Haircut Domboy : Features and Subtleties

Haircut & Domboy & : Features and Subtleties

The world of haircuts full of charming models for every taste and color. Many hairstyles have long been familiar to us, so we do not pay special attention to them. However, there are such that forced to turn around and make their possessors. Today we will raise the curtain over the haircut “Domboi” – one of the most ambiguous and curious of the world of fashionable haircuts.

What it is?

No one to surprise glossy pictures, where the models are banging with short hair. Short hair is not news, nevertheless, Tomba takes a separate place in the world of hairstyles.

What is her feature, we will see now. Let’s in order. Translated from the English word Tomboy means “Torvan”, “Hooligan”, “Fidget”. Based on only one name, you can guess that we are talking about a haircut “under the boy”, carrying a slightly rebel, daring and brave character.

“DomBoy” – a haircut unisex, mainly performed on short hair, but the female version of the performance can be carried out on medium, and on long hair in the last peak of fashion.

Mandatory components of this haircut are:

  • Asymmetry in general+
  • casually falling torn strands+
  • Outdoor Heat and Whiskey+
  • An extended asymmetric bang.

Hairstyle carries a note of artistic negligence, and due to the lack of accurate rules of execution, at the request of its owner, may include and shaved areas. Such a hairstyle represents the elements of a multi-level contrast and needs stacking, with which you can embody the uncountable number of styles and images.

Why are women choose Tomba?

Most often this is the choice of strong, volitional girls and women, but due to the varieties of laying, the hairstyle “Domboi” can be worn with romantic shades in the image.

Consider the reasons for choosing this particular haircut.

  • Nothing extra. Hair acquires the definition of the form for which it is easy to care for.
  • Pretty light styling with extensive selection of styles.
  • There is an opinion that the essays of the male hairstyle on the female head, contrary to logic, emphasize femininity and fragility.
  • The problems of the split tips of the hair disappear. The hairpiece looks healthy, hair – alive.
  • In general, the view is always well maintained and neat, and with a minimum effort.

Dignity at the haircut a lot. For those who decided to change the style and length of hair, Tomba is a very interesting option.

History of origin

In the 20s of the last century, the first images of “bold” women with strong kind of kind and volitional character began to gliggle on the screens of cinema. Feminine dresses gave way to tank suit, and gentle curls – short haircuts “under the boy”. It looked like a challenge to society, an application for women’s independence and freedom from stereotypes.

Koko Chanel’s haircut “Tomba” is closely related, which, in addition to his legendary little black dress, left the world to the inheritance and the image of a woman, boldly demonstrating hairstyle with elements of this haircut.

Who fits?

“Domba”, like almost all short haircuts, not suitable for women. Choosing this hairstyle, it is necessary to take into account not only the form of a person, but also the character itself, as well as the features of its physique. It is worth noting that age does not play a special role – “Tomba” can decorate the heads of both young fashionistas and more mature ladies.

As already mentioned, the physique plays an important role: “Domboy” looks particularly well on women with a slender figure, and ladies with lush forms are recommended to choose more feminine hairstyles.Such a haircut represents a large spectrum of version options, so it suits almost any form of face.

The main thing is to harmoniously pick up bangs and sample.

Suppose girls with round and square face shapes will go oblique bangs and side samples in combination with the root volume. The owners of an oblong type of face can be pleased with a wider selection of style we discussed hairstyles, the only nuance is a competently selected long bang.

In any case, the perfect style for each person is selected individually master.

As noted above, it is important in the choice hairstyles and the character of its owner. This hairstyle will complement the image of bold, outstanding, creative personalities with a volitional temper. In essence, the appearance of a woman is the projection of her inner world.

Choosing a short hair haircut, it is important to realize that most of the attention will be attracted by the face.

A short haircut can be aggravated by the flaws, so the hairstyles of the Tomba must carefully monitor the condition of the skin and for the perfect makeup.

“Domboy” – salvation for those women who have thin, rare hair. Due to its versatility and a slide of strands, this haircut creates the effect of volume and abundant leshes.

Can we wear teenagers?

Haircut “Domboy” entered the list of the most glamorous and popular hairstyles for young fashionistas. Employee beauties tend to conduct “experiments” with their image. Bunctors in spirit, with an inexhaustible desire to show yourself, young ladies find every day different types of laying for their individual model “Tomba”.

