Hair tint after clarification: features, choice of funds, nuances of the procedure

Hair tint after clarification: features, choice of funds, nuances of the procedure

Beautiful, healthy and shiny curls – Dream of every woman. To create a unique and unique image, many women resort to lightening strands. It is this color tint for many years that has been the most popular and in demand. Violation of clarification technology, incorrect selection of painting agents, as well as the low quality of goods used often lead to a negative effect, which can spoil the mood of a representative of the weak floor.

In order to smooth color, remove yellow stains and give hair a healthy overflow and deep shade, specialists are recommended after cutting hair to hold their tint. This manipulation can be carried out not only in beauty salons, but at home. The main condition for obtaining a qualitative result is to comply with the work of work and the use of certified and branded tools.


Toning – the process of restoring the structure of the hair after clarification, which makes it possible to give curls resistant and deep shade. The mechanism of discoloration of curls is to remove the natural pigment from the hair rod, as well as in the disclosure of surface scales.

Toning makes it possible to create a dense protective layer around the hair rod, which will reduce the negative impact of the environment on the hair, as well as fill in the neutral pigment open scales.

After toning, the hair retains its structure as much as possible, and the number of seeds of the ends is significantly reduced.

Advantages of the procedure:

  • Use immediately after discoloration+
  • Low price range+
  • Easy use+
  • Possibility of frequent use+
  • minimal negative effect+
  • The absence of hazardous and toxic chemicals in the composition of the funds+
  • Correction and saturation of hair color+
  • Creating a smooth and clean shade+
  • Change shade for several tones+
  • Moisturizing and strengthening the hair rod+
  • Elimination of yellow spots+
  • Creating a protective shell+
  • Giving hair smoothness, silkiness and gloss+
  • Reducing the number of confused+
  • Long preservation of color+
  • Acceleration of hair styling.


  • Incomplete leaning paint with hair, which leads to staining hats and bed linen+
  • No possibility within 2 months after a chemical curling procedure+
  • The need for frequent use+
  • Lack of opportunity to give tone gray curls+
  • The impossibility of staining curls, the color of which was changed using henna.

Professional stylists do not recommend repeated clarification or hair coloring, If, after discoloration, the curls acquired inhomogeneous tone or yellow tint.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to simply perform the tinting of the curls with drugs that are of a few tones with darker base color.

In the case of an allergic reaction to individual components, the means is strictly prohibited to hold this procedure. In order to determine the presence of allergies, you need a small amount of means to apply for several minutes on the inside of the wrist. If there are no redness and rashes after flushing the composition on the skin, then the drug can be applied.

Doctors categorically prohibit any types of hair coloring during the period of tooling the fetus or feeding the child with breasts, as well as in the presence of diseases of the endocrine system. Experts do not recommend using the neckline earlier than 1 week after clarification. If this procedure has not brought the desired effect, you need to turn to professional hairdressers that will find the right decision.


Professional stylists allocate several types of toning, which differ not only by the final color scheme, but also the resistance of the result obtained.


To restore hair after staining, hairdressers are recommended to carry out intensive tinting, it will give the opportunity to fill the voids and close the hair scales, and will also create a protective film on the surface of the hair rod. Conduct this procedure with tonic, shampoos and satellite paints without ammonia.

The resulting effect will remain on the curls of more than 3 months.


The gentle procedure is carried out using sprays and shampoos, which include vitamin complexes and essential oils. The effect of increasing toning will last no more than 30 days.


Easy procedure does not have a long effect, and the result led immediately after washing the head. This type of toning is intended only for selecting the desired color scheme.

Than tint?

On the shelves of specialized stores you can see a large number of both vocational money and preparations for home use.

Specialists allocate two types of products.

  • Simple – Ready-made drugs that, after purchase, can be immediately used. Simple goods include shampoos, mousses, sprays and balms.
  • Sophisticated – Means that consist of dyes and oxidizing agents. Before use, you must definitely connect both components. The amount of oxide should not exceed 3 percent.

You can use the following products for the color adjustment.

  • Sandy shampoo – Popular and affordable tool that paints hair in natural shades. To achieve the maximum result, apply sample shampoos should be regularly, after a short period of time. Non-ammmonic products have a shallow penetration level and the minimum negative effect.
  • Spray – short-lived agent for getting an instant result. The composition is used for quick painting of the resulting roots and strands. The disappearance of the coloring agent will happen after the first head wash.
  • Penka – drug that allows you to adjust the color and clean yellow spots.
  • Balm – persistent coloring composition, which not only gives strands the necessary color gamut, but also cares for them. Repeated painting composition can be carried out no earlier than 30 days later.
  • Semi-performed non-ammmonic compounds – Means, effect after which holds for 3 months.

When choosing a type of toning agent, a trademark of the product should be taken into account. Experts recommend paying attention to the following brands.

