Haircut Tresh : features, types, laying methods

Haircut & Tresh & : features, types, laying methods

“Tresh” is a relatively new haircut, which is popular not only among the “stars”, but also among the large number of youth and those who dream of being unlike others. In addition, the hairstyle is suitable for both girls and guys. It attracts attention, so it is definitely not suitable for shiven or closed personalities, as well as those who have to work in the office with a strict dress code.


This style allows many to challenge all the rules that were considered traditional for many years. People who choose data hairstyles want to reach out to the people around them and show what they think and live differently. Teenagers in this way try to express and show their parents that have already grown. The main task of the haircut “Tresh” is considered to create some illusion of artificial hair that make a simple hairstyle brighter. You can achieve such a result using a cascade haircut, “Bob” or other haircuts.

The main element of the haircut “Tresh” is bangs. It can be done in different ways: both ripped, and asymmetric, and multi-layered, and oblique. In addition, it can be made straight or laying.

Also, do not forget about the temples that must be chosen. They can be asymmetric, and smooth, and a certain form. In addition, the hair is painted in the most unusual colors. After all, this haircut is a challenge to all the rules!

It is worth saying that such a hairstyle is suitable for any type of face, since even flaws can hide if they are:

  • Those who have an elongated face is best to make asymmetric bangs+
  • But for the owners of the round face, a straight bang is suitable+
  • Girls with a wide chin suitable bangs with several well profiled strands.

However, all of the above recommendations are not necessary. You can make a hairstyle and at your discretion, however, in this case, the result may turn out simply the opposite. In addition, the style hairstyles must also fit the style of clothing. For young girls it will do it quite not difficult, but the older ladies haircut can be done more relaxed.

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the fact that the haircut is quite extraordinary, it still has many advantages:

  • You can make both girls and men, while on the hair of various lengths+
  • Such a haircut immediately attracts the attention of all surrounding without exception+
  • the man who chose her looks quite original+
  • make it quite simple, besides, quite a bit+
  • Such a hairstyle will suit any style in clothes, as well as different hair accessories.

Don’t forget some shortcomings. This is what Such a haircut requires daily laying, especially if the hair is trimmed too short. It is suitable for young girls or for creative specials.

It will be very difficult to cope with the styling if the hair is curly. In this case, you will need to use the iron every day.

In addition, if you incorrectly select the configuration hairstyle, you can not only not hide the shortcomings, but to emphasize them.


Make such a haircut can be on the hair of different lengths. All these options should be considered in more detail.

  • On short hair. Such a haircut is best to choose those representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, whose very thin hair is. The obligatory element of this hairstyle is tested whiskey and the head of the head, but the macushkin does not affect at all. In addition, such a haircut can be made not only to girls, but also guys.

To put such a hairstyle, it will be enough to close the shaved hair, and those that are on the top of the top, put in stages. The same must be done with bangs. Thus, you can make a more voluminous hairstyle.

  • On average. For such hair, you can use the cutting technique “Cascade”, as you need to make a certain amount. Strands are best to cut down the steps. The distance between which should not exceed more than 4 centimeters. If the hair is too thick, you can make mobilion of the lowest layer of hair. In addition, to create a haircut on medium hair can also be used and “Kare”, and it is necessary to clearly designate the transition between different layers.

  • On long. For those who want to stand out among the crowd and has very long hair, you can also make a rebellious hairstyle. It is performed in the form of a “cascade” or “ladder”. In some cases, you can choke whiskey and even part of the nape. But the length of the hair remains the same. Such a technique suggests the sick of hair on the top of the top, as well as the occipital part a little shorter than the main length, approximately the chin. It is necessary to make a larger haircut. The first thing to be done is to allocate one strand, and then the remaining hair of the first layer is already adjusted for it. Then the temporal part is cut, it is made a little shorter.

The bangs should be slightly extended and with a smooth transition to the “bulk of hair”. If necessary, you can use milling scissors. After that, it is necessary to put everything with a special comb and hair dryer.

In addition, you can use another option for long hair for “trash”. To do this, it is necessary to divide the hair into 2 parts, while fastening the lower part with the help of hairpins or special clamps. After that, the curls are squeezed by the “Hood” method. Then you need to highlight bangs by making a sample horizontally. It must be sliced ​​a little bit. Next, the hair that is on the top of the top, you must neatly twist in the harnesses and cut into several places. It is necessary to make hair with ribbon and a little soften them. It is also necessary to know that the length of the hair on the top should not be too long, as well as too short.

For rapid girls, you can sow the temporal part of the head right under zero. It immediately will attract the attention of the surrounding people.

How to stack?

Laying in such a haircut occupies, probably, the main place. After all, the plot of such a haircut depends on this process. To always look appropriate, it is necessary to master the work and with a hairdryer, and with another necessary technique for this. In addition, no matter how long the hair is, the care of them is almost the same. Before laying, it is necessary to wash your head shampoo for volume. After that, longer hair, which are from above, must be fixed with studs or hairpins. Meanwhile, with the help of a hair dryer, dry those that are below. However, it is better to do it with a warm stream so as not to damage the hair structure.

After they dry, you can make a small nobody and fix it all with varnish. It is acceptable for long hair. Now you can dissolve the hair that were fixed. They should also be addicted with a hairdryer, and then make nosch, but along the entire length of strands. Secure this beauty is also best with varnish. This laying is designed for long and medium hair, which are also straight and thick. Otherwise, the hairstyle will look completely different.

But for those girls who have very short hair, it is necessary that the house is also a mousse or gel for hair styling. You can put such a hairstyle in the usual way, however, while doing so that the volume is preserved on the top. Look about it next.

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