Haircut cap on medium hair: features, varieties, selection subtleties

Haircut cap on medium hair: features, varieties, selection subtleties

Haircut cap gives chapheluor volume, pomp and exceptional femininity. In the classic design, the haircut was performed on short hair, but modern modifications allow it to create it on elongated curls. The haircut belongs to model variants in retro style.


Cap is the best way to refresh your appearance. The overwhelming majority of women, tested this bow, remained in complete delight and absolutely does not want to be separated from him to continue.

Such a haircut allows you to change the appearance without damage to the length of the hair. To do this, all the chasis are conventionally divided into two tiers. The top – it cuts into shorter and represents some kind of cap, it is thanks to this hairstyle and got its name. Strands are strigut exactly, the hair from the occipital region smoothly go into bangs.

The lower tier is longer, depending on its design there are a large number of diverse haircut options, so you choose the optimal style for yourself. Women with any ovals of the face and characteristic appearance features.

Hairstyle has no pronounced age limit – it is suitable for both young girls, and beautiful sexual agents of more elegant age.

The hairstyle makes on straight and curly curls, thick and thinned, it is optimal for exhaust and spoiled unsuccessful chemical tweaks – in this case of the chapels, it turns out healthy, lush and air.

Hood is extremely easy to put at home, all that you need is only a hairdryer and a round comb, Due to these simple devices, literally in 5-10 minutes you can get a stylish and spectacular sap. Washing hair should be raised from the roots with a round brush, you can create a volume that will allow the lap look neat and carefully.

Keep in mind that the hat is cutting only with bangs, which is an integral part of the hairstyle, and without it it is simply unimaginable.

In classical performance, it was high and thick, and today more modern options are allowed. Now in fashion bang medium length or torn.

If bangs do not like to you – then you should turn your attention to other haircut styles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Women around the world loved this haircut due to her indisputable Advantages, namely:

  • Extravagant appearance, which harmoniously complements any female style and image+
  • Ability to mask exterior flaws and emphasize the advantages, open and visually lengthen the neck+
  • The cap is well combined with any kinds of staining, including coloring, highlighting, balegas and other non-standard techniques.

Stylists recommend using a few shades to create hairstyles – for example, the painshore can be lazy, bangs to paint into cream shades, and make the tips to make chestnuts.

The most bold young ladies will probably prefer the shades of red, which will emphasize the courage and expressivity of nature.

The cap is quickly and easily drawn up into the hairstyle of the house, and there are a lot of options for laying – straight can be slightly curl, as well as straighten, do corrugation, complement with stylish accessories or create an effect of light carelessness.

Similar hairstyle is indispensable for women who cannot boast a thick beautiful chapel from nature – Modern haircut techniques in combination with high-quality styling agents give the desired volume and density and weak hair.

However, it was not without flaws, first of all they are associated with a complicated haircut technique, therefore, To create a spectacular image, you should find masters with extensive experience, Unfortunately, in our days there are not so many.

The necessity of constant haircut correction can also be attributed to the minuses – in order for the form to look as needed, it is necessary to attend the hairdresser at least once a month, otherwise, reflected, strands will take a non-dimensional and untidy.


Nowadays, there are a lot of a wide variety of variations on the topic of hats. Let’s focus on the most sought-after.


In this technique, the cap is needed to cut in compliance with the smooth smooth framing of the female face.

This haircut is complemented by bangs, and the latter do in several versions:

  • bevelled – which is optimal for women with wide persons+
  • Rvanaya – This option is suitable for ladies with a classic facial oval+
  • Long – allowing you to hide the lack of proportions in the facial features, visually reduce the high forehead, and in addition, it is able to “pick up” the ladies for several years, rejuvenating it, making more fresh and attractive.

With smooth transition

The main feature of such a modification of the haircut is considered a smooth and soft transition from a substantial volume on the top to the elongated hair. You can cut such a haircut in any length, so the style is good for girls who dream of a cap, but preferably preserved length.


On the strands of the middle length make an elongated hat, and in this design, the haircut represents much more opportunities to create hairstyles than short curls.

At the same time, girls can afford some beauty experiments, armed Hair dryer, round brush and stylish accessories:

  • An extended hat can always be easily and just collect in a bundle or grip in braid – This option is optimal and for a walk around the city, and for staying in the office+
  • Aligned, perfect smooth hair will fall like the fatal beauties+
  • For gentle and romantic natures can be done Cunning soft curls, And naughty girls should be issued Tight Kudri.

An extended hat allows you to create the most extraordinary bows that will maximize the style.

On leg

This is a shortened haircut, which reminds a little classical technique, but in this case the backstage is shortly littered either shake. Front hairstyle looks like a classic.


Asymmetric models are optimal for persons with a violation of proportions, in this case the person can be adjusted using bevelled bangs or elongated graduated strands on both sides on behalf of.

There are some more interesting staps of caps.

  • It looks very impressive such a hat with the elongation of side strands.
  • With a small lengthening of side curls in front. A similar haircut may be slightly reminding traditional karebob or graduated.
  • With geometric cutouts – In this case, the wizard creates the effect of textured withdrawn anems, while the top is slightly lifted, and the main volume is distributed on the top of the Makushka itself.
  • Double cap – This is one of the most creative options. In this case, the first line of the curl is located above the ears, and the second – covers the lines.

How to pick up?

Depending on the type of hair and type, you can find the perfect suitable haircut option.

By type hair

The cap looks great on obedient and soft curls, when laying, they will not be finished in different directions. But if you are the owner of rare hair, then from the design of the cap is worth being, since such a hair will not hold the form.

Important moment – hair color. Stylists claim that blondes are better to give preference asymmetrical haircuts, and girls with honey and rusia curls are better to stay on laconic models with smooth soft transition. For brunettes it is better to look at strict lines, it is worth choosing haircuts with graded pointed ends.

By type of face

There is a specific type of appearance, for which such a hairstyle is fits perfectly, For such persons are characteristic:

  • poorly pronounced cheeks+
  • pointed chin.

Cap can be recommended to women with square and triangles, In this case, short strands on the top add the necessary pomp, cover the too high forehead and delicately frame the chin area.

Hairstyle worth do and laryrs with pear-shaped persons – Here the volume at the top of the Copa balances and makes a more proportional face.

How to stack?

Haircut model cap is pretty quickly and just stacked at home, every woman literally in a few minutes can create a volume on short, as well as middle curls, for elongated additionally it is recommended to twist them inside.

With hat allowed Weaving and a variety of braids, Tails and the most ordinary lugules look very original. For lovers of a mischievous image, you can recommend curled curls that look perfectly on the hat.

It looks extremely impressive Laying made with hot ironing. Such curls are very strong, even despite the fact that the hair has several lengths. Especially often to such a way, owner of curly hair.

Hood is especially good after staining, In this case, the technique of a smooth transition is most often used, we usually use a few shades, all hair is melted or color, and the different length of strands emphasizes unusual staining.

Beautiful examples

Such a model of haircuts like a cap, popular for more than half a century. She did not lose the relevance to this day, moreover, in recent years it has become even more fashionable and in demand. In total, famous models go to the podium with such stacking, therefore we can safely say that the hat is the leading trend of recent seasons.

Hairstyle looks spectacular both on straight lines and on wavy hair.

            At the same time, such a hairstyle is considered not only as an important memory of the old times, but also as a stylish modern trend. If you still doubt – throw away your doubts, with a similar haircut you are guaranteed to attract the attention of others, and exclusively in a positive key.

            Hair cutting technology Look in the following video.

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