Haircut Wolf : Description and Technology Execution

Haircut & Wolf & : Description and Technology Execution

Haircut “Wolf” is the embodiment of brightness and rebounds. The description adhesively emphasizes that such an appearance will suit any girl who wants to stand out from the crowd. Performing technology is characterized by simplicity and the ability to create an individual style with notes intrigues and charm.


Haircut “Wolf” due to its appearance causes associations with self-confident and purposeful girls. Such a hairstyle first appeared in the late 1980s, when the world’s active propaganda of rock and roll was observed along with freedom of rebellion. Due to the “Wolf”, it was possible to emphasize their image, filled with the power of the Spirit and Honorance. Laying completely repeated the style of rockers and perfectly fit into their rhythm of life.

Such a female hairstyle got its name due to the appearance, which looks like a wolf’s head. This is an imitation of an angry beast, where the hair sticks out in different directions and disappeared. Length of the curls gradually increases in the direction of the painted area to the neck. Similar associations with animals are not random. This is due to the fact that a slightly tuned wolf with an unfimmed wool was most often depicted on the leather clothes of rockers.

The combination of love for freedom with aggressiveness, which is peculiar to wolves, fully reflected in the haircut style.

First, the “Wolf” was created with his own hands. Lovers of rock independent or with their friends cut the curls with a ribbon way. It helped to purchase a negligent appearance. In the future, such a style began to be popular, it was possible to create a similar hairstyle in hairdressers. Laying is performed due to the connection of two known haircuts: ladder and gavrosha. The painshush region is strongly shortened, and the length gain is carried out using steps. In the multi-level borders there are no smooth outlines. For this reason, the whole hairstyle looks like torn.

The main advantage of such negligence lies in the volumetric painter in which thin hair often need.

It is desirable to combine hairstyle with bangs that will act as a balancing detail.

Haircut “Wolf” possesses the following features.

  • Like all options with asymmetry, hairstyle was able to give the female image a small proportion of intrigue. If combining styling with the appropriate style in clothing, you can enjoy the delighted views of men and envy of other women.
  • With the help of such hairstyles you can hide face shortcomings. Due to the fact that the cheeks and cheeks will be closed by curls, it will be possible to hide fullness or angularity in these areas.
  • Easy in laying due to the use of hair dryer and special mousses. Haircut can be used for various daily and evening hairstyles. Create stacking will be easy even at home.

In most cases, it is enough just to dry the hair with a hairdryer and straighten with their hands. It takes the minimum amount of time that is also an advantage.

To whom will suit?

This haircut will suit any representative of the beautiful floor. As the only restriction, only the style of clothing is. “Wolf” will not suit the modests and lovers of a classic image. It is best to combine styling with such styles as grunge, punk, Street Caushal. Hairstyle will be well combined with hair of any length and structure.

However, hairdressers do not recommend creating such a look on curly hair, as it will not be possible to create the right form.

Technique implementation

Haircut can be performed at different hair length. Bang is considered optional, but desirable addition of hairstyles. Locks that fraperate the face should be cut short. Due to the torn and multi-layer structure of the haircut gives any woman brightness and individuality.

Hairdressers use the following technology.

  • Dreadmake and occipital area are divided by horizontal probor.
  • All actions are carried out from the bottom. Top strands are fixed by clamps.
  • On the occipital part vertically directed strand pull. Selected curls are located at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the head. Then the control slice is carried out, which allows you to control the length.
  • On the occipital part, the hair is agreed on strands. The master is based on the length of the control curl.
  • After working with a population is finished, proceed to the top. In this zone, the length is shortened. In the central part, one strand is selected, which will be used as a control. All other curls are adjusted for it.
  • When the dark part is fully framed, it will be necessary to create edging. It takes the locking of curls in the facial area.
  • At the final stage, Milling. For this, special scissors are used. Alternatively, you can use the sharp blade. The process is to create torn tips.
  • Formation of bangs (if it is provided) is recently produced.

On long

Performance on long hair is suitable for fashionable, which are characterized by brightness and extravagance. To create a new hairstyle, you do not need to say goodbye to your favorite length, and a new image will look modern. In “Wolf” all curls are coated from the paint area to the end in the style of the cascade. Compared with the standard cascade “Wolf” enables stylists to implement their fantasy by creating complex and unique forms.

Such a haircut is a find for girls who have a smooth hair structure.

With the help of “Wolf” it turns out to create an original image for which the complex laying will not need. Hairstyle allows you to walk with flocks and look attractive. The main highlight is concluded in the decoration of the head. Rear view looks like a ladder with different steps, due to which the unique volume is formed. Ripped and free strands contribute to the preservation of the total length. Hair tips treated with milling scissors also form additional volume on the head.

On medium and short

On medium and short hair, hairstyle will also fit. She gives the appearance attractiveness and highlight. The occipital region is drawn up due to shallow steps, the contour part will be agitated at an angle. With the help of experiments with different forms, you can hairstyle with a suitable style that is suitable for any person. There is no restrictions on the haircut regarding the framing. The master can choose the optimal design for each type of oval.

      On a short length, such a haircut demonstrates an open neck and closes his ears. Externally, hairstyle looks like a hat. It is no secret that many girls choose such a style due to the fact that “Wolf” retains its form for a long time.

      With the technology of performing a modern cascade haircut, you can get acquainted in the following video.

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