This short haircut on the hair of teenage girls from 13 years and older creates a playfulness effect, emphasizing its own unique image.

But in this young age it is necessary to take into account that “Domboy” is not suitable for everyone. As already noted, boasting this fashionable succession can girls with refined features of the face having a slender body. This does not mean that other haircuts are prohibited. Of course not. We only indicated those cases when it will be guaranteed to look spectacularly.

Older girls can be supplemented with a stylish hairstyle. Coloring game: Coloring, Melting, Selection of individual strands. The use of multi-colored chalks for hair – the latest novelty among young people.

Young lover of haircuts “Domboy” peculiar to complement your unique image with different accessories. In addition to the hairpins, gangs and rims, girls still love to collect long seats hairstyles in original tails. Elements of shaving some zones of the head – also the spontaneous tendency of young avant-gardeists. You can simulate the occipital area, whiskey or directly one side of the head.


Haircut has their own varieties. Consider them.

Ripped classic “DomBoy”

This option hairstyles the use of a razor, and is carried out by stupid cut. A fundamental role is played by high-quality milling chapelurs to achieve the effect of unevenness and “Radia”. Carelessness and chaotic hair tips – Successful Master’s work.


This variety hairstyles take the basis of a short “bob”. Hair length is no more than 15-17 cm. The principle of execution coincides with the previous embodiment, with the exception of the uniformity of the strands, which over the entire head overlooks different lengths.

No template performance – each hairstyle in this style is obtained by a unique masterpiece.

But fashion, as always, continues to surprise. Today, in addition to the described two versions, there are many other haircut variations “Tomba”: it can be added to it. Pickles and lengthen the strands, fantasize with bangs, play with coloring and use different accessories to achieve the desired result. Similarly, an individual image is created: for someone in retro style, for others – with romantic shades of femininity.

Order procedure

Opening your choice on this hairstyle, you need to search for a good specialist who is not terribly entrusted with his hair, because Tomba requires special attention to itself and compulsory advice.

For haircuts, you will need:

  • scissors+
  • thinning scissors+
  • hairbrush+
  • Clips+
  • Spray Moisturize Spray.

The technique of haircuts is step by step as follows.

  1. Hair is divided into two parts of a natural side probor. Every woman has an individual.
  2. The tempororal area is divided into horizontal lines, the control strand is taken up to the ear tip.
  3. Hair poured under the control strand with a gradual elongation to the backbone.
  4. After that, go to the front. Hair is combed to displace forward.
  5. A control strand is selected with an approximate length of chin.
  6. Working part of the head (front) is divided into horizontal levels. Strands are coated with lengthening to face, leaning on the control strand.
  7. Heat cuts with displacement to the front of the head, the level difference is about 2 cm. Castle can also be shaved with an elongation to the top.
  8. Be sure to hold a triangular edge.

Options for laying

Tomba needs to maintain the right form, like any short haircut. So it will be necessary to visit the salon at least once in 3-4 weeks. At home, too, simple stacking for a daily image or a special occasion, if necessary. But laying can be done on your own. To achieve the desired style, you will need different means: foams, mousses, gels and varnishes. Short hair must be fixed, sometimes even iron grip.

Laying must be able to solve 3 goals. Consider each separately.

  1. Achieving volume: short haircuts look more effectively if supplemented by volume.
  2. Allocation of strands and creation of clear lines: asymmetrical feathers, the game length is a strong side of the haircut “DomBoy”.
  3. Underlining forms: “Domboy” – a unique hairstyle. Using the right laying, you can emphasize the dignity of the face and hide the shortcomings.

With the help of styling, you can vary styles: retro, avant-garde, classic and others. It is worth remembering that than the avant-garder you want to look, the more means for laying you will have to use.

You can adopt for yourself the following options for stacking.

As one of the options, you can bother back the front long part of the chapels and fix everything with gel and varnish, creating an image in retro style or classics.

You can comb your hair side.

For young owners hairstyle “Domboy” there is an opportunity to pick up the long part of the hair in the tail.

The original trend of recent years is the use of multi-colored chalks, as temporary original coloring.

Finally, you can add the easiest and most universal option – the artistic disorder created by mousse.

Tip: “Domboi” should not be done on very curly hair.

Methods of laying haircuts “Domboy” in the next video.

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