  • Kemon Kroma – manufacturer whose products not only removes yellowness, but also protects strands from ultraviolet radiation.
  • Kapous – Brand, producing a large amount of sample shampoos, sprays, tonic and balms. The product of this group includes mineral salt, protein, vitamins, essential and vegetable oils that have a maximum recovery effect.
  • Wella Color – Popular trading brand that is used in beauty salons. The means of this brand have a smoothing effect with simultaneous fixation of the shade.
  • ESTEL – One of the most popular brands that is used at home. Keratin, which is part of the drugs, makes curls as soft, shiny and strong.
  • Schwarzkopf – Famous brand that produces 6 different shades. Products of this company can be used both for intensive tinting and gentle.
  • Matrix – brand that produces painting compositions for gray curls. A huge color palette consists of more than 60 shades.

Professional hairdressers are not recommended to acquire cheap unknown trademark goods that have low quality levels. The best products always have the appropriate price.

Gently and carefully toned hair with a regular chamomile, a strong decoction of which you need to rinse strands after each head washing.

How to choose a shade?

The right choice of the shade is the key to getting smooth and saturated tone with gloss effect. Large companies that produce funds for staining and tinting hair, created a special tablet table. This table allows you to quickly choose the necessary tone even novice fashion suites, as well as visually see the possible result after the procedure.

To obtain the maximum effect, you need to choose a shadow tool, the color of which is most close to the shade of hair. In order to tonodize the rim need to use golden tonic with warm palette. Smooth the red hair color or level the dark shade will help the copper tone with bright red tint. For gray and ash curls, you need to choose silver and platinum. Only to obtain the effect of burnt curls, you can use brighter tones.

Specialists do not recommend girls who have a light skin and hair type, apply a dark color gamut. The procedure performed will make the face dim and inexpressive, and will also increase age for several years.

If you mix a few close colors before toning, then you can visually increase the volume of hairstyles. Speeciously and brightly, the hairstyle will look, when creating which only some strands were clarified, and toning was carried out on all curls. With the help of alternately applying a few shades, you can make fashionable and stylish coloring.

Beginner fashionmented must be borne in mind that the hair shade after the procedure will be a little lighter declared in the color table.

How to do?

Toning is a simple procedure that can be carried out both in the conditions of professional beauty salons, and independently at home. For several days before toning, a complex of wellness procedures must be performed, which consists of regularly applying nutrients, moisturizing and restoring masks, as well as the use of balms and air conditioners.

Before normalization, the color of the discolored curls at home must be purchased the following tools and materials:

  • Hairdresser Cape or Big Towel+
  • Rubber or polyethylene gloves+
  • Plastic container+
  • Sponge or brush+
  • rare teeth.

It is strictly forbidden to use metal tools whose particles can join the reaction with coloring tool and harvest hair condition.

This procedure consists of several stages:

  • Washing head using deep penetration shampoo+
  • Drying hair with a natural way at room temperature+
  • Plug division at least 4 parts+
  • Application on Locks Starting from the occipital section+
  • Holding a certain amount of time specified by the manufacturer in the instructions+
  • Warm Warm Warm Water+
  • Finishing head washing with shampoo+
  • Rinsing air conditioning+
  • Nutritional mask+
  • Washing hair with a terry towel.

Experts recommend crushing roots only at the end of the procedure. You need to wipe your head with an old or dark towel, due to its possible staining with the remnants of Tonic. Hairdressers recommend putting on the skin of the forehead, ears and neck fat creams that will make it easier to remove paint from these areas.

In the event that this procedure did not bring the desired result or you need to quickly change the color range of hair, the specialists recommend processing strands with special means to remove paint or several times to wash the head of deep cleaning shampoo. If after these manipulations, it was not possible to completely remove the coloring pigment from the curls, you need to make special masks. Mask from warm milk food products of high fat not only helps to quickly remove the paint, but also improve the overall condition of the hair.

Remove the unnecessary pigment will help hair rinsing with soda or salt solid. After this procedure, which dries hair, it is necessary to make a moisturizing mask. Absorbent cosmetic clay will also help return natural hair. This remedy must be dissolved with water and put on strands. In order to remove clay, you just need to wash your head.

To obtain the desired result, experts are recommended to follow the recommendations below:

  • Before the procedure, delete the sequential ends, which, after dyeing, will have a dark shade+
  • Application and distribution of paint must be carried out as quickly as possible.

In the absence of tinting experience, it is necessary to consult with specialists and watch educational master classes.

How often can toning?

        Due to the fact that these funds have a low level of stability and quickly wash off, stylists recommend tinting 1 time in 14 days. This frequency will maximize the color gamut and not injure the structure of the hair.

        The frequency of this procedure affects the subsequent care for strands. In order for the hair color to retain a longer period of time, it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations of specialists.

        • Head washing only 4 days after the procedure. This period of time will allow the pigment as securely secure on the hair surface.
        • Use only wooden ridges that prevent hair electrification.
        • Combing hair only after complete drying.
        • Use the minimum amount of heating tools for laying.
        • Wearing hats both in the cold season and summer.
        • Hair rinsing only with estimated and boiled water, which contains a minimum amount of chlorine and heavy metal salts.
        • Regular use of moisturizing and restoring cosmetics.
        • Monthly removal of the above.

        What are the features of hair toning after clarification, see the following video.

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