil.

      Withstand on your head right time, the mask should be washed off with water. When washed with shampoo not use. If the mask has butter or strands lubricated with vegetable or cosmetic oil, wash off the hair with a small number of children’s shampoo.

      After the mask, it is not recommended to dry the curls hairdryer, better so that they dry naturally.

      You should prepare the mixture at once, as it is not subject to long-term storage. Spend the masks course for 2 months, while doing them is recommended once in 7-10 days. After graduating from the course, continue preventive procedures and make a mask 1 time in 30 days. It is not recommended to carry out such a procedure too often, otherwise the hair can be dry and brittle.

      Hair mask with henna

      After applying such a cosmetics, the curls become strong, increases their shine.


      • Package Henna colorless+
      • Water, heated to 80 degrees – 100 ml+
      • honey – 1 h. a spoon+
      • One chicken yolk.

      To prepare the composition, you should mix powder and hot water. When the mass becomes warm, the remaining components are introduced into it. Mass are applied on strands, wrapped with a film or package, then they are covered with a towel. Hold a nutrient mask on her hair to 40 minutes.

      Various products, such as honey, vegetable or cosmetic oil, kefir can act as components. You can make a mask with gelatin, egg, herbal decoction.

      Many women are interested in the question of what can be made from kefir. There are many recipes using fermented milk products. Consider the most popular of them -Repping masks to strengthen hair.

      Required ingredients:

      • Henna in powder – 30 g+
      • Water – 100 ml+
      • Kefir – 50 ml+
      • Essential oil – 4-5 drops.

      To prepare this mask mix powder with water. Following this, the fermented milk product and oil essential. The resulting mass is applied to the hair with massage movements and the towel is wrapped. Keep such a mask need 40-45 minutes.

      Option with rapid oil

      Application mask with burdock oil helps strengthen hair color. She will suit women with painted curls.

      Required ingredients:

      • Henna (bag) – 30 g+
      • Herbal decoction of chamomile – 90-100 ml+
      • Ray oil – 20 ml+
      • Any essential oil – 3-4 drops.

      After the introduction of natural henna in a hot herbal decoction, 1 st. A spoonful of rapid oil and drip a few drops of beloved essential oil. The mass is applied on strands all over the entire length, then the head is wrapped in a package, over wind towel.

      Mask for oily hair

      Medicine masks based on clay allow you to make hair less fat, improve their condition.

      To obtain therapeutic agent, you need to take:

      • Henna Package+
      • Hot water – 100 ml+
      • Blue clay – 2 st. Spoons+
      • One lemon.

      Before applying the means on strands, it is necessary to separate the clay with cold water separately, then in another container, mix it with hot water and mix the components. After this add juice from lemon. The composition can be diversified and add a pair of droplets of essential oils. Hold the mass with clay on the head for about an hour, then wash off with flowing water, washing well.

      Regenerating and reinforcing

      To prepare this mask at home, take the following products:

      • Patch of colorless henna – 30 g+
      • Slightly heated water – 100 ml+
      • Olive oil – 1 st. spoon+
      • REPEY OIL – 1 ST. spoon+
      • Two yolks+
      • Honey – 1 st. a spoon.

      To make the necessary remedy, it is necessary to mix colorless mixing with water, then enter other components and stir. The mixture is applied for the entire length. Special attention should be paid to the roots, so the tool is applied to the skin massage movements. Processed hair wrapped with a package and fixed with a towel. Keep it under such a cap recommend up to 90 minutes.

      To restore dry and sequential strands

      To improve the condition of the hair, you should connect the henna powder with 3 st. spoons of crushed nettles, as well as with 2 h. Spoons of dry mustard. Components flooded with hot water and are withstanding about 20 minutes, then the mass is distributed on strands. Hold the mask of 20-30 minutes, after which it was washed with shampoo. As in the specified composition there is a mustard, it can cause burning. When unpleasant symptoms appear, the mass should be strained immediately.

      The composition of nutrient masks can include jasmine, argan oil. The connection of all components with colorless henna makes it possible to improve the condition of porous and sequent hair, give them smoothness and healthy shine. Thanks to a colorless henna, squeezing silkness, gluing damaged micro-eats and hair alignment along the entire length.

      Such a mask with a smoothing effect is suitable for owner of climbing hair, as well as those who made a chemical twist or staining.


      After applying the oil based on colorless henna, most women noted how improved their condition. They became more alive, their glitter intensified, strands began to better fit.

      Ladies with gray hair noted that using a colorless henu together with other natural ingredients, they managed to get intensive color. Here are the ingredients used:

      • To obtain a redhead, a powder is breeded with natural beet juice+
      • To obtain a chocolate shade, the powder of a colorless henna is bred by brewed stiff coffee and withstand on the head to one and a half hours+
      • To get a reddish hue, Henna connects with a bow decoction, and withstand a mass on her hair 1 hour+
      • Golden shade is obtained by mixing natural powder with chamomile decoction (keep the mixture on her hair about 2 hours).

      When using sample compositions, it is not necessary to use shampoo when washing the hair.

      Judging by the reviews, the result from the use of masks based on natural ingredients pleased many. But some users noticed that the hair became dry, so it is important to make a dry hair to make this procedure less often and enter various oils into masks.

      Among the disadvantages, it is also possible to note not quite a pleasant smell of powder, as well as what flush hair should be more thorough.

      About how to make a mask for the lungs of hair with a colorless henna, look in the following video.